Forever Folding

Forever the word everyone said

it was echoing in my mind

on repeat

creasing folding becoming a piece of me,


Forever that word was folding creasing

making a documentation of itself

waiting along with all the other slips of paper

creased folded memorized sitting there untouched

a piece of paper lying on the ground

folded, waiting to be Unfolded

but no, I won’t let it unfold

for if I do

it will slowly slip away from my mind

touched but only once

only one time it was touched

because that fold, that crease wasn’t strong enough

but no,

no, I won’t let it slip away

because it is important

my past, my life documentation

that was carefully slipped into the P section of my memory

not loose, left to bounce around inside

but crammed in there along with the others left tight

then slammed shut

a nightly formation of memories


dreams were memories that were loose

and usually by morning they were

unfolded, read taken ahold of and flung somewhere else

ready to be folded and reopened then flung again

and sometimes only occasionally

things were slightly opened

and slipped someone’s mind quickly

and lay loose for a while

then finally crammed back in.


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