Fred the Penguin

Chapter 1

A baby penguin named Fred wanted to make a nest, but he was too young. Young penguins don’t make nests; they collect rocks. When they’re adults, they make their actual nests. Fred lived in the North Pole. He was the best penguin at ice skating. He loved to ice skate. He ice skated with other penguins, and the other ones kept falling, but Fred didn’t. They were jealous of Fred. But still, he had different kinds of penguin friends, like adult penguin friends. The other penguins were better at catching food.

A seal named Bob always spotted Fred and wanted to eat him, but Fred was too fast. Fred was eating cheese puffs, when suddenly, Bob turned up. Fred swam very fast to the shore. He ran because Bob could bash and break stuff. Fred couldn’t be too close, because if Bob bashed into the ice, Fred could fall, and then, Bob could eat him. So Fred ran to somewhere safe.

Fred ran to other penguins. He called to them to go to Bob. The other penguins scared away Bob. There were too many penguins. The penguins felt excited, so they decided to have their own penguin party and invited their friends.

Chapter 2

Then, more seals came! They bashed and bashed and the ice kept on falling. Then, the other penguins went crazy. But Fred didn’t. He swam underwater, and then, he trapped the seals so they didn’t bash anymore. He was super fast. Then, he grabbed some cheese puffs, and he ate them — and then, shot them out of his mouth into a seal’s face. The seal went down. He crashed into the surface, and then, he died.

Fred swam away fast up to shore. The seals bashed, and he fell down. Fred fell down onto a seal’s back. He rode the seal and bashed into the other seals, and then, they fell down and died. The seal that Fred was on was Bob.

Chapter 3

Bob tried to get him off. Then, when he got Fred off … another penguin came, and his name was Flame. He distracted Bob while Fred swam up to shore. Flame swam very, very fast up to shore. Flame was an adult penguin. Flame liked ice skating. Bob was gone now.

Then, they saw a fin in the water. Flame said, “It’s a shark.”

Fred said, “No, it’s a dolphin.”

Then, they saw a shadow in the water. It looked more like a shark. Flame was right. It was a shark.

All the penguins panicked. They waved their flippers and ran around. They squeaked. Then, Flame swam underwater, and Fred and all of the penguins did too. They tried to kill the shark.

The shark said, “I’m good!”

So then, the penguins swam back to the iceberg.

Then, Flame said, “I see a fin that’s black!”

Fred said, “It’s a killer whale.”

Then, they swam underwater, and they saw two killer whales. One killer whale tried to eat the penguins. The penguins were too fast, and the killer whale swam away. The other one tried to eat them, but they were too fast, and then it swam away.

Then, they had another party. But then, another shark came and bashed into the iceberg, and a big chunk of the iceberg fell.

Chapter 4

The shark attracted other sharks. Five sharks came, and they kept on bashing until it was super small. The penguins swam underwater.

But then, a dolphin came and said, “Hop on!” and the penguins hopped on. The dolphin swam away. The shark followed, and then, more sharks came. There were a billion sharks.

The dolphin said, “Look!” And the other dolphins swam very fast. But they were underwater. Then, the penguins swam on the dolphins, so then, the dolphins went faster.

They went to a bigger iceberg, but then the penguins said, “There’s polar bears in there.” So they went to a different iceberg and they said “That’s good.”

They lived there, and the dolphins said, “Bye!”

Then, the sharks came and chased after the dolphins. Bob came. And then the sharks came, and Fred saved Bob from getting eaten by a shark when the penguins lifted Bob up onto the iceberg. So then, Bob became good.

Fred swam underwater, and then a lot of killer whales came. And then, Bob saved Fred’s life. He swam underwater, picked up Fred on his back, and then jumped onto the iceberg. And then, they became friends.

Since Bob was the leader of the seals, he said to the seals, “We’re friends with the penguins.”

And the seals said, “Okay.”

While Fred and Flame were ice skating, the seals guarded the iceberg because then, no enemy could come and ruin the party. The rest of the penguins were still jealous because they were not really good at ice skating. But Fred didn’t care.


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