Gabriel’s story

I want to play, but I broke my leg and I tried to play. I tripped on a tree and I crashed in a old lady’s house. She hit me with her bat in the head and I started crying like a baby. My Mom came and threw me in the ocean and my Dad came and had to save me. I was about to dry and I went home and cried. My Mom lied. Ha ha! It rhymes!

I kept crying until I died. Then, I got flushed down the toilet. I went to the sewer and then I drowned, so I drank the yucky green water. I saw this little place I could go in and then there were these guards that smacked me in the face. I started crying again, and they pushed me back in the water and I had to go somewhere else. I got out and hit my head on the pole.  

I got past the guards and then there was a magic guy who put a power on me and he turned me into a frog. I said, “Blah blah blah,” to the man.  I drank the yucky water to turn back into a boy. It worked! I felt excited. Now I have to get past the guards, because they pushed me back into the water after the magic guy put a spell on me. I went to the side of the white and black poles that were around water, and then I tried to walk on top of the poles. Up high, the guards couldn’t see me. I felt really happy. The poles were connected to the hospital I needed to get to in order to fix my leg. I hopped from pole to pole. The guards didn’t see me. I made it to the nurse’s office. It had a lot of tools to fix people’s bodies.

And then, the guards went inside the nurse’s office because they knew I was missing. They picked me up and threw me into the water. Then someone flushed their toilet. The water squeezed me through the drain, and I ended up in an old man’s toilet. He had white hair. He was shocked that there was a boy inside of his toilet. All I wanted at that moment was to get home and play. I ran outside of the old man’s house. I saw a bus coming by. I knew it went to my house. There was a wet dollar bill in my pocket. I gave it to the bus driver and hopped on.

I told the bus driver to stop at 61st St, so I could get off, so I could go to my house and play with my dog. I was happy, and really wanted to take a shower because I had dirty water on me.

When the bus stopped, I walked down the front stairs and got off. I walked to my house. The outside was red and blue. When I walked in the door, I took a shower. Then I went outside to play on the grass with my dog, Macho. I was happy that I got home so I could play.



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