The Black Hole

Once upon a time, a swimming team went to a celebratory party for winning a grand swimming competition. The parents were watching us have fun, since we were having many stations like games. We were swimming, eating pizza, and drinking soda. We were having so much fun, but for some reason the lights went out.

“What happened, Jordan,” I said.

“I don’t know, it’s pitch black,” said Jordan.

“Let’s make sure everybody is okay,” I said. “Jordan, Sean, Nicole, Ashley…” Five minutes later, “…Ms. Eileen.”

“Where are you, Ms. Eileen!” Jordan said.

“Maybe she went to fix the the lights,” said Sean.

“But I saw her sitting in the chair,” I said.

“What if she is a ghost,” said Sean.

“Ooh, please Sean!”

The lights went back on, but there was a small flicker with the lights. It would go on and off each time there would be a scary voice.

“Ms. Eileen, are you there?” I said.

Of course I’m here, I’m sitting right next you,” said Ms. Eileen.

“But I don’t see you,” I said.

‘Because I am right next to Sean,” the voice said.

“No you’re not,” said Sean.

I am your greatest nightmare. I used to be talented like all you swimmers, but then I got into a horrible car accident, actually it was a team bus, but there is no difference! I was the only one that died because I was standing with no railing or seat belt. Those mean swimmers didn’t give me a seat. I would get bullied and teased and I would feel so lonely. Now I have come for revenge,” said the Voice.

“Why us? We don’t even know you?” I said.

Or do you?” said the mystery voice.

It was actually young Ms. Eileen. So this means that our coach was actually dead.

“But I don’t understand how are you still alive,” Jordan said.

“I’m not, I just needed to give my soul to my twin sister,” she said.

“Can’t your sister act like you?” Sean said.

“Stop asking questions!!!!”

Everyone was trying to get Ms. Eileen’s soul out of her twin sister’s body.

War began with 15 young swimmers and the fake coach. The fight was in the pool: we got water guns, freeze guns, water nurf guns, and also water balloons. The war was crazy! People were diving into the pool. Water was spurting out of the pool, the floor was wet. It was a falling madness. It felt like someone really, really heavy was on top of you with lot of water. Nightmare, I tell you, nightmare!

Everyone was dizzy and confused about what had happened. That specific scary night was a night to NOT remember.  

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, let’s see if we saved our coach.”

Help, help… wait just a second… HELP!”

“Jeez, we’re coming, we’re coming!”

“I am at the edge of the diving board!” Ms. Eileen’s twin sister was yelling about. When we came to save her, we saw a bright light with the real Ms. Eileen, but then a red bright light appeared. She was very evil. She told us her plan.

“I will dominate your small world and destroy every person that stands in my way. Literally if you stand in front of me, you got to move, brah.”

“Why are you going to do that? I thought we were the only ones you were going to get revenge on.”

“It started growing on me,” she said. “Quiet, all of you! You young swimmers aren’t leaving. You are going to start training to be my slaves. Of course once I dominate the world today, I will destroy the life supply of water and oreos that everyone in the world loves a lot!”

My friend Jordan said, “That’s not possible, because she’s already dead!”

“I don’t care, we should just have a war between all people and her,” said Ava, who had medium-length hair with glasses, freckles, and cool shoes.

That’s when I supplied everybody with their weapons, put posters up so everybody would join, and went to my house and got my weapons and joined the war. Then all my friends got heavy water guns, life supplies of water balloons, protection (shields, swords), and also cannonballs. That was when they told what’s her name (the evil teacher) that they were going to meet at this all-girls school.

When the time came, it was about 7:30 and it was getting super dark. At that time it was a lunar eclipse and that’s when the moon started getting redder and redder. The war started happening and the only thing you could see was a big blur of water and darts everywhere. Each time somebody would come hit the teacher to destroy her, the lunar eclipse moon would get redder and redder. Once it got super red another monster came. It was one of the evil spirits that came from the underworld. One person threw a water balloon at the evil teacher and she fell. It was six feet. She started choking from the water, “Ekekekek!”

The evil spirit wanted revenge and we found out from the records that he was a little boy that was friends with the teacher when they were kids, and he was also bullied like her, and he died in the same car crash that she was in, but they never met each other and were so lonely. He wanted to get revenge for every person who got bullied in the world, every person who suffered the tragedy of losing someone in their life because they got bullied. He wanted to avenge her in a big way. He said, “This war will never end and it will come soon enough, once I meet my full potential. This is not over. I will come back in approximately two years. Don’t underestimate what I will do to this world at that time.”


2 years later…


“That little boy is never coming back. We showed him that night that he will suffer if he comes back,” Jordan said.

“Wait, didn’t you hear what he said? He will come back in two years and he will reach full potential. Don’t you ever listen to anybody? What if he can really come back, but stronger than anybody else in the world?”

“Remember me? I told you I will come back. You thought I will never come back, didn’t you? But I did! I will destroy anyone in my path but not grandma and grandpa. Oh also not my parents, I love them too much.”

“You thought we would weaken but we still have the power to destroy you. We are always a team, even if sometimes it’s kind of hard, you know, caring for these people.”

“Really? So this war is going to end in a snap.”

Then he was completely gone, like a cloud disappearing.

“We need to always be ready. We don’t know when he can attack,” I said.

Just 30 minutes later, he said, “I’m here!”

The war started. Everyone was screaming and fighting and all you could see was the water for the weapons. At the end it was a blur, just a blur! But luckily we won. He was moaning and just arose.

“Thank you for everything,” he said.

“My pleasure,” I said.

My teammates then made a plan to congratulate me.

“We want you to be our swim coach,” they said.

“Seriously? Thank you!” I said.

“You are a really good leader ever since the beginning of the war and even before the war.”

My friends and I kept swimming and winning, especially when there were many fans. It was really great.

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