Gone, the Eraser

Chapter One 

: (    My Job is Way Too Impossible    ):


Hi. I’m Gone, the Eraser. I hate my owner, Rafael. He is destroying my job! And his pencil leaves disgusting marks all over the place whenever he walks somewhere. My job is a lot harder because of him. His pencil is a pain in the butt. Literally. I try to grab the shark eraser to scare him and make him run away, but I don’t have arms. I try to talk to him but he has no ears.

I have not eaten any black marks since Saturday. My owner, Rafael, is a rude student. Really, HE is making MY job harder. He is so dumb. He uses numbers to write. So I go into his folders and try to erase everything before the class starts. He was held back three times by me erasing all his stuff. He thought it was so mysterious. When his class gets in with all their ugly people, I hide in my desk and start fake sleeping. At night I get tired, so I try sleeping, but he has a teacher who is never cold and leaves the AC on all the time, so it is so hard to sleep. In word study, the teacher tells people what to write (a lame word) and do VCV or CVC (Vowel-Consonant-Vowel or Consonant-Vowel-Consonant). So basically it is the teacher’s fault that she’s making people do all the work and I have to erase it. Rafael says the teacher is an evil mind. She actually is a really ugly head. The teacher is really the only bad one, because if Rafael doesn’t do his assignments he gets detention. He says detention is boring.

Maybe Rafael isn’t so bad after all… Notice I said “maybe.”


Chapter Two



Every night I go inside his folders and erase until I die. I could erase all his stuff easily, but the thing is that there are only 15 days of school left! And don’t forget I still have to erase notebooks. Today I am erasing and suddenly a bat comes in. His eyes gaze at mine, so I go in my pencilcase and lock it.

I don’t come out until somebody catches the bat. This guy named Wilson catches the

bat. He is the custodian. He is bald with a big beard. Rafael is very messy, so Wilson yells at him a lot. He comes at night. He leaves notes on top of his desk like, “WHY ARE YOU SO MESSY!?”or “BE NEAT!” It is actually a little funny. This night, I finish the final notebook. I erase the name on the front and I creep out of the building. I put the stack of notebooks in  the garbage can down the street. I’ve gotta go back quickly. The first student comes in. I run back to class 782. I have to stop erasing.


Chapter Three

All About Rafael


Rafael Luttmann has brown hair, brown eyes, and is always wearing a yellow and orange sweater. He likes the weird thing with numbers and reading. He is more of a troublemaker. This because he’s already been held back three times, so luckily I doesn’t have AS much to erase. Still a lot, though. He goes to the principal a lot when he gets in trouble.

Chapter Four  

The Final Countdown!


I have erased all Rafael’s notebooks and am left with the thing with numbers on the last day of school. Still, they have to do a worksheet. I have an amazing idea! I put the pencil inside the fast moving fan. And… CHOP! When it is worksheet time, Rafael has nothing to write with! He doesn’t do it, and the teacher doesn’t notice! I have erased Rafael’s 4th grade!


Chapter Five

Report Card


Today I went to Rafael’s house. He gets all mad when he gets all F’s. He gets mad at me for erasing all his work, including tests.

He almost throws me in a big black thing. It is Mount Everest! It is very fun but stinky. There are yellow slides (I think he calls them banana peels) but that is the only good thing it had in there. There are orange peels and a couple glass bottles. But then his mom says, “No.” I am a very expensive eraser.

So I won’t erase needlessly anymore, ever. I turned a bad habit into a good one! Rafael will probably be happy with me. Future school days will be bright as Rafael’s cheeks!


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