The Legend of Games

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a game called The Legend of Games. It was like Minecraft, but cooler. The person who created The Legend of Games was named Calli. She added a new update for lightning, a health, a food bar, and a drink bar. She added potions and a portal. She added one more cool update, a dragon with green eyes, and black scales.

In The Legend of Games, you can find ice-breathing dragons. There is Goo Land, it was very gooey, like jello. If you stepped into the pool and stayed there for two seconds you’d die. In Goo Land there are goo monsters and they drop poisonous goo potions.

There are diamond doors, and they lead to your house. There are security beams and security cameras for your house in the regular world. There are security beams and cameras cause the monsters are too hard to beat. There are magical keys that can open anything under the doormat.


Chapter 2

The main character in the game was a boy called Harry. He has ten health points, and ten food bars. Health points are how much more lives you have, and they always grow back. Food bars are how many times you need to eat your food, because if there is one food bar left, you die. Harry wants a ten-story house. He has to make the build all by himself.

He has to go to Mega Security Block to get supplies. Harry has ten thousand dollars because he’s been saving up. He has to walk five medium blocks. On his way to the store, Harry encounters an ice-breathing dragon. He felt afraid because he thought the dragon was going to eat him. He saw the dragon and he dug a hole in the ground and the dragon couldn’t go through because it was too small.

He knew where to go because he had a compass. As he was digging, he encountered a drill lion. He tried to go back and dig different holes. When he tried going towards the store, he tried going into one of the holes, dig more, and go to the building store. Harry got ten hundred blocks of mega block security. He bought things for his house, like: sofas, beds, flower pots, flowers, bushes, ladders, tables, torches, chairs, and swords.


Chapter 3

On his way back home, some slime got in his way. He tried to go back to his house five blocks in front of him. Five minutes later he made it through with his sword that he bought. He killed the slime with his sword, and after killing it he got poisonous slime potions.

He finally made it to his old house, and then he started building his ten story house. It was night time. It was hard to see, so he put a torch on the floor and tried to build. Then he put his bed next to the torch so he could see and then he went to sleep.

Morning came and Harry made his house two stories tall. There was a pool of sharks that can walk on land, and they were in the middle of his building.  He flew and tried to kill them on his building. When the sharks died, he got free shark teeth for potions. After twenty minutes, he made two more stories. Then it was night time again, so Harry got to sleep. Harry needed to eat five pieces of food before he died.


Chapter 4

He needed to kill some animals, like foxes. The plan was to get some food. When the foxes were drinking water he would kill them and he would get raw meat, and fox tails. He cooked the raw meat on his stove, but before that he has to go mining for coal. He goes mining underground. He gets the coal. He goes back home and cooks the meat. But a second later he realized he needed more food. He only got two pieces of food, so he decided to get more and put it in his chest with the food he doesn’t need. He goes to get gummies from the factory, but he got it on top of a tree. But first, he wanted to go back to the shop to get the gummy factory material, so he could make it himself, so he doesn’t have to go out in the morning or night. He gets the materials for the gummy factory.


Chapter 5

He goes to his house and he builds his gummy factory. He forgot one ingredient though, the magic milk that comes from the magical cow that lives on top of the cloud. But to get that, he needed to fly. When he was flying he found the magical cow, but he needed to find a magical bucket, so he went to his inventory and found his bucket. He only had one more bucket left for his factory, but he used it anyway. He could always make more buckets, from mining underground again. He tried to get milk from the magical cow, but the cow flew away. He kept following it until the night and he placed a torch on the cloud and then got the milk from the magical cow. After, he flew to his house and made the gummy factory. He used the gummy factory, so that he didn’t die. The factory made gummies that he could eat. He found people and put them in his house to fight off monsters. And then it was snowing. He was destroying snow for a magical snow potion so he could use it to go really fast.


Chapter 6

It was night again, so Harry went to his house and went to sleep. There was a lever for his house to turn the block invisible, so he could see if it’s night or day. Five seconds later, it was morning. Harry started his gummy factory because he knew there would be monsters that want to kill him and he switched the lever to see. He saw his pen of chickens, a lot of foxes, five small fire-breathing dragons, and he saw five magical cows. When all of the monsters disappeared from the sunlight, he went to get more milk because he needed it for anything. It can turn into things he wanted. He wants to turn the milk into a meat factory, a veggie factory, and a sweet factory.

Harry saw Ryan, his friend from his school. Ryan has five hundred coins and two dollars. Ryan likes to play volleyball in the summer with Harry. Ryan likes to read books with potions. They shared the house, so they went inside and got some more milk. He worked on her ten story building and built two more stories. Now there were six stories.

It was turning into fall and he needed a warm coat from the magical kitty. The bad thing about winter was the dangerous animals that come out. Dangerous animals like extremely mad polar bears and if you cracked the ice too deep there are sharks that are really strong.


Chapter 7

Harry and Ryan tried to get ice for their own ice-skating rink to ice-skate, but first they need some ice from the building store so they could get some ice skates and ice. It’s magic ice, so it doesn’t melt. They went to the store and got the ice and ice skates. They got some blocks to make the outside of the ice-skating rink. In winter, and before they made the ice skating rink, they went to sleep, because it was night. Five seconds later it was morning, and they made the ice skating rink. After they finished the ice skating rink they skated on the ice rink until it was night and they wanted to sleep again. They were excited for spring, so the ice would melt. It was morning and they went to the ice skating rink to skate, but first they got some gummies so they don’t die. After they skated, they went to their veggie factory and the meat factory and stored it in their buckets. After they got the veggie factory they realized they had to eat unless they would die, so they shared the bucket of food and got four health points.

After that, they went to the shop and they got food, cages, a bag of water, some gravel, some lights, and rocks.  When they were setting up the chickens cage and the dogs cage, the dogs were much easier than the chickens because the chickens need the litter box. There was a flame throwing fan because every time the wind blows the fire will come out.

They saw two of the flame throwers surrounding them and they got their ice breathing dragon that they tamed. They put the ice on the fire so it turned into water and then they made a river. It was getting darker. Tonight that was particularly bad because there was going to be a full moon. That meant there would be an eclipse. This caused every monster to come out and attack everything tall.

They were really worried, but they were really glad that they got an extra security block. It was night and they were right, all the monsters were outside. They saw ten thousand poisonous snakes with horns. When you touch the horns you get poisoned forever. They weren’t scared because they were monster killing experts and they knew a lot about the monsters because their pets are a lot like the monsters.

They had their own secret weapon that was a stone sword with special powers. With the sword, if you think of something it will happen. It was not only snakes outside, there were ten thousand million googleplex evil gummy bears. The only way to kill them is to burn them because if you get killed they will combine into any body.

The monsters start to attack their house, but Harry and his friends made the house clear with their switch, so the monsters didn’t know where to go. Harry and his friend knew they had saved their fight until morning because if it’s in morning then the monsters will burn to pieces. There was one reason for each one, the evil gummy bears will burn down, the snakes will be blind so they’ll poke into each other and they’ll die.


The End

Part Two Coming Soon

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