Goopy Dogs Save the Day!

Once, long ago, there was a smelly boy who wore rags. His name was Joe. He had five really gross and goopy dogs that ate bricks, but they had no teeth. They snored like zzzZZZzzz.. It was so loud. Last night, they snored the loudest they had ever done. It was like this. “ZZZZZ.” It was the loudest ever, it was crazy!!!

They were also detectives who made detective gear and weapons and vehicles. They were really good at it. Yesterday they made one called rocket 700. It will be launched into space tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. on July 4th. When it is still in Earth it will shoot fireworks of red white and blue. There will be astronauts inside. They will have a lot of shrink rays in their hands and they will shrink the moon.

When they are done, they will bring the moon back down to Earth at 10:00 p.m. They will show everybody the tiny moon. The rocket has 700 fire blastin’ rocket boosters that are so powerful. They were made they were made in a building that they randomly found that said something that they could not read. It was all smothered ink on the door it said: S e, then smothered, then r e, then smothered, then L b and that was all that was on the door. So then they went in.

It looked so creepy, it had spider webs with spiders on them. They put hi-tech metal underneath so it would be safe to build the rocket, or else the rocket boosters would burn the place down. Then, after the goopy dogs finished building, there was an evil villain named Emerald Enemy because he had a emerald sword. The place looked different, there were foot prints leading outside of the base. The door was pried open and there were more foot prints leading down to Joe’s house.

Only Joe was home, so he opened the door and he walked in with his electric sword and saw Joe playing video games on the Xbox 1. Joe heard someone come in, so he grabbed the remote as a weapon and turned around and said, “Take me on like a man!” Joe did not know it would be such a big and fierce bad guy! But Joe had a wooden sword in his room. He was scared of the bad guy, and he would break the remote if he used it. So he went to his room and grabbed the wooden sword. The bad guy lifted his emerald sword to kill Joe but then the goopy dogs jumped in and exploded the house. The good guys survived and Emerald Enemy died and the Rocket 700 shot off and was glorious! They brought the moon down to Earth. Everybody loved it! It had been a fun day!

The End!

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