Haunted House


The door creaks

The tiles squeak

Haunted house looks regular outside

Behind those walls there are spooky sights

You opened doors

You don’t say a lie

The doorbell rings


The piano plays its song

You walk in

Footprints stay behind in all the dust from behind

The door closes

The lock clicks

You turn around

The shadows pass from behind

You open the door

You can’t get out

The only other way out is–

No way out. The windows shut, all the walls close up

The only thing you do

Is wait, wait, wait

You stay where you are

You wait for the shadows to pass by

“Don’t look up”

You look up

I  pray for nothing to happen

And one of my wishes on my wishlist  

I wilI regret and will never want to do it again.

Ding dong ding dong

The clock hits dawn

The locks click

The walls open up

The door opens

The footprints fade away

And there’s a walkway

You run out

The door closes behind you

And you never find your way back


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