The Travel Through Time

by Jay Tikoo, age 9
The Travel Through Time Jay likes to play basketball. Jay thinks the Golden State Warriors are going to win the finals.

“Then, they got sent back in time, and they fainted.When they woke up, they found themselves in a nest. It looked like a tropical area… a dinosaur nest! They bolted out of the nest!”

Once, in time, there were dinosaurs. But, who knows what other species there were? There might have been aliens but we took over the Earth.

In present time, there were three kids — all boys. Their names were Jay, Luke, and Jason. They were in fifth grade when they had a crazy science teacher. He was a mad scientist, and every mad scientist is crazy. Mr. Dublin hated the three boys for no reason. In the evening, they had science class, and they were all in the same class. While the other kids were working, the science teacher, Mr. Dublin, called the three of them over to speak with him.

Mr. Dublin said, “Meet me tomorrow morning at 9:30,” and then he sent the three of them back to work.

They kept asking each other at a table, where Mr. Dublin couldn’t hear them, “Are we in trouble? Did you do something wrong? What did we do?”

Then the bell rang. Class was over. When the day was over, they left school.


The next day, in the morning, they had homeroom at 8:30. Then at 9:30, they told their teacher, and they went to Mr. Dublin. He said he had made a time machine, and he wanted them to help him. He was going to send them to the days where there were dinosaurs. The three thought it would be fun.

Mr. Dublin said, “Okay, and you might need this,” and gave them three swords.

Then, they got sent back in time, and they fainted.When they woke up, they found themselves in a nest. It looked like a tropical area… a dinosaur nest! They bolted out of the nest! Then, they ran into a Stegosaurus! They were back peddling and landed on a Pterodactyl and flew away! They saw two  flashes of light and then saw themselves back in Mr. Dublin’s science room.

When they arrived they yelled, “It worked! It actually worked!”

Then, they ran out of the room and went to their homeroom because they were so excited.

When they left, Mr. Dublin said, “Muahahahaha.”

Their homeroom teacher told the class it was recess. They played soccer together on the same team. They won 23-5. Then it was lunch. Their fat, lunch lady dumped slop on their plates. They threw it out.

Now it was actual science class. When the whole class entered, they got to work. Then, there was a sudden rumbling noise inside Mr. Dublin’s closet. The three boys went to investigate. The door burst open, and zombie clones jumped out and attacked the three boys. The three boys punched and killed the clones.

The professor yelled to the boys, “No, don’t kill them!’’

But the clones were already dead.

The professor yelled, “Nooo! My only clones!”

Then everybody in the room wondered about the clones. They wondered if they were good or bad. The professor said he was going to the bathroom. Then the three boys snuck behind Mr. Dublin’s desk. Without anyone noticing, they searched through Mr. Dublin’s drawers and found a paper, which had the code to Mr. Dublin’s safe. They opened Mr. Dublin’s safe and stole the recipe to the clones. Then, they stuck it in Jay’s pocket. Then, they snuck to their table, and Mr. Dublin came back and class was over.

But Mr. Dublin held them back and said, “I need you to go on a mission for me again tomorrow. Come at 9:30.”

Mr. Dublin sent them off.


The next day, at 9:30, they went to Mr. Dublin’s room, and Mr. Dublin had more clones. They wondered how Mr. Dublin had more.

He must’ve memorized the recipe because he said, “Here, take these swords and clones to go.”

They didn’t want to go, but they wanted to get more information. When Mr. Dublin was about to send them back, they hid behind the machine and only the clones went back.

When Mr. Dublin thought he was alone he said, “Muahahahahaha, I will take over the world!

Then, the three boys took the phone on the wall and called the police and told the police to come there. Then Mr. Dublin found them, but the three boys pointed their swords at him and made him stay there until the police came.

Then, Mr. Dublin got arrested.




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