How Lego Was Created: A Series


Story One

A long time ago in a far away galaxy, I was an alien kid who was bored. I wanted to build something, but the only things to build with was space dirt. Boring old space dirt. I decided I would ask the humans on Earth. Humans always hated aliens, but I would make a difference.

It took three hours to teleport to the humans. Every alien had a teleporter in their house. To teleport, you press the big red button on the teleporter, then you fly through space and go to Earth. It’s only possible to teleport to Earth. During the three hours you can only see black, but that doesn’t matter.

“Hi humans!” Why are they screaming and running away? Wait a minute, what are they saying?

“Look at its green face, look at its wrinkled face, it’s so weird,” screamed the humans!

Humans are so unpredictable. Uh-oh. There is the SWAT team. That’s a giant SWAT team everywhere. Ahh, they’re shooting me with guns. I’ll teleport back home. I guess I will need to design my own toy. It will be called Lego. There will be bricks that you can build into anything. They will be every single color. There will also be small mini humans called minifigures. I wished I could play with them. Finally, I finished designing it. Darn it! I’m not bored anymore. I will just send it to Earth.


Story Two 

A long time ago, before Lego was created, there was a nice ice dragon who was the head of the world. His name was Frederick. Frederick lived in a big, freezing cave in Antarctica. Back then, nobody had toys, so Frederick thought he should make some. He thought a long time of what his biggest fan, Tommy, would like because he would get it first. Finally, he thought of something. He would make a toy that people could build into anything. He worked day and night to design them. He used other toys, and put them together to build Lego. It was a slow process. All of a sudden, the sky turned red, and millions of Lego pieces fell onto Frederick. He jumped up and down, and yelled “Yay,” because he didn’t need to build any more Lego pieces.

The next day Frederick handed Lego sets out to every kid in the world, and Tommy got the most Lego! He felt amazing to see his first fan happy.


Story Three

A long time ago, before Lego was created, there were three babies in a trenchcoat that wanted to take over the world. They look like a tall man in a trench coat, but they were really cute, but mean babies. Their names were Barney, Barney, and Barney which equals the ultimate name of Barney! Did I say that Barney wanted to take over the world? All of a sudden, smoke covered Barney, and he turned into a ghost. Then the same thing randomly turned into a Lego piece.

One year later: Someone finds the Lego piece and turns it into a world famous toy.


Story Four

A long time ago, before Lego was created, there was a giant monster named Bobby. Bobby hated humans. Bobby was bright green and had one million eyes. He wanted to kill all humans. All of a sudden, he had an idea. He would make a toy that human kids would love, but he would load them with bombs. Whenever he wanted, he could have set off all of the bombs at once, but first every kid needed to have the toy. Bobby gave it to the biggest selling toy company in the world called Lego.

One Year Later: Every kid had Lego and Bobby was about to set off the bombs. Then, someone cut the wire and Bobby couldn’t set off the bombs. Bobby was really annoyed. He stomped his feet and yelled. He was so annoyed that he died!

Now the kids are happier because they got a new toy.


Story Five

A long time ago, before Lego was created, there was a famous prince called Fat Joe. He was very mean and very fat (as the name says). He wanted all of the toys in the world. After that, he asked the king to make a toy that was perfect. The king thought day and night to think of something perfect. Finally, he thought of something. He would make a toy that the prince could build into any toy. The king thought it should be called Lego. That night the king snuck the Lego into the prince’s room.

That morning, the prince loved the toy, and when the prince was a king and he was nice, and he gave the Lego to all the other kids.


Story Six

A long time ago, before Lego was created, there was a monkey name Berserk. He was really stupid and thought he was a human. All of a sudden, there was an alien invasion. The aliens were bright blue and had ugly faces. The aliens told Berserk to design a new toy for the humans. Berserk said yes, so he worked day and night to design a toy. Finally, he designed a toy called Lego, and gave it to every kid in the world, including himself.

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