Hamsterly Ever After

Isabella was sitting on the large couch in the living room of her house. Even though the couch was long enough for her to lay down on, she was sitting in the middle with her dark-blue-eyed puppy, Fluffy, on her lap. Isabella was thinking how she really wanted a pet hamster for her birthday, which was a week away, on July 28th. Isabella wasn’t sure if her parents would let her get a hamster, because she had to take care of her puppy, Fluffy. Isabella loved Fluffy, but as she pet his fluffy white fur on her lap, Isabella knew that if she didn’t get a hamster on her birthday, she would be so upset and disappointed. Her face would get red, and she would cross her arms and stomp her foot and spill a glass of milk on purpose.

Isabella felt bored just thinking of all this stuff (and about getting into trouble), so she went into the backyard and jumped on the trampoline. She did backflips and flips for fifteen minutes when she heard her mom call, “Isbelllllllaaaa!” Isabella didn’t know what her mom was calling her for, but when she rushed into the house and saw Fluffy throwing up, she knew what happened.

Her mom said, “I thought I gave you a job. I said to take care of Fluffy. But he’s thrown up again and again and again.” Fluffy stood up on his four feet close to Isabella’s mom wagging his tail. “Look! Fluffy threw up on my foot!”

“Mom, please don’t get mad at me. I accidentally forgot about Fluffy.” Isabella looked at the floor.

“I think your dad is right. I’m not sure if we should get you a hamster. You haven’t even been taking care of Fluffy.”

Isabella wanted to whine, but she knew she’d get in trouble if she did, and if she got in trouble, she wouldn’t get the pet hamster. She walked upstairs to her room and picked a random book off the floor and started to read on her bed. At the end of the book, Isabella was tired. She decided to take an afternoon nap.

The week flew by very fast, so it was right before Isabella’s birthday when a message came to Isabella’s iPhone. “Happy birthday, Isabella! You’re going to like this, spend time with this, and might even bring it to share at your school! Love, Aunt Livi.”

Isabella crossed her fingers and hoped it was going to be her hamster. She felt like it would be a hamster because her aunt knew that she’d wanted a hamster all her life since she was about two years old. Isabella couldn’t wait for her birthday party the next day. Her whole family would be there–her grandparents, her parents, and her aunt.

The next morning, Isabella’s mom woke her up at eight o’clock. Isabella went downstairs into the dining room in her pjs. Her grandma was knitting a scarf, her grandpa was emailing his friend, and her aunt Livi was watching baseball on TV. Fluffy was still in bed because he smelled the dumplings. Fluffy got a dog bone instead of a dumpling.

Isabella smelled a half-sweet, half-doughy smell that she knew because she’d smelled it so many times in her life–it was her favorite smell! Isabella was so surprised because her mom and dad were making dumplings for breakfast! Isabella smiled a happy smile and jumped up and down. There was chocolate milk poured into her favorite koala cup, fancy cloth napkins, party hats with their initials, and sparkly balloons with their initials. All of the party hats had different kinds of patterns like diamonds and stripes, and Isabella put on a yellow one with shooting star and planet pattern. There was an arts and crafts table where you could make pictures, party hats, or balloons. There was also a woman who could do facepaint. Also, in the very center of Isabella’s house was a disco ball with a dance party. Isabella’s mom played Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and all of Isabella’s other favorites on her iPhone. For eight hours, Isabella ate five dumplings, got her face painted with a koala and her hands painted as paws, and drank eight cups of chocolate milk. She danced and did cartwheels and backflips on the trampoline in the backyard.

When it was time to open her presents, Isabella got a tattoo set, a face paint set with a mirror on the inside, and a makeup set from her grandmother. She got a marker set from her parents. Isabella also got a paint set from the lady who had been painting faces at her party. She also got a box full of dog treats for Fluffy. Fluffy jumped right in! Isabella was happy because her parents had gotten her presents that she liked, but she was sad, and a little mad, that she hadn’t gotten what she really wanted — her hamster. Isabella didn’t want to be rude on her birthday because she knew she wouldn’t get her hamster, so she kept her disappointment inside and stayed on her best behavior.

In the evening after dinner, Isabella’s aunt came into her bedroom. She was hiding something behind her back. Isabella felt nervous. I hope I get the hamster!

Her aunt smiled. “You have one more present left.” She gave Isabella a box wrapped in smiley-face paper.

Isabella’s fingers started unwrapping the present. She saw a peanut butter-colored hamster in a colorful cage. The cage was red, white, and blue with white stars on it. Inside, the hamster was playing with a pink ball with green polka dots. Isabella took the hamster out of the cage and hugged it. “Thank you very much!” Isabella squeaked.

Isabella’s mom and dad stood in the corner of Isabella’s room listening. Her mom said, “You should take good care of the hamster, Isabella. Make sure you leave him on the bookshelf so that Fluffy doesn’t scare him.”

Isabella said, “I promise, Mommy. Can I name him Peanut?”

Isabella’s mom smiled, and Isabella gave her a big hug.

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  1. I think that this story was so good, it sounds just like something I would find in a normal book written by professional authors!

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