I Won’t Stop Fighting


I am soaring

I am roaring

Protecting my innocence

No I’m not listening


I thought I failed

I thought I should bail

But that’s not me

And now I can see


I craved the attention

Oh and did I mention

I’m ready to start brand new

No more feeling blue


I give my hate to the wind

I’d give to have no more sins

But that’s just not how it goes

You and I both know


I’d take away the pain and suffering

My whole life I’ve been wondering

What it would be like without the mad and the sad

Without all of the hate and the bad


I dream of a place much simpler than this

A place I would surely miss

All I have to do when it gets too deep

A drift away to a happy sleep


I love how people can start to stand tall

How they peep above the wall

To see the other side

All the wonders it would hide


It hurts the most when I see it everyday

How they cause havoc with whatever they say

Pushing each other around doing whatever they want

The worst part is, they never caught


I fear of what people will become

Because we get judged from where we came from

Or the color of skin

Or whether they’re fat or thin


I forget that people could live as one

Because at the end of the day we bleed the same blood

It doesn’t matter where your from or where you go

Or if you’re different anywhere head to toe


I forgave the people long ago

Who did horrible things, but they didn’t know

But now it’s not a mystery

Come change the world with me


I won’t give up on hope and love

I’ll just wish on the stars above

Hoping for it to be different

But love is significant


I will persevere

But everyday, someone sheds a tear

Saving the world will be exciting

But I won’t ever stop fighting


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