The Amazing Aliens


Chapter One: The Awesome Idea

“Emily, Emily!” Sasha shouted. “I have the best idea ever. Do you want to hear it?”

“Yes please,” said Emily.

“How about we look for a new planet?” said Sasha.

“What about Kiki? Can she come?” asked Emily.

“Sure,” said Sasha.

“Let’s go to Tooth to get her,” said Emily.

“The planet is called Mint.”

“Woo hoo!” screamed Emily. The two best friends jumped over to Tooth (since Tooth was in close proximity to Cookie). The two friends went searching for Kiki. Within ten minutes, they realized that Kiki was chasing them (not for the spaceship, but as a joke). They were all laughing their heads off for one hour straight. Once they stopped laughing, they entered Sasha’s spaceship and flew around the big star, looking for an awesome planet.


Chapter Two: The Planet Mint

In only a few minutes, they reached planet Mint.

“This looks beautiful,” said Emily.

“I don’t know about that,” said Kiki.

“Well, it’s our very own planet, so the both of you should be happy, okay,” said Sasha.

“Now we have to build this planet’s furniture.”

“Okay, it’s a good thing Emily and I packed in advance,” said Sasha.

“Let’s build!” said Kiki.

There were beautiful decorations and purple wood paneling available for use. It took an entire week to build and decorate everything. Sasha wanted to get her old friends back from Cookie land. Sasha and Kiki decided to travel to planet Tooth to pick up Kiki’s friends as well. Emily stayed back to keep an eye out for potential villains. Within a few minutes, the other friends arrived. They had a party planned for that night and stayed up until 3:00 am. They were all incredibly tired but excited for the next upcoming party, which was promised to last until 11:00 pm. Everybody went home at 11:05 pm. Once Sasha, Kiki, and Emily arrived home, they immediately fell asleep. There was a scary creature slithering around the night sky.

It was an evil villain! It was tall in stature. Sasha didn’t see it, but it always came during the evening time. She heard it in the middle of the night. She told Emily and Kiki. They saw it flee before morning.

In the morning, they looked for it. But they were never successful in locating it. They went back to Chocolate Chip, but they still couldn’t find it. They went to Cookie land, and they still couldn’t find it. They went to a different planet called Blob. It looked like a green blob. They saw an evil villain. The creature was trying to go really fast, but Sasha, Emily, and Kiki collectively captured it. The evil villain was an alien snake. It had a long body and ten piercing eyes. It was a terrifying sight.


Chapter Three: The Evil Rattlesnake

They realized that the evil snake was actually an evil alien. The creature transformed back into an alien. It was a spitting image of Sasha. It looked similarly to when it was a snake, it was just in an alien form. It had a short body with arms and legs and two eyes, and it wore a shirt and pants. The creature was very cruel. He was continuously punching them. Finally, he decided to reveal his name.

“My name is Steph,” he said.

Steph was living on a planet where there were lots of aliens. Instead of transforming, he said it was just like Halloween every day for him. He apologized for punching them. Steph then went back to his planet. He wasn’t allowed to leave his other planet. He would sneak out every night. He traveled with Sasha, Kiki, and Emily to Space Town.

They arrived at Space Town and hid Steph in their house because he didn’t want to be seen. They went back to Blob, where Steph lived. They had the opportunity to meet his parents.


Chapter Four: Ten New Planets

The next morning, Kiki, Emily, Sasha, and Steph went to a bookstore on Chocolate Chip. This was their first time on Chocolate Chip, and it looked like a bookstore. After they got books at Chocolate Chip, they went to school. They had to go to Planet Blob for school. They floated to each planet. It went fast because there was a tunnel. You’re able to go to whatever place you want. Sasha, Emily, Steph, and Kiki were in class Z. Ms. P was the name of the homeroom teacher. In school, they had to have a contest. It was to find as many planets as you possibly could and write them down. If you found the most planets, you got a big prize for each of the aliens on your team.

Emily, Sasha, Kiki, and Steph made a team. They searched for ten planets. They began with Chocolate Chip, the bookstore, and they got to Blob, their town. They went to a camp that was named Clip, and they found another planet for evil people that was called Villains. That place had evil villains on it, and they were just like Steph before he became a friend, so they didn’t go on it for a while. Then, they went to a glass making place called Glass, and they found another place called Planet, and inside Planet there were four more planets that were named Oreo, Juice, Tree, and Jungle. And the last planet was named Pants. The next day, they were going to hand the paper in.


Chapter Five: Winners

The next morning, Emily, Sasha, Kiki, and Steph went to school. They gave the paper to Ms. P. Ms. P looked at it for a long time. Ms. P finally said, “Sit down and wait for the other aliens to come back.” They sat for a while. Still, nobody came. The other aliens were still looking for the planets. They finally came back with nothing on their papers.

Ms. P was so disappointed at them. They got detention, and Steph, Emily, Sasha, and Kiki were the winners. They got a huge golden trophy.

“Great job,” said Ms. P.


Chapter Six: The Big Secret

Steph went over to Sasha’s house to have a playdate. That’s when Sasha saw something on Steph’s face that looked the same as hers. It was the same ugly scar that she had. They also had the same eye color, a dark brown.

“Steph, what is your last name?” asked Sasha.

“Curry,” Steph replied.

“We might be brother and sister.”


“Because my last name is Curry.”

“What?! That’s awesome.”

“I know!!!”

Sasha and Steph hugged each other, and then Emily, Kiki, Sasha, and Steph all lived together.


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