Ice Cream Is Great


with milk inside, and the 14 grams of sugar, and the variety of flavors, strawberry, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and superman, plus the taste in your mouth, and how your tongue turns into a glacier when you eat too much at once, also how sometimes the cone is edible, so your parents can’t scold you for wasting anything, and how the edible cones are sometimes made of waffles which are also great and add to the sweet taste of ice cream, and how, with sundaes, there are a bunch of different flavors plus the literal meaning of the phrase “with a cherry on top,” and how you can choose your own toppings like rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sprinkles or pretty-much-whatever, and that is why I love ice cream, what do you think?

sundaes with the fancy glass and how you can combine different flavors and how at some places you get a fancy spoon and you can stuff your face and how you would have a fudge mustache and then your parents get mad but it is still worth it because you have five scoops of ice cream and it’s way better than normal ice cream because it lasts way longer and you get a brain freeze but your tongue is still like antarctica.

at 7g of fat, 29 mg of cholesterol, 53 mg of sodium, 131 mg of potassium, carbohydrates, 16g protein, 2.3g vitamin A, 5% Ben and Jerry’s

And don’t forget Peachwave!

going to Ben and Jerry’s

with my dad

me and him


marshmallow sauce mustache

strawberry ice cream dribbling down my chin

laughing while licking

with everything everywhere

people looking at us like we’re crazy

I can’t imagine

anything better than that.

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