The Necklace Chase

It was eight o’clock at night when I realized that the necklace was missing, but nobody knew who could have taken it. Then I asked Sadie if she could help me find my necklace. Sadie told me to retrace my steps. That was when I realized a girl was looking at my necklace, so I took it off and gave it to her. I told Aliza that she could hold it but to give it back as soon as I was finished.

Sadie was watching this whole entire thing. Sadie saw Aliza running away with my necklace. In the bathroom, I could hear Sadie telling Aliza to stop running away with my necklace.

When I was finished with my business Sadie said, “Hurry Claire, we have to catch her!” Sadie and I started running after her.

Now we had to find Aliza!

“Where do we start, Claire?” Sadie asked me.

I said, “I was in the bathroom, how should I know?”

I said, “It’s raining. Maybe we can track her with her footsteps in the mud.”

“Good idea,” Sadie said.

“Hurry,” I said, “before her footprints wash away too.”

We were running in the rain hoping that the footprints will not wash away anytime soon.

Five minutes later…

“Sadie, do you see her footsteps?”

“No, I think we lost her!”

Now Sadie and I had to track her a different way. Sadie and I were looking for clues when suddenly we discovered that Aliza was a litterbug (yuck). Now that we knew Aliza was a litterbug, we were going track her with candy wrappers.

30 minutes later…

“Claire, I see Aliza. We’d better stay quiet so we can get her by surprise.” Sadie said.

“Okay, but how are you going to get your necklace back?”

The necklace was in Aliza’s pocket. Sadie’s idea was to throw a piece of candy so Aliza would bend down to pick it up and then the necklace would fall out of her pocket.

“Claire, do you have a piece of candy?” Sadie asked.


“Great can I have it … now?”

“Sadie right now is not a great time to eat candy!”

“It’s not for me. Just trust me, okay?”


After Sadie threw the piece of candy, everything went as planned. I got my necklace back and found another one on the ground. I decided to keep it.                                                                                                                              

That was the biggest surprise of all. I would never have figured it out without Sadie’s help.

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