Is There Really A Witch?

There is a pig named Plumpy McStuffed. He really wants a little banana as a friend, but he can’t, only because there is a really frightening house right in the front of where the banana lives. Nobody ever goes near the house because people say that there is a really bad witch named Boiled McSpoiled who lives there. There is a big grave from all the hunters who tried to kill her. The only way the little banana cannot be killed by the witch is because he is so small nobody will notice him.

But then Plumpy McStuffed has an idea: I will… Never mind, that won’t work, he thinks. But then he has another idea, one that might work.

One day Plumpy finds the little banana’s phone number in front of the barn and he saved it, so now he can use it…if his phone number is still the same. Well it’s worth the try ‘cause it could still be the same.

Okay, he thinks.      

Ring ring ring .

It was silent. Then a little funny voice answers.


“Oh, hi. Umm, my name is – wait for it, wait for it.” Plumpy turns on music and he starts singing his name.

“My name is PLUMPY MC STUFFED. Yeah!”  

Then when he starts singing on the phone and sounding really bad, the little banana hangs up like any normal banana, food, or animal would do to save their ear drums. So then he calls the little banana again and he is ready.

Ring ring ring, the banana answers again.



”Who is this?”

“This is Mr Porky, sir,” says Plumpy, trying to trick the banana so he wouldn’t hang up again.

“Oh nice to meet you. What can I help you with?”

“Can you fly your jet ten miles in the front of the Witch’s house? You will see a tall red brick house and a orange fence around it.”

“What witch’s house? There is only a nice lady that lives in an old house. I visit her every day. I can prove it.”

“Hi I’m the old lady that lives in that house. I’m so sick of people calling me a witch.” (She leaves, pretending to cry)

“So what about the gravestones in  front of her yard?”

“Those are just Halloween decorations that she put up and never took down because they are too much  work.”

“Oh, so never mind, I’ll walk to your house. Bye.”


(Five minutes later)

“Hi Mr. Small. I’m Mr. Porky my last name is Chop. When I walked by the nice lady’s house I heard her say that she is ploning to eat you, so I was wondering if you wanted to team up to stop her and be friends because I don’t have any?”

“Sure, because I don’t have any friends either.”

Then Plumpy and the little banana heard that she was putting a poison outside at the time nobody was around. When the witch left to have supper, Plumpy stole it and then little banana helped Plumpy get it onto the roof of the house for their plan.

Then when the witch comes out she sees that the poison for the banana was gone and said

“Who dar…” and then at that moment they dump the poison on her head and she turns into a pile of dust. Then Plumpy and the banana are rewarded with whatever they want.

So then at the end Plumpy Mc Stuffed or should it be Mr Pork Chop plays with the little banana and become best friends. THE END  

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