A 12-year-old girl named Katie Daniels was staring out the window with her White Shepherd Bolt and Eskimo Snowflake, who previously ran across the streets of London (Bolt had stolen hot dogs from a hot dog stand, running away from Snowflake).


7 kittens were in a cardboard box next to a pet shop, and when Katie decided to walk with her 2 white canines, she saw the kittens. “Hey, kitty” whispered Katie. She took one of the kittens from the box and continued, “I’ll name you Jessie.”


When Jessie, Katie, Bolt and Snowflake got home, Katie told her mother and father that Jessie didn’t have rabies, and she was spayed by her previous owners. In just 2 hours, Jessie had a collar with a tag that said: “Jessie. 50th St. Between 8th and 9th Av.”, a food/water bowl, a bed, and toys– perfect for a kitten only 10 weeks old.


That night, Bolt and Snowflake tried to make nighttime the best time for Jessie. “Jessica” Snowflake said in a sing-song voice “You gotta get in the nighttime spirit!”


“Yeah!” Bolt sang, “Come on. Sing! Why Should I Worry? Why Should I Care? I may not have a dime, but I got street savior-”


“Okay, okay, I get it. But there are times you can get into the night time spirit and there are some times you need to sleep!” Jessie sleepily said. Snowflake’s jaws dropped. “How did you know?” she began. “I just do!” cried Jessie angrily. And she slept. And then the dogs slept.


The next morning, Jessie, Bolt and Snowflake were all singing “Why Should I Worry?” When Katie left, Jessie went crazy, finally going under the sitting room sofa, whimpering in fear. “Come on, Jess-Jess! Me and Snowflake had gone over it before. We are fine once Katie leaves for school!” But Jessie’s fear turned into anger as she went out the flap Bolt and Snowflake use. “Jessica! Wanna read Chapter 1 through 9 of The Kids From DISCO?” She followed Jessie as she (Jessie) ran into the London streets. “That’s easy for you to say!” cried Jessie, again angrily. Jessie lied down in front of a fence, guarding herself. When Katie got back from school, she found Jessie missing. “JESSIE! JESSICA! JESS-JESS! Where are you, Jessie?”


Jessie heard the yells of Katie, and ran across the streets, only to find a pack of dogs that belonged to Katie’s 9-year old friend, Alex. They were going to Regent’s Park.


Back at Katie’s house, Katie texted all her friends on her phone if they knew where Jessie was. Finally she got a call from Alex. Katie wanted to go to Regent’s Park before she needed to take a shower. “MUSH, BOLT! RUN LIKE A TRAIN, SNOWFLAKE!” yelled Katie. Off they went, faster than the wind carrying them. When they reached Regent’s Park, Alex gave Katie, Jessie. She still had her cute red and white collar, her Dalmatian-like spots and her big blue eyes.


Snowflake was very tired after getting Jessie home. Bolt told Snowflake she was amazing.  But Jessie responded “Screw you, man, I’d do what I want!” Buzz Mccallister, a cat that belonged to Ryder Adams, Katie’s classmate, jumped on Bolt, Snowflake and Jessie’s room window and heard everything. Snowflake was about to say ‘I want the pizza…NOW.’ when she saw Buzz Mccallister. “AHEM, Buzz Mccallister, but I was going to say ‘I want the pizza…NOW’ so I can get my wish for pizza…NOW. But because of you, nothing happened.” yelled Snowflake, not amused. Buzz Mccallister teased “It doesn’t happen because you are in the real world, not a EXTRAORDINARY world, you need to go read your mind, you need to get lost into it, you need to lose your mind and you need…you need…” Buzz Mccallister was very talkative. “You need a good kick in the butt, Buzz Mccallister.” finished Bolt.


But Jessie didn’t say anything. She wasn’t as brave as Bolt and Snowflake. Finally, she ordered the two dogs to throw Buzz Mccallister out the window, which had no bars. Bolt and Snowflake, who OBVIOUSLY had Buzz Mccallister as a pet peeve, started barking for Katie. Katie ran into the bedroom shouting “WHAT IN THE MILKY WAY GALAXY ARE YOU THREE DOING AT 2:15 IN THE MORNING!” Bolt and Snowflake growled at Buzz Mccallister. Jessie was almost fully under her bed covers, even the sheet. She lashed her tail FAST at Buzz Mccallister. “Oh. I see you got your pet peeve, Buzz Mccallister, but I don’t want to blame him. He belongs to one of my friends, Ryder Adams.” Buzz Mccallister rolled his eyes at Katie. “Oh, WHATEVER!” yelled Katie “I will drop you on the count of three: THREE!” and down. Went. Buzz Mccallister. Nobody said anything for the rest of the night.


The next day, Katie went to school. Katie’s parents went to work. Everyone left the pets locked in their room. Of course, the dogs had a newspaper and Jessie had a litter box as a bathroom, the pets have 3 beds, 1 for each, each had a bowl of food and a bowl of water, all filled up to the brim, and toys to play with. But the three wanted to go outside. Finally, an idea came to Bolt’s brain. “I KNOW! LET’S CAUSE SOME MISCHIEF ON THE PASSENGER TRAIN!”

“Oh no” replied Jessie, who wasn’t very adventurous.


At the train station, you can guess who was there, but just in case, it was BUZZ MCCALLISTER. Bolt found a hot dog stand and grabbed all his mouth could carry. Snowflake bet Jessie if she could grab a rat from the train tracks without getting hit by a train. Jessie responded “Easy.” She grabbed a rat and hid under the train tracks as a train passed by. Bolt had the hot dogs wrapped around his waist, instead of around his chest. Misty, the alpha dog of Alex’s dog pack, smiled and said “Come on. I will show you the real life train station. “


Actually, the real ‘train station’ was an airport. “Great!” happily cried Bolt. “Let’s cause some mischief! Come on, Page! Come on, Molly! Come on, everybody!” Page was a mixed breed dog. Molly was a beagle. The other dogs were called: Pongo the Dalmatian, Perdita the Dalmatian, Domino the German Shepherd, and Polly the Beagle. All dogs were happy to meet Ryder’s dog pack, all Huskies: Wink, Addison, Basil, Tucker, Everest, Noah, Droplet and Splat. The Bark Park Adoption Center was closed for the day, so the not-adopted dogs got to go to the ‘real train station’ as well. Jessie was scared of a CROWD, so she ran away, all the way back to the train station.


Bolt could not cause mischief. Snowflake was speechless. Everyone was speechless, even BOLT! But then Misty knew what to say. “We are going to have to go back to the train station. MUSH! RUN LIKE A TRAIN! And off they went, to get Jessie. “I knew I shouldn’t have thought of mischief in the first place!” cried Bolt. “Just forget it! FORGET IT!” yelled Snowflake “Katie could come home in any minute!” Misty wasn’t listening. All she wanted was to get Jessie, and get Jessie ALIVE.


At the train station, Jessie was actually still alive. But she was being carried away in a cardboard box. The box was going to the caboose car of a passenger train. Misty gasped as Jessie was carried away on the train. The train was going into a tunnel. A very, very, VERY dark tunnel. “Who’s gonna get Jessie?” cried Misty in fear. She ran in little circles, which means she thought she was going to explode.

“I will!” shouted Snowflake. She was very brave.

“Alright?” responded Bolt. “But we will go with you.”

Snowflake hopped on the fast-moving train, and went in the little door of the caboose car. Bolt and Misty were running after the train. Wink found Buzz Mccallister. He talked to himself on Ryder’s phone: “Ryder, this is Buzz Mccallister. I’ve concluded the train prank on the Orient Express station.”

“Buzz Mccallister” said Wink.

“I’ve got a trophy. Put it with all my other trophies when I come home. And bring me a coffee when you get back.”

“Buzz Mccallister” said Wink.

Buzz Mccallister stopped texting and said “What is it? This is a very important call!”

Wink groaned “Ugh. My times have to go over this. ARE YOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS?! I THINK YOU NEED TO LEARN ABOUT ‘PRANKS’!” “You just want Ryder to pluck all my whiskers out! They’re pretty nifty, aren’t they?” Wink almost tied Buzz Mccallister to the train tracks when he saw everyone GONE. Wink shouted “Buzz Mccallister, stand aside!” But Buzz Mccallister was running away from the station, all the way to Ryder’s bedroom. “UGH” Wink once again groaned.


Snowflake only made things worse: She and Jessie hung from the train. Now EVERYONE, excluding Wink was running after the train. Snowflake had her left paw grabbing a wire. Bolt saw how close the caboose car was from the tunnel. “It’s still running 60 mph. Snowflake, LET GO OF THE WIRE!” cried Bolt. Half a second later, everyone (excluding Wink, of course) was chanting “LET GO! LET GO! LET GO!” to Snowflake. Finally, she yelled “I. Will. Let. Go.” Snowflake let go of the wire. She and Jessie fell to the train tracks and got up. Everyone-even Wink-watched as the caboose train went in the tunnel. “Yes! WE DID IT!” shouted Jessie in relief. Everyone helped each other off the train tracks. “WOW! That was amazing, Jessica!” shouted Bolt. “How?” asked Jessie, bewildered. “You made us go on a big adventure. I love big adventures. You really deserve those words, Jess-Jess.” answered Bolt. Just then, another train passed by. “Let’s go home.” Snowflake giggled.


That night, everyone was back at home. All the owners were afraid that they would be lost forever. How they got home? They found recycling trucks and tried to find their owner’s face (whenever a pet was lost, Katie, Alex, and Ryder  looked out their bedroom windows). The not-adopted dogs went back to the Bark Park Adoption Center. Katie put Jessie, Bolt and Snowflake to bed. Katie whispered “Good night, Bolt. Good night, Snowflake. Good night, Jessie.” She went to her bedroom. Bolt licked Jessie’s ears. Snowflake licked Jessie’s tail. “Now I know that Jessie’s not cowardly at ALL.” said Bolt. “Me neither.” said Snowflake. Pretty soon, everyone was asleep.



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