The Machine


“So how did you get here?” I said.

I was at my house, talking to the technology genius, Xethen, who was an alien who had kept his designs secret to everyone before. I had tracked him down, spying on him for some time and the only way that I would agree to stop spying on him was if I got five minutes of his time to ask whatever I wanted. Since I was 16 years old and needed money for college, I thought I could make money off of this.

He looked at me like, ‘why did you ask that question?’ Finally he said that he obviously teleported and why I didn’t think of that idea. I told him that we don’t have that technology yet, but we might be close to inventing one.

I asked him a few more questions about how he created his machine that could create anything, but he doesn’t give me the full answer.

He’s hiding something, I thought.

Then I thought of a really good question: “Can I see this creating machine?” I needed to see if this machine was real, so that I wasn’t wasting my time. He happily pressed a few buttons and then the machine appeared.

I was sort of surprised that the machine wasn’t fake. It seemed impossible that this was real. He showed me the machine and a bit about how it worked. He also showed me that it worked.

The machine looked complicated. Nothing about it looked like our technology. There were many parts to the huge machine and it must have taken years to invent and create.

He asked me, “You like it?’’

“Of course I do,” I replied.

I was amazed. I couldn’t wait to try this myself. The problem was, my five minutes were almost up. I quickly asked for ways I could contact him. He told me that I could telepathically talk to him.

A few days later, he showed me the design…


Chapter 1

The Machine

“Almost done!” I said looking in awe at the machine.

“Once I finish this, I will make millions!” Now I thank myself for asking him for ways I could contact him. Otherwise I wouldn’t get this great opportunity.

Finally it was finished. After years of work, it was done. It was the gateway to fame and money. Its bright lights illuminated, signalling everything was working, well, that was the theory. The only way to test the machine for real was to test it out.

First I tried making something simple, not wanting something destructive to happen. I typed “an apple” into the newly made keyboard. After a few minutes, the apple formed. I tasted the apple. Just because something looks right, doesnt mean its perfect. It was sour and very juicy. The machine did its job! My hands touched the ceiling and I almost banged my head as I jumped for joy.


Chapter 2

My Plan

If I wanted to sell this, people needed to know about this. Maybe I had to give people a demo. In case it broke down, I also had to make a spare one or if for some reason someone stole it, I had to make a spare copy of the machine. Afterwards, I would leave selling for tomorrow.


Chapter 3

The Tragedy

The next day, I went to check on my machine. It was still there, like I expected. Then I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and when I came back IT WAS GONE! “How could this happen!?” I asked myself. “It was here a minute ago!”

Then I heard a clang sound. It sounded metallic as metal hit metal. The machine was heavy, so the person had to still be in the building. Also this building was big so it would not be as easy to get out.

Finally, I found the machine, but not the person that stole it. He must have run away once he made the noise. It was carelessly left in the middle of the hallway. I did, however, find a piece of paper with a 10 digit number and a note. It said:


This is my phone number. Call me after you steal it.


gdqho fkrqj


I looked at the note with confusion. The last two words were strange. They were not words. They must be in code, I thought.

The phone number wasn’t in code, so I could call it if I wanted to.


Chapter 4

More Tragedy

Today was the first day that people could try out the machine. A long line of people was forming. I felt so happy that this was happening. If I charged everyone who tried the machine, I could make lots of money.

It was the evening now. The line had dispersed, but there were still hundreds of people. The next person in line looked strange. He created something that I could not tell what, but it looked dangerous.

There was a beeping noise,” BEEP BEEP BEEP”

It was rapidly getting faster. Then to my surprise, the person ran away. There was a click. Then a huge explosion.

A giant force pushed me back and it looked like I was going in slow motion. Everything went black and white as I hit the wall. I felt all the pain. I fell and sat there for a minute. I saw everything, everything that happened in the explosion. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. Then, everything went black.


Chapter 5


I woke up in the hospital. At first, I thought this was all a dream. It would be good if it was a dream. If it was, I wouldn’t be blown up. I soon realized that it was real because I saw the alien that showed me the designs, Xethan. He was waiting for me.

He said, “You have messed with my machine which I patented on my planet. The consequence of copywriting is death. So I will kill you!”

I said, “But I’m not on your planet! So the same laws do not apply!”

“I don’t care. You still messed with my machine. You were careless about the machine and let the wrong hands take your illegal copy, and now it’s caused a lot of deaths.”

Then Xethan used the original machine to create a dagger. I tried to get out but I couldn’t move. Once he created it, he quickly threw it and it went through my heart.

“But — but — ” I said. “I won’t ever do it again!”

And those were the last words I ever said.



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