Land of the Dead

The Greyhound dropped him off at jungle square, where he bought a 4×4. As he put the pedal to the medal, he took a sharp right turn and ended up running into a tree. He got out of the burning 4×4 and got a cab. The cab took him to the outskirts of town, where he caught the Amtrak. Once on the Amtrak, he took out his phone and started playing Pokemon Go. When the train arrived at Washington D.C., he went up to the White House and went through security to meet with the President.

Perry and the President had a very long talk about politics and how they were going to work on stopping rates from going up. After that, Perry went to a five-star luxury hotel with water beds, and a hot tub, and went to bed. Early in the next morning, he got up to catch the regional back to Maryland, where he was supposed to catch an Acela down to Penn Station. Instead of taking the Acela Express, Perry decided to take a tour of the jungle. He got separated from the group, and tour guide, and ended up in an uninhabited region of the jungle.

He decided to make a wooden raft to catch fish. Then, he made a pick axe and started to look for metals to make into a sword or knife. Then, he spotted a crocodile swimming to his raft. The crocodile made a hole in the raft, and the raft began to sink. Perry could not swim, so he gathered up all of his strength to make ropes into a lasso to hitch onto the croc and drive to the other side.

Meanwhile, Perry’s friend, Patrick, went looking for him. He tried to go into the jungle, but the security guards would not let him in. Then, Patrick realized that they would not let him in because the jungle was artificial. By the time Perry found that out, Patrick had stolen a Bugatti Chiron and was racing through the jungle. Patrick thought this was a fantasy. There were mango trees and a lagoon with clear water.

As Patrick was speeding through the jungle, his tire hit a nail, and the tire exploded. Patrick thought that a leopard or another animal put the nail there on purpose. Then, he took out his bronze sword, named Riptide, and cast a long blaze of light to come out of the sword. Immediately, a lion pounced out of the shadows. Patrick swung hard against the lion’s mane, slicing off a few hairs here and there. The lion clawed at Patrick’s leg, and Patrick swung and cut the lion’s head off clean. The dead lion swung one last time, causing Riptide to fall into the water. Patrick was defenseless.

Meanwhile, Perry was struggling with framing a bronze knife. As Perry finished attaching the final strand of metal to the completed knife, he heard a roar in the distance.

Instead of running away, Perry said, “Better go to shelter before night fall, or I’m dead meat.”

In the distance, a couple parsecs away, Patrick was walking almost blindly because of the lion and lack of food. He stumbled into a coconut tree, and lots of coconuts fell on his head.

“Oh,” Patrick remarked, before falling on his knees, unconscious.

Instantly, a portal appeared before the unconscious Patrick, and he suddenly woke up.

“What the…?” he remarked, before tripping over a piece of lion and falling into the portal. The portal took him to the Underworld. Suddenly, Patrick saw Perry on the ground, kneeling before Hades and the Furies. Patrick journeyed farther into the Underworld, and found himself in a dark cavern surrounded by serpents. The Furies started whipping Perry, and Patrick reached for the sword. Instantly, a blinding light appeared before Patrick, and there was Hades. Perry tossed Patrick the bronze knife he was working on in the jungle. There was a big battle.

Eventually, Hades called upon Zeus to throw a lightning bolt at Patrick. After being hit, Patrick grabbed Perry and tried to escape, but they were blocked by an army of dead assassins. To make a long story short, Perry and Patrick backflipped over the assassins and jumped into an elevator, which took them to the Upperworld. Patrick was badly injured, bleeding from the chest, leg, and arm. Perry had scars from the whipping, and he cursed in ancient Greek.  

Perry and Patrick dug out a hollow wood trunk and rode down the river to the exit. It was a long ride to the end, and they confronted the security guards. Perry’s knife had blood stains, dripping with golden ichor. Then, they grabbed a taxi, which was pretty hard seeing the two twenty-year-old men: one with spiked hair, bleeding everywhere, and the other having whipping scars. They eventually hailed a taxi to the Amtrak, where they spent six hundred dollars to go to New York City, and they lived ‘happily ’ever after.


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