The Big, Old, Dusty Book

My name is Lucy Woods, and I’m fifteen years old. I’ve been an orphan since I was ten. One day I was cleaning the basement of the orphanage, and I found a big, old, dusty book of fairy tales. It looked interesting, so I read a page or two, and after that, I could not stop. I read the whole entire book, and it was… amazing!!! And as I read the final page, it said to say “Big, old, dusty book” three times. It was not wise of me to listen to a book. The next thing I knew, I was transported into the book.


The first thing I remembered was seeing a yellow brick road. After that, everything was pretty blurry. I remember seeing a girl with a very poofy dress and a very cute puppy. As I woke up, I heard the girl saying, “Are you okay?”

“I guess so. What is your name?” I said.

“It’s Dorothy. What is your name?” said Dorothy.

“My name is Lucy. Where are you going?” I responded.

“I’m going to see the Wizard of Oz because I want to go home to Kansas.”

“That is the exact problem with me… I was reading this book, and it transported me here.”


Meanwhile, at the orphanage, Ms. Periwinkle was looking all over for Lucy. She thought that Lucy was playing hide-and-seek.

“Where are you?!” Ms. Periwinkle said.



Back in the book, Dorothy and I were skipping down the yellow brick road, and we saw the Big, Bad Wolf! DUN! DUN! DUN!

And the Big, Bad Wolf said, “Where are you going?”

Dorothy responded, “We are going to go see the Wizard of Oz.”

“OH! I know a shortcut to his castle,” responded the wolf. “It’s just right through the woods.”

“Thank you very much,” said Dorothy, very pleased.

Dorothy and I skipped through the woods and saw a very nice girl with wavy, gold hair, a blue dress with white polka dots, and a blue ribbon around her waist.

“Hello, what is your name?” asked Dorothy.

“My name is Goldilocks. What is your name?”

“My name is Dorothy, and her name is Lucy,” she said, pointing towards me.

“I’m starving! Do you know any places to eat around here?!” asked Goldilocks.

“Nope, but I do see a cottage at least one mile away,” I said.

“Great! Do you want to come and check it out?” asked Goldilocks.

“Sure,”  Dorothy and I responded at the same time.


Back at the orphanage, Ms. Periwinkle was getting pretty mad. “Lucy, where are you?!” Ms. Periwinkle said. “If you don’t come out now, you will get in big trouble!”

Ms. Periwinkle went downstairs to the basement to look for Lucy.

“OH NO! SHE READ THE BOOK!” Ms. Periwinkle yelled, walking around in circles.

I knew I should’ve hidden that book better, Ms. Periwinkle thought. This is really bad. Ms. Perrywinkle was now breathing heavily and shaking. “I have to get her out of there. Big, old, dusty book! Big, old, dusty book! Big, old, dusty book!”


Meanwhile back in the woods…

“Do you smell that?! AGHHH!” I asked, feeling an ache in my stomach.

“Smell what?!” said Dorothy.

“The porridge! Do you really not smell that?”

“Now I smell it!” Dorothy said.

“This way!” I pointed.

We all ran.

“Finally, we’re here at the cottage. I can’t wait to finally eat something,” said Goldilocks.

Dorothy, Goldilocks, and I all entered the cottage.

“This way!” I pointed to the kitchen. “Look, three bowls of porridge!”   

“I hope the porridge is hot,” said Dorothy.

“I hope it’s cold,” I said.

“I hope it’s just right,” said Goldilocks.

“This is amazing,” we all said.

“We have to go, I hope you enjoyed your porridge,” Dorothy and I said.

“Do you happen to know where the Wizard of Oz’s castle is?”

“Actually, I do!” said Goldilocks. “It’s just about one mile away from the forest. Just follow the yellow brick road.”

“Thank you!” Dorothy and I said.

“Bye now,” said Goldilocks.

“Well, that went well!”

“I don’t think it was wise listening to the Big, Bad, Wolf, but I think Goldilocks was telling the truth,” I said.

“I can see the yellow brick road from here,” said Dorothy.


Meanwhile, Ms. Periwinkle was looking all over Oz to find Lucy. She followed the yellow brick road, but they were not there. Then, she asked the Big, Bad Wolf.

“Have you seen a girl with yellow hair and brown eyes anywhere?”

“Yes, I did, and she was with a girl with brown pigtails and a poofy dress. They were trying to get to Oz’s castle,” he said.

“Thank you, I’ll be on my way,” Ms. Periwinkle said.


Back in the woods, Dorothy and I were only a mile away from the yellow brick road.

“C’mon, we don’t have all day!” Dorothy said.

“Finally, we’re back on the yellow brick road,” I said.

“Uh oh, what are those things in the sky?”

“They look like monkeys.”
“That would be impossible. Monkeys don’t fly!”

“Well they do in Oz, so let’s get a move on before they see us.”

“Ooo ooo ah ah.”

“Do you hear something?” Dorothy asked.

“Lucy, where are you, Lucy!”

“It sounds like Ms. Periwinkle,” I said.

“Who’s Ms. Periwinkle?” Dorothy asked.

“She runs the orphanage,” I explained.  


Dorothy and I got captured.

“The monkeys captured us,” said Dorothy.

“LUCY!” Ms. Periwinkle said.

“I think they are taking us to the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle.”

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“She’s the evil witch. Her sister is the Wicked Witch of the East. By accident, my house fell on top of her,” said Dorothy.

“That’s too bad. Was her sister good?” I asked.

“I don’t really know, but Glinda said that she was trying to take over Oz.”

“Well that’s pretty bad,” I said.

Woof woof,” barked Toto.

“What is it boy?” asked Dorothy.

Woof woof.”

“I think he’s trying to tell us that we are here,” I said.

“Ow,” we both said.

“He he he he he.”

“Do you hear something?”

“It sounded like an evil cackle.”

“Let the girls out of the bag… he he he he…”

The next thing we knew, we were given a cup of green liquid, and one of the evil monkeys said, “Drink this.”

“No way, Jose,” Dorothy said. “It’s stinky, rotten, fungus feet from an old lady who hasn’t scrubbed her feet in a year. The toenails are from an ogre.”


“Mrs. Periwinkle!” I said.

“Who are you?!” the evil, Wicked Witch of the West said.


Everyone gasped.

I whispered into Dorothy’s ear, “Ohhh my goshh. This is cuckoo. I’ve been living with the Evil Queen for five years?”

Thunder exploded in the background. The Wicked Witch of the West shot thunder bolts at the Evil Queen.

The Evil Queen said, “Is that all you got?!”

The Evil Queen threw her wand forward and bubbles came out. “I guess I’m a little rusty,” she said.

She thrust it forward again and a thousand lightning bolts shot out.

“Ouch!” said the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Evil Queen threw back her wand and struck it forward one last time, causing all the lights to turn off, and when they turned on, they saw that the Wicked Witch of the West was a frog.

“Now that that’s over, let’s head over to the Wizard of OZ to get back home,” said the Evil Queen.


“Finally we are here at the Wizard of Oz’s castle,” I said.

“Oh! Great Wizard could you please take us home.”

“Of course! Drink this potion and you will go back to Kansas.”

“Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” said Dorothy.

“It was very nice meeting you, Lucy.”

“BYEEEE!” said Dorothy.

“ Now, oh great Evil Queen, drink this, and you shall go back to the orphanage. Same goes for you, Lucy.”

“Oh, thank you, Great wizard,” the Evil Queen and I said.

Gulp… gulp… gulp… gulp… gulp… gulp…

“Now that we are back in the orphanage, can you promise me to please not tell anyone about me being the Evil Queen?!”

“I pinky promise,” I said.


The End


9 thoughts on “The Big, Old, Dusty Book”

  1. I sure remember playing “hide and seek” with Lucy and you guys!! I’m so proud of you livy!! Who would have thought you would become a writer just like your mommy!! Miss you sweetie ❤️

  2. You are such a creative and talented writer Livvy! I love the description of the green liquid, hilarious! This is the story I started to read in the car when you visited me in Philadelphia, isn’t it?! I am glad I got to finally read the whole thing. GREAT JOB. I’m so proud of you. xoxo Auntie Jules

  3. What a terrific and imaginative story Olivia. I found myself rushing to read to the end. It took me on a fun adventure – always a great indication of a wonderful story!!. You’re quite creative and I’m very proud of you. Keep on writing!!!
    XOX. Jan

  4. Wow! Olivia this is really a terrific story.. I couldnt be prouder of my wonderful, talented grandaughter. I hope you write lots and lots more stories so we can all read them.

    I love you, Grandma Ann

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