Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a planet called Lavanasium. It was a horrible place, and it only had volcanoes. Everything was sad. There was no light anywhere. No kids were playing. It wasn’t a nice planet. Everyone in this planet wanted to do something to make this change but they didn’t know how. In this planet there was a little house made of metal. In that house there lived a Mom named Eliza, a Dad named Mark, and a really special girl named Elizabeth.

It was a peaceful dark night as usual. Eliza was playing checkers with Mark. Elizabeth was reading a book. Then, all of a sudden, a green weirdo with a cane, green eyes, no hair, and a cape just came barging in without any invitation.

He said, “I am the greatest villain of all time. If you don’t obey me you will have to fear me for the rest of your life. No matter how small I am, I can do big things,” said the green weirdo.

Elizabeth said, “Are you sure?!”

“Definitely sure,” the green weirdo said.

Then when the green weirdo didn’t even notice Eliza and Mark were standing and doing this really weird spell. It sounded like they were speaking Chinese. They had to twirl stuff with their arms together. This spell turned the green weirdo into a little green man about 5 centimeters tall.

Everyone was huddling around him and he said, “what are you, giants?”

The whole family just said, “actually, you shrunk.”

The green weirdo said, “you shrunk me?”

“Of Course. After you said that you you were evil, we had a feeling that you were here to kill us.” The family replied.

“I wasn’t going to kill you, but now I am,” the green weirdo said.

“Are you sure that you can kill us when you are that size?” The whole family asked.

“Of course I can. Muahaha! But, you will see that I will get revenge very soon! Even still today!” the green weirdo said.

My Mom and Dad were very scared. They said that we will have to be very alerted just in case he did come back. I was scared. Why did my parents even do the spell? He wasn’t even going to kill us. But, now he is because of that spell, that spell that ruined everything.

We were all calm until the door opened. We didn’t see who it was. It just opened. My whole family paused, then I looked back at my parents. They weren’t there just when I saw him, that green weirdo. That’s when everything changed. He had my Mom and Dad trapped in his car. He stayed with me and talked and talked.

I didn’t even pay attention until I heard the word volcano.

That’s when I said, “Wait what did you just say?”

Then he said, “You weren’t listening, were you.”

“No I wasn’t,” I said.

“Okay. I will tell you again. As I was saying, my minions are with your parents in my car bringing them to the biggest volcano in the entire world. It is going to explode in approximately ten days.” The green weirdo said.

“Why would you do this to my parents what did they ever do to you?” I said.

“Well, they did turn me into this little man. I can never turn back to normal. So, I am going to be a green little 5 centimeter guy forever,” he said.

“That’s only because you said that no matter how little you are, you can always do big things.” I said.

 Chapter 2

The green weirdo left. Now, what am I going to do, I thought, I’ve got to get my parents back, but I don’t know how. I don’t even know where the biggest volcano was and which one was about to explode.

I saw the car driving away with my parents and the green minions waved back at me while laughing. I felt frightened and hopeless.

Out of desperation, I ran after my parents hoping that the car would stop. My mind was focused and I ran so hard, I broke a sweat. Suddenly, the car stopped. I was confused and worried that the minions saw me running and planned to hop out of the car to hurt me. In the car, much to my disbelief, I heard the minions confused also.

I said, “What just happened, some sort of magic?”

Then, my parents hopped out of the car and look surprised.

They said, “We never thought it was true, Elizabeth! But, we have passed our powers onto you!”

I said, “I can’t believe it, I actually have powers! My wish came true!”

My parents replied, “You have telekinesis, honey!”

I was confused and asked, “What’s telekinesis?”

“It’s the power that if you concentrate, and you think about moving things, they move wherever you want them to. Basically, what you just did,” they said.

Suddenly, the minions put a spell on my parents that made them do whatever they wanted. The minions made them get back in the car.

I suddenly felt scared and nervous of the journey ahead. I suddenly knew what I had to do.

Chapter 3

I chased after the car. I realized I was running super fast, faster than I’d ever gone before. I was running so fast that I didn’t notice a tree right in front of me, so ran right through it. I got goosebumps and felt a little funny. I had no idea what just happened. I stopped in my tracks and tried walking into the tree again. I had another power, but I didn’t quite know how to explain it.

Well, after the morning I had, anything was possible. It was clear to me now that I had super speed and invisibility powers. I knew that I could use my invisibility powers AND my super speed powers to save Mom and Dad. I felt empowered with these new discoveries.

I didn’t know exactly where this volcano was, so I followed the car wherever it went. I realized I was surrounded by a lot of trees on an isolated highway. I kept running. Suddenly I saw a small shape that looked like a volcano. We were getting close! I heard the volcano bubbling. I kept on running. Each step of the way brought me closer and closer. I saw smoke coming out of the volcano because of the heat of the lava. I was getting scared and just wanted to see my parents and know that they were okay.

The volcano was very close, and there was only one bridge to cross before we got there. But, there was one thing I was scared of, just one thing: heights. I remembered all the good times we had together and I was not going to let them down because I was scared of crossing a bridge. So, I powered through my big fear and walked across the bridge even though I was afraid.

Once we got to the volcano, the minions found a secret entrance. They did not know that I had invisibility powers to walk through solid objects, so I slipped in right with them. My parents were tied up with rope and had duct tape on their mouths. Suddenly, I saw a button. A red button. I wondered what that button did.

Then, I heard the minions talking about the button. “If you press the button, the whole world will change and there will be no more volcanoes and everything will be beautiful. There will be day and night again. We can’t let that happen. Thankfully, there is a code that needs to be entered in order to press the button which nobody knows: 5223,” the minions said.

After I heard that, I had a tinkle in my nose. And all of a sudden, I sneezed and everything went quiet.

Chapter 4

“What was that? Who’s there? Come out at once!” said one of the minions.

I didn’t say anything. I had goose bumps. This was impossible. I had to show myself. I realized that my parents didn’t know that I had these powers. But, they did know that I sneezed, so they they knew that I had the power to become invisible.

Well, I knew that I had to show myself. When I did, everyone gasped. Thankfully, the green weirdo wasn’t here.

The minions said, “He is not here yet, but he will be here when he finds out that you are here and want to save your parents.”

I begged, “Please don’t tell him!”

But it was too late. They had already called him.

He came and said, “I knew you would come. There is one thing that is very important in this cave that button! If you press it, there will be no more volcanoes. But, you don’t know the code to open the lid. So, ha!”

I headed to the red button while he was he was saying this. I entered the passcode and he didn’t even notice because his eyes were closed.

I put the passcode in, opened the lid, and pressed the button. I closed my eyes because I was scared of what was going to happen. Then, I opened my eyes. The Green Weirdo suddenly disappeared. Nobody knew where he was. There were no more volcanoes. We were standing on grass and it was daytime. There was light, there was happiness, and it was all beautiful.

I went directly to my parents and untied them and took the duck tape off of there mouths. We hugged each other for 30 seconds.. We went back home and everyone was playing and having fun in their front yards. It was a great sight to see after years of misery.

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