There was once a man named Lefty. Nobody knew his real name. He lived in the woods. He also loved flowers. Red flowers, blue flowers, and yellow flowers. But he always did everything with his left hand. 

But one night, he was heading to bed when two motorcycle people came in.

“MY GARDENS!” Lefty screamed. 

  The motorcycle dude did a trick with the stick that sent the knife flying and cut his left hand off.

“MY HAND, MY HAND!” Lefty screamed. He ran back to his cabin, but by then, it was too late. He had already bled out.

About a year later, a few kids came into the camp. They were staying up late when one of them went into Lefty’s cabin. But he did not come out, so the others went in to get him. They heard a scream. The kid’s head came rolling out of the room. They went inside the room. They all gaped in horror at what they saw. Not someone but something. Nobody ever heard from the kids again!

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