The Cupcake and the Jelly

Once upon a time there was a cupcake. A wise old tree had once told him his fortune was to have jelly. This wise tree was his mother. You should listen to your parents.

So he went to McDonalds because there was food there and said, “Hi. I’d like some jelly please.” The McDonalds waiters were very rude and instead of giving it to him, they threw the jelly in his face. Then the cupcake cried and his tears washed it off. 

He then walked to a laundry place. He walked in and asked, “Do you have any jelly?” 

“No,” said the person at the front desk. “You should try that jelly store across the street.”

So cupcake went over to the jelly store. “Hello. Do you have any jelly?”


“But this is a jelly store.”

“It’s a jam store.”

“What’s jam?”


“I’ll take some jam then.”

“We don’t sell cars.”

I did not ask for a car! I want Jelly!

“I thought you said you wanted a traffic jam.”

“I’m leaving,” said the cupcake. So he left. He then arrived at a strange creepy door. It screeched when he opened it. Inside was a giant. He was holding a bat.

“Do you have jelly?”

The giant grunted, “Try that store.” He was pointing at the jam store.

“That’s a jam store.”

The giant shouted and hit the cupcake with his bat.

The cupcake woke up in a hospital cot. His mother, the wise old tree was leaning over him. She said, “I did not tell you your fortune was to have jelly. I told you that you had a fat belly.”

The cupcake turned red.

The End.

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