Lester the Leopard

Lester was a leopard. He was a kid. Lester’s least favorite thing was school and his favorite things were ice cream and school breaks. He was in first grade and he went to Leopard Academy. The principal was named Mr. Marks and his teacher was Ms. Penny. Leopard Academy went from kindergarten to 12th grade and his sister and brother also went there. Lester had an older sister and an older brother. Lester was 7 and he was going to turn 8 in a few months. His sister was 13 and his brother was 15. Lester’s sister’s name was Scarlett and his brother’s name was Josh.

Lester woke up one morning and he had his breakfast–leopard krispies–and got dressed and went to school. His first subject was math. They were learning multiplication. Lester didn’t really like multiplication. He thought it was kind of boring. He would rather be doing addition. But if he had his choice he wouldn’t have math at all.

His next subject was recess. Lester was building a house with blocks with his best friend Marcus. Recess was half an hour. Lester and Marcus went inside their house and they talked a lot about when they would have a playdate.  

When recess was done they had snack and then they went to science. Science was his least favorite subject. He really didn’t like anything except recess and lunch. The class was dissecting squids. It smelled really bad when they were done with it. Lester forgot to wash his hands after he dissected his squid and it also smelled up his class. Lester washed his hands and they smelled much better. He said that he felt sick so his teacher, Ms. Penny, told him to go to the nurse. Lester was faking because he wanted to go home. The nurse took his temperature and said, “Nothing’s wrong, Lester. You have to go back to class now.”

Then they had lunch but Lester forgot to bring his lunch so he had to go home and get it. By the time he came back lunch was over, so he had to eat really quickly in the cafeteria. He was late to history. After history he had to read for a little silently and then after that he went home. He was so happy the day was over.

When he got home his sister and brother weren’t there because they had longer school than him, but his parents were not there either. This was normal. His babysitter Charlotte was there though. Lester asked her if she would help him with some pranks that he wanted to pull on his brother and sister. Charlotte said that she would help a little. Charlotte and Lester got some string (aka long grass for leopards) and Lester made a trip wire in front of the doorway, so when his sister and brother got home they would trip.

Since Lester was really good at pranks he was always thinking about new ones to pull. Then he got slime that he had found outside. He filled his sister’s pencil case with it so that when she picked up a pencil to do her homework it would be covered in slime. He did the same one on his brother.

Then he asked Charlotte to blow up two balloons and tie them together, so she did. The balloons weren’t too big because Lester put them under his brother and sister’s pillows so they would pop and make a big popping noise when they put their heads down on them. He got some fake bugs and some dead bugs and put them on his mom and dad’s bed. He actually put them there for his mom because she was pretty afraid of bugs.

Five minutes later, his brother and sister came home together. They said hi to the babysitter and had a snack and started doing their homework. Lester’s sister screamed when she felt the slime but his brother was only like, “Ew Lester, did you put the slime in?” They cleaned out their pencil cases and Lester laughed a lot. Lester’s parents didn’t usually didn’t come home until 6:00. It was only 4:00.

At 6:00 Lester’s parents came home, and when his mom saw the bugs, she also screamed. “That is not funny Lester,” she said. He then took the bugs away and started laughing really hard again. Lester did pranks a lot so they were all kind of used to them, but his mom and his sister still screamed a lot when Lester did pranks like those. They had dinner, and then they went to bed. He heard two popping noises and started snickering. Then his sister came into his room and said, “You can’t keep doing those things,” and went back into her room. Lester didn’t actually go to sleep, he just kept reading a book till 1:00am, so he didn’t sleep a lot. He was really tired the next morning so he slept late and he had to get dressed and brush his teeth and then just eat a granola bar on his way to school.

When Lester got to school he felt really happy because he remembered that he had a half day. This was because, for the rest of the day, the teachers had meetings and conferences. The first thing he had was PE, which lasted for 45 minutes. The class played dodgeball. Lester actually loved playing dodgeball, so he was kind of happy. Then, they went back to class and had their snack and read their books. Lester sat next to his best friend Marcus and another girl in his class named Rachel. Then they went to art.

Their art teacher said, “Today we’re starting our clay unit. We’re going to get some clay from those buckets, and then you’re going to sculpt statues or make different things, like small containers. But then you’re going to have to wait a week or two before they’re all done and they’ve hardened.” The class started to sculpt their statues. Lester made a box to put some of his things in.

Half an hour later they left art and went home because of the half day. Most kids were really happy about the half day. They went home and Lester and Charlotte, his babysitter, had lunch. Lester was really hungry so he was happy to eat lunch. He had a ham sandwich and some water. After, Lester played a game with Charlotte  two times, and Lester won one of them and Charlotte won the other round. Then they raced each other a lot. Lester’s sister and brother came home when they had raced 12 times. “I have extra homework today,” Lester’s sister groaned. “There had better not be any more slime in my pencil case Lester.” Lester went to ask Charlotte if she would go race with him more but she said it was way too tiring. Then Lester decided to play outside for a little. Thirty minutes later, he came back to his house.

Lester’s parents came home at 6:00 that evening and then they had dinner. After dinner, Lester went to bed and then the next morning he remembered that he didn’t even have school that day because they were still doing parent-teacher conferences. Lester had pancakes for breakfast and then Lester had a playdate with his best friend Marcus, who came over at 11:00am. When Marcus came they played outside for half an hour and then they had hot dogs for lunch. When they finished lunch they went back outside to play for another hour and they played soccer outside. Then they went back inside to play for another hour inside Lester’s house. Marcus had to go at 2:30pm, so he left, and then Lester just relaxed in his room. Lester really wanted to be on the soccer team so he practiced outside a little more. At 4:00, Lester and his brother and sister and parents went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Lester and his sister had dumplings and his parents both had dim sum and his brother had some chicken and rice. After they finished their dinner they had green tea ice cream but Lester did not like green tea ice cream so he had chocolate ice cream. They went home and they went to bed. The next morning, Lester had to go to school and it was Thursday. He had his breakfast and he went to school. Before he went to his class, he went to the principal’s office to ask if he could be on the soccer team.

The principal said, “you have to try out for the soccer team in the gym room at 1:30pm every Thursday and Friday. So today and tomorrow you can go. Just put your name down on the soccer tryouts that is on the wall of the gym.”

“Okay,” Lester said, “But when will I actually get on the soccer team?”

“You might not get on the team, but the gym teachers will tell you if you get on. Just tell your teacher that you need to go there.”

“Great,” said Lester. “I’ll go to the gym today and tomorrow at 1:30. Bye!” He said, and then he walked to his class.

When he got to his classroom, his teacher Ms. Penny told him to hurry up because they just left for P.E. Lester told his gym teacher that he wanted to go for the tryouts for the soccer team, and then they started their class. Gym was half an hour like always, and after gym they had some snack and then they had history. After history they had recess and his best friend Marcus was sick that day so Lester played with another few boys in his class and then built a fortress with blocks. Right after they finished building it they had to go back to the classroom and they were disappointed they couldn’t play in it. Then they had lunch and after lunch Lester was really full. The next subject was social studies but in the middle of it Lester had to go to the gym for his tryouts for the soccer team. Lester got some water and went into the gym and a two other kids were there for tryouts also.

They played some soccer and there were two gym teachers there for the tryouts and they practiced dribbling the ball. When they were done, Lester went back to his class and he was really tired so he got some more water. And then they ended social studies and now they had to go home. Lester went home that day and his sister and brother came home about a half an hour later. That night at dinner he told his family about how he had tried out for the soccer team and how he did in tryouts. His dad was really happy about it but his mom said, “Are you sure Lester?”

And he said, “Yes.”

After dinner Lester showed his parents some of his soccer moves. He went to bed that night and had a dream about being on the soccer team and it was really good. In the dream, they were playing a game of soccer and it was really close and their team scored a goal so they won the game. When he woke up, he realized that he had soccer tryouts again that day. So that day when he got to school, he put a note on his locker that said, “Soccer tryouts Thursday and Friday 1:30” so that he didn’t forget. That day, after lunch, he went to his soccer tryouts again and the same people from the day before were there too. They did the same thing as yesterday and also a few new things, and when he was done he had to go back to his class. At the end of the day he had social studies and then they had to go home. He went home and he played a lot with Charlotte his babysitter and with his sister because she didn’t have as much homework that day. At dinner he told his family all about the tryouts that day too. Lester was so glad that it was the weekend the next day on Saturday. He relaxed that day and all of Sunday, too.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday seemed to go by really quickly, so Lester was happy that he could go to his soccer tryouts on Thursday. He went to his tryouts and did a few new things but also some things from last week, too. Lester was really tired after, so he had 2 cups of water and then read his book  for a while in the class. Then he had to go home.

His sister and brother didn’t have homework that day so they were really happy and they were in a really good mood, They all played Monopoly together. Then Lester’s parents came home and they all had dinner together. Lester told them about his tryouts that day and he thought that was his best tryout yet. He went to bed really hoping that he got on the soccer team.

The next morning he went to the kitchen and had his breakfast. Then his parents came in and told them they got a letter and it said that Lester had got on the soccer team! Lester was really happy. That day at school he had to go and meet the team, and they told him about it a little. Lester was so excited. That day after school he told his babysitter Charlotte and she was also really happy for him. Lester started to like school a little more since now he got to play on the soccer team.

The End!


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