Lightning Thunder

Chapter One

One day, a long time ago, there was a big storm. Rain was pouring. Lightning was flashing. Thunder was rumbling. People were getting very sick because the rain went very hard on them. Stores were crashing because of the lightning, but the rain, lightning, and thunder loved this. They loved it because they wanted everything to go away so that then it would only be Rain, Lighting, and Thunder to rule. They were laughing very hard because they wanted the whole world to belong to them forever!

Chapter Two

But they didn’t know that sea creatures were watching them and trying to kill them! On the team, there was a dolphin, a whale, a shark, a stingray, and the last sea creatures were an alligator and crocodile, and they were twins. The team of the sea creatures wanted to defeat Rain, Lighting, and Thunder, because that team was the bad team and they were a good team.

Chapter Three

They both were fighting. The whale slapped the clouds until they went to dusk. The shark was biting into all of the clouds until they turned to dust. The dolphin was ridiculously thirsty, so it was sucking up all of the rain. The stingray was slapping the thunder. And the alligator and crocodile were stepping on the sky. Even though they got stepped on, they fought back against the feet. Rain, Lighting, and Thunder vs. the Sea Creature Team.

Chapter Four

They were all trying to fight the shark and stingray and the rest of the sea creatures. The Sea Creature Team was defeating them. The Sea Creature Team won!

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