Lucy the Pegasus (Part One)

Once upon a time, in Horselandia, there was a very poor horse. This horse’s name was Lucy, and she loved to collect stamps from lands far away from Horselandia. Lucy’s parents were famous explorers back in the day. Now, these days, no one cared about the treasures the explorers found. So the family was poor because the parents had searched a lot of lands for jobs, and on the way, the parents collected stamps, just for Lucy. The parents loved Lucy with all their heart.

In addition, Lucy had an interest in education. No one had taught her how to write, so Lucy made up her own language, and she wrote entries about her lifestyle. Lucy wanted to read entries even more than she wanted to write her own. Except other entries weren’t legible to Lucy because she wasn’t able to read the actual language in Horselandia, which was Horsish. The thing was, Lucy’s parents were poor, so they couldn’t afford to get a teacher, even though they loved Lucy so, so, much.

Throughout all the years, Lucy never stopped her love of reading and writing. For reading, Lucy wrote random silly stories that she didn’t revise or edit so that she could get a nice giggle out of her work. Lucy started from writing three sentences to elaborate essays, just in a matter of years, without any kind of teacher! Lucy was destined to do something amazing one day, and Lucy’s parents had faith in her.

When Lucy was 13, something very tragic happened. Lucy’s dad passed away of an unknown disease. There was yet to be a cure, and Lucy was determined to write a story about this in her own language, if someone could inform Lucy about what the disease was. This inspired Lucy to do something that was quite drastic in the measures. Lucy then set her dreams on something totally different. She wanted to become a pegasus. Lucy had no clue what she was going to face, but Lucy was determined to become a pegasus. She would do anything to become a pegasus.

A pegasus was a type of mythical hybrid that either you had to be born as one or you had to become one. To become a pegasus, you had to do something groundbreaking and impress the mythical judges. These mythical judges were a phoenix, griffin, alicorn, dragon, fairy, leprechaun, gnome, mermaid, elf, and unicorn. Of course, all these creatures were amiable and human sized or else everything would get out of hand and crazy. To add on, these judges were very stern and strict, and were very hard to convince, persuade, coax, and, last but not least, impress. Very few horses became pegasuses. The only reason why very few horses became pegasuses was because they were super famous for amusing people. These judges were very lazy. They just liked sitting and watching TV.

That was sort of the problem Lucy faced. She had no idea how to go on TV and contact these judges. First of all, Lucy didn’t have anything that she could contact them  with. Second of all, Lucy had no idea how to schedule a meeting with the judges because she had no idea where to meet and how to get there! Last, but the most important, Lucy had no clue how she was going to do all this planning herself. After all, Lucy was just 13 years old, and her mother was still searching for a job. Lucy most definitely did not see how she could achieve this now, but she still set her mind to it knowing she would, at least, be able to when she was older.


3 years later…

Chapter 1

“Are we there yet?!” Lucy asked impatiently.

“Hold on sweetie, just wait for one more hour, and I promise we will finally be there.” Lucy’s mom answered.

Over the last three years, Lucy’s mother managed to get a new job very close by. The job was like a meet-and-greet kind of thing but with used-to-be-famous horses. Who knew there were a lot of horses that were so interested in exploring?

Anyways, Lucy’s mother had been doing so well with her job that the family managed to get a decent house and a tiny car. To top that off, Lucy’s mother had a secret someone for a while! Lucy was still living in an alley, though, with her mom. Her mom had a car, but the house was very far away. The twist was that Lucy’s mom was working way too much, and she never had the time to move. But now, Lucy’s mother got her big break, so the first thing they did was leave the gross alley and go on a road trip to the new city!

“Screeech!” went the car Lucy’s mother bought.

“Lucy, time to wake up!” said Lucy’s mom in a sing-songy voice.

“Why do I have to wake up? It’s not like we’re here or anything.” Lucy replied very sourly.

She opened her eyes suddenly, saw a mansion, and pinched herself to see if she was dreaming.

“O-M-G! Is this our new house, Mom? If it is, you are really the best mom ever!!! I love you so much. Thank you, Mom.” Lucy squealed very loudly.

“Congratulations, sweetie! We finally got our dream house. It was an awesome deal. Anyways, get your bum up, and let’s get moving and see this place,” Lucy’s mom answered.

Lucy and Lucy’s mom made only two trips back and forth to get the bags, and drop them off by the door, because the family used to be poor, so the family didn’t really have that many things an average horse would have.

“That took forever!” Lucy complained. “But… I guess we can’t really afford movers at the moment. So I shouldn’t really be complaining.”

“Sweetie, time to get our feet on the ground and get to know every nook and cranny of this place that will be ours for the next few years.” Lucy’s mother told Lucy.

“Coming, Mom. I’ll just be there in a minute.” Lucy responded.

Lucy noticed the neighborhood. She felt her heart being completed. The neighborhood looked so average, like the life Lucy dreamed of but thought she would never have. She took a big breath, to take this all in, and put her hand on her heart. Lucy could feel it thumping, full with bliss.


Chapter 2

Lucy ran around the lawn once and felt the breeze sway past her, and the grass skid on her thighs. She then quickly rushed to the porch and rang the doorbell so that her mother would be informed that she was okay.

Ever since Lucy’s father had passed away, Lucy’s mother had been very paranoid about Lucy and what she was doing. Lucy’s mother did all of this because she didn’t want to lose someone else she cherished. Who knows what Lucy’s mother would act like if something happened to Lucy. Lucy had noticed this, so she was trying to do her best at helping her mom with this situation.

Lucy walked in the house.

“Hey, Mom, what are you doing?”

“I’m up here, sweetie. Look at the view! It’s awesome! You get to see the beach and the ocean on one side and the green forest on the other! Come on, sweetie. Come up!” Lucy’s mother yelled.

“Okay, I’m coming, Mom!” Lucy said and walked up the grand staircase of her mansion.

After Lucy was out of sight, a mysterious horse appeared. He was wearing all black and a face mask. He then grabbed his phone and called another mysterious horse.

“Hey, code blue, target acquired. We have gotten our subjects in the spot just like we wanted to. Now, phase two.”


Chapter 3

“Wow, Mom, you were right! This view is awesome! I can’t believe you managed to get this place!” Lucy squealed.

“What can I say, sweetie, it was an amazing deal.” Lucy’s mother replied. “Let’s start unpacking though. Try not to get too caught up with such a great deal. After all, last thing we need is for it to rain so all our stuff, that couldn’t fit on the porch, would get wet.”

Lucy topped off like a cherry on top of a sundae. All of a sudden, Lucy jinxed it and it started raining, but it had to happen sometime. After all, that was a disadvantage of living near a beach in the cold.

“Great, just my luck. And now I predict that it will be very cold and humid.” Lucy said in a magician-like voice.

“Come on, sweetie, just because we live near the beach doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. So maybe it will rain a lot and it will be super cold in the winter, but in the summer, this beach is usually deserted, so lucky us! We get to play in the sand and run in the waters!” Lucy’s mother sassed back at Lucy.

“Okay. Fine. Maybe you are right. But once this rain is gone and we are done unpacking, I will try to make some new friends, and I will ask them why the beach is lonely. If they say something like, ‘if you go in the water, the Lochness Monster will eat you up’, I will not let you or me go one step near the beach. Okay? But if they say something like, ‘all the neighbors go on vacation there’ I will let you and me go. Is that clear? Just because I am your daughter doesn’t mean that you get to boss me around all the time. I should have a say in some things also. Okay?” Lucy said while thumping a box of clothes near the drawer.

“Sure thing, sweetie. And also, we are done unpacking so you can start getting your instincts around this place. Run free my child!” Lucy’s mom said.

“Got it.” Lucy replied.

Lucy wanted to go layer by layer, so she went up another staircase, looked at the ceiling to see if there was any attic vault, and there was. Lucy kicked the entrance and a ladder fell down. She climbed the ladder and went up.  


To Be Continued….

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