Madison the Writing Fairy

Emma Hieh was thirsty, so she went to the grocery store to buy some Vitamin Water. When she bought the lemonade and she drank it, a fairy popped out of the bottle. Emma was so surprised. She thought fairies weren’t real. The fairy had curly, black hair down to her feet and she had a light blue dress down to her ankles and she wore a headband that was light blue and matches her outfit and pink sparkly high heels.

Emma said, “Hi.”

The fairy questioned, “Who are you? What are you doing in my bottle?”

“I was drinking lemonade,” Emma answered.

“Will you come with me?” the fairy said                   

“No,’’ Emma said.

“Please, I’ll help you face problems that you face in the future.”

And then Emma sighed, “Fine.”

The fairy took her outside and hid her behind a tree. And used her magic wand and they were off to The Writing Lab. They were on the top of a rainbow and when they slid down, they were at The Writing Lab of Fairyland. Emma felt magical and afraid, because she thought she might do something wrong. She saw a Writing Lab. It looked like a palace, except it said, “Writing Lab of Fairyland” on the top and not a palace. It was light blue and light pink. At the end of the rainbow, there was a cushion.

“Where are we?” Emma asked.

“Fairyland Writing Lab,” the fairy answered.

“Where should we start?”

Fairy Lab had light blue curtains on it with dark blue stars and the dark blue stars shined in the nighttime. They had drawing stations and they also had a special train that led to every single room that only fairies were allowed to take. Fairies only showed themselves to girls.

First, the fairy showed Emma her five magical objects. The first one was a magical pen that helped everybody write well in neat handwriting. The next one was a magic notebook which helped everybody’s pages not be ripped or crumpled. One was a magical necklace that had good covers and always had good drawings. And the last one was a magical computer that helped everybody type and think well for typing and another one was the magical light bulb which helped them think of ideas. She was about to say, “My name is Madison,” but suddenly one of the magic objects disappeared. The magical pen was the first one to disappear.

“I can’t believe it! I asked my best friend, Mia the Drawing Fairy, to look after it and also my best friend, Lily the Cover Fairy.”

Then, she went to ask Mia the Drawing Fair and Lily the Cover Fairy.

“Didn’t you look after my magical objects?”

Mia answered, “Yes, but I thought Lily was looking after it!”

“I wasn’t! Mia was,” Lily argued.

Emma saw something dark while all the arguing was going on, and suddenly she called Lily, Madison, and Mia. And when they saw it too, they said it’s the monster of all fairies.

Emma wondered, “What’s the Monster of all Fairies? Doesn’t every fairy have a happy life?”

“No,” cried Madison, Lily, and Mia at the same time as they burst into tears.


‘’He loves to ruin us.’’ Mia sighed.

‘’Is he nice?’’


‘’We have no time to lose,’’ Madison cried.

Emma asked, “Where should we start?”

“Are you going anywhere that has writing involved in it?” Madison asked.

“Yes, I’m going to a writing camp,” Emma answered.

“Awesome,” Madison cried, “Luckily, my magical objects get goblins or anybody who has them to the closest place of writing.”

“Do you know where your writing camp is?” Mia asked.

“Yes, it’s on Pense Avenue in Australia.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll come with you,” Madison answered, “Mia and Lily, can you help me and Emma look for my magic objects?

“Of course,” Mia and Lily chimed in.

A second later Emma blinks, she remembered that she was at her house. But then, she realized three fairies were hiding in her pocket, because her parents said that she could ride her bike to the camp because it was only five miles away. She went to the garage to get her bike, decorated with blue, silver, and gold. She had a basket on her bike, so she put the fairies to hide inside there. Suddenly, Emma’s puppy, Sunny, rushed and almost drooled on her bike. Emma jumped off from her bike and calmed down Sunny. But, her parents said to take Sunny to writing camp, because they couldn’t look after Sunny because they both had jobs. Madison loved dogs because her sister Ava, the helpful Fairy, sometimes took care of puppies, so she liked to help her too.

“Ah!” Mia and Lily shrieked.

“It’s okay,” Emma and Madison said at the same time.

“It’s just my puppy,” Emma told to them.

Then, she picked up Sunny and said, “Calm down, boy.”

And then, she put the fairies in her bag she was carrying to writing camp with all of her materials and put Sunny in the basket.

“There you go,” Emma said.

But Madison flew out of the bag she was in.

“Can I sit inside with Sunny?” Madison asked.

“Of course!” Emma exclaimed.

Once they arrived, Madison sensed all around the room.

Then she said, “I know that the magical pen in this building, but it’s not in this room.”

Then Emma said, “Maybe we should check downstairs. It’s a big place.”

When they went downstairs, goblins were holding all types of pens.

“Oh no,’’ Madison cried, “My magic pen can be anywhere.”

“I have a idea’’ Emma smiled, “I bet the monster of all fairies would be really mad if they weren’t hiding.”

“Okay, but I still don’t understand your plan,”  Madison questioned curiously.

“I’ll explain it,” Emma said, “If we can tell the goblins that I am the Monster of All Fairies, then the goblins will give me the magic pen and maybe we can take it back to Fairyland Writing Lab.”

“Let’s try it,” Mia, Madison, and Lily said.

Madison tried her magic, but it couldn’t work without her magic pen, which also helps her magic. Then, she asked Mia and Lily to help her with her magic. And when they put the three wands together, the magic gets more powerful than one fairy that has all their magical objects. Then they put the loud booming voice together to Emma.

Emma whispers turned invisible.

“We lost a pen,” one told truthfully.

Then, Emma, Madison, Mia, and Lily looked together in dismay.

Then Mia spoke up. “Maybe we should be brave.”

Then Lily said, “Maybe me and Mia can make the pen not sparkly, so it’ll be easier to find.”

“Okay,” Emma answered happily.

All of a sudden, two people appeared. One was really dark, so she looked miscellaneous. The other one was Emma’s best friend. Emma looked worried. She would always tell her secrets to her best friend, Melissa Aslyn. She knew that Melissa was the type of girl who was the most popular girl (she really was number two, and Emma is number one) in class. She always acted like a queen and ordered them to do something such as this,

“If you don’t give me that cupcake, I will never be your friend again.”

Melissa was always trying to look for fairies, like Emma.

“Fairies, come here!” Melissa called.

Emma felt something bad coming on her way.

“Is there something wrong?” Emma asked Madison and Mia who were playing hand games.

Madison felt a shiver. Mia felt a snowball and Lily felt a snowflake. That meant they were really cold and knew that something bad was on the way.

All of sudden, the goblins cried, “We found it, we found a pen!”

“Oh no!” Madison whisper-cried.

Mia suddenly had an idea. She didn’t want Melissa to hear.

She whispered, “What if the goblins aren’t smart enough to find a real pen?”

Emma checked her watch. “The time that we made the magic pen non-sparkly was 2 o’clock exactly. Now it’s 3 o’clock and they just said fairy magic power only lasts for 30 minutes.”

“Yes!” Madison said, sadly.

“So, did you remember to look at the pen?” Emma asked.

“No!” They cried.

Emma talked a bit louder this time and Melissa could hear her, “I wish we could find it.”

“Emma, don’t be tricky,” Melissa called, “I know you’re here.”

Emma took a big breath.

“Fine, I am,” she answered.

As usual, Melissa knew everything. She was one of those girls who took classes in everything. Melissa loved school too. So, Melissa was always the smartest girl in class. Melissa grinned. She knew that her best friend, Emma, was going to the same camp as her. Emma’s mom and Melissa’s mom were best friends. Emma pulled out her phone and she texted Melissa. She didn’t want her to know that she was up in the sky. So this was how it went:

EH: Hey M.

MA: I’m mad @ you, E.

EH: Hey r u bored?

MA: No, I’m mad. If u didn’t know that.

EH: Don’t be so mad at me, it’s not a big deal.

MA: Do u even know what I’m talking about?

EH: I sure do.

MA: I’m mad at u b/c u didn’t say hi to me.

EH: R u jealous?

MA: Jealous of what?

EH: Jealous of not finding me.

MA: Humph u always have the luck.

EH: R u sure you don’t want to join me for my new story? Plus, there’s a big store outside that sells tons of yummy treats.

MA: U still r my best friend and I made a new friend named Rina.

EH: I can’t go, I’m working on my new story, bye!

Melissa skipped to the treat store. Emma and the fairies flew all over the basement. They didn’t even see a glimpse of sparkle.

Emma sighed, “Maybe we shouldn’t try again. Maybe we should follow the goblins this time.”

The three girls flew up to the roof. Madison, Mia, Lily, and Emma huddled up.

“I’ll take the basement,” Madison answered.

“I’ll take the roof,” Lily said, “Even though we can’t see it, Emma said the roof was bigger.”

“True,” Emma said, “I’ll take the workshop if you can turn me down to human size.”

“I’ll take the lobby to make sure that the pen’s not there.”

With a wave of two magic wands, Emma turned to human size. Emma dropped her friend at their stops. Emma hurried to her stop. She searched all around. All of a sudden, she saw a gleaming pen. She grabbed it. All of a sudden, she heard a voice. A really grumpy voice.

“What are you doing with the pens?”

Emma turned around. It was the principal of the camp.

“I was just going to think of an idea for my new story and I wanted to write it down on paper.”

“Okay,” he grumbled.

Emma hurried down to the basement.

All of a sudden, she saw goblins and they said, “Give us that pen and let your fairy friends go or keep the pen and let your fairy friends stay inside the nets.”

Then Emma said, “I don’t believe you. For proof, show me the net.”

The goblins huddled up.

“Okay,” one whispered, “It was your dumb plan to trick that girl and it didn’t work.”

“Hey! It wasn’t me! It was him!”

“It wasn’t me either.”

When the goblins started to talk, Emma put on her voice record.

“It wasn’t me either,” a short one said.

All of a sudden, one of the goblins said, “I have an idea. How about we do an arts and craft of the fairies.”

“But we’re not good at arts and crafts,” the plump one said.

“Only Master is good at them,” another one mentioned.

“But he’s so greedy, that he sits around in the castle all day, and eats frost pops,” a tall one mentioned.

And then all the goblins agreed.

“Okay,” they all mumbled.

Emma left the room and hurried up to the roof. She met Lily.

“Listen to this!”

She pressed the button and they heard what the goblins talked about.

“I hope they don’t spot me, so they don’t do a sketch of me,” Lily said, “I’m not sure if they’ll trick you much though. Because they are horrible at arts and crafts.”

“Let’s find the others and talk about this,” said Emma.  

They found the others and Madison came up with an idea after they heard the recording.

“How about we trick them!”

“How?” Lily questioned.

“We could do an arts and crafts. Let’s put some glitter on top of a pen and then trick the

goblins and say ‘We don’t need a silly pen, all we need is normal pen,’” Madison said.

The others agreed.

They quickly finished the arts and crafts. Emma carried a bag everywhere and it had stuff to do a writing and illustrations. Then, they hurried to the goblins.

“We found the pen! But we don’t need it,” Emma said.

She threw it at the goblins.

“Hip, hip, hooray!” the goblins said, “We finally got the pen.”

Madison, Mia, and Lily pretend to be mad.

“Why did you do it?” Lily grumbled to Emma.

“It’s not fair. We took so much time to find it,” Madison grumbled.

“The Queen and King of Fairy Land are going to be so mad, Emma,” Mia mumbled.

The goblins happily skipped back to the MFAF (Monster of all Fairies). When the goblins disappeared, the fairies flew back to fairy land. When the queen saw the fairies and Emma, they thanked Emma and the queen said, “Thank you for all the help that you did for Madison. As a gift, we will give you a gift.”

She handed Emma a box with gold and silver wrapping paper and a bow around it. Emma opened it. She found a necklace with locket.

The queen said, “The locket will have fairy magic and whenever you open it, you will come to us. And, your parents will know that you have met a new friend and think it is from them. You have to be careful. Make sure when you come here, your parents don’t see you.”

The queen waved her wand and all of a sudden, she transformed her back to her room in her house. Emma was all happy. She started texting Melissa. This was how it went this time:

EH: Hey, M.

MA: Hey, E. I’ve got something for u.

EH: What is it?

MA: Wait and find out! btw, my parents and yours r letting us have a sleepover.

EH: ?


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