Mark Made Friends

Once, there was a clever and sweet boy named Mark. He lived in a beautiful candy house. His candy house was made out of all kinds of candies: caramel on the right side, jelly candy on the left, and the top part was made out of Candy Milk.

Mark’s parents invented the Candy Milk. It was very sticky so it stuck on the roof. The door was made out of strips of Apple Mint Candy, and the front of the house was made out of Jelly Water, which Mark’s parents made too.

Mark had a red and white lollipop-swirled head and caramel eyes, a dark chocolate nose and a sweet ketchup mouth. Mark had a sticky french fry body which smelled greasy. But, whenever people saw him they ran to him and took a picture of him because it was funny. P.S sometimes they took selfies with him too.

He also had lollipop sticks for arms and the lollipop sticks could bend and stretch. His arms were also made out of bendy metal! Mark was born with no arms so the doctor had to make an injection and inject Mark’s arm with some sticky gooey stuff so they could stick the metal in! But, Mark had normal hands because he had to use them to do stuff.

Mark’s rude classmates and mean teachers didn’t like Mark. Mark did not like the way they acted. Mark felt sad and terrified, his classmates always bullied him. They wanted him to get scolded, so in class, his classmates always asked him to lie on the table so the teacher would see him and scold him. Mark wanted to make friends so he thought, “Maybe if I listen to them they’ll like me.”

When it was time for the classmates’ turn to sweep the classroom floor, they asked Mark to do it for them. Mark thought the teacher didn’t deserve to teach in the school.

Once, when somebody pushed Mark on the floor, the teacher blamed Mark. There was another time that the teacher lied to him that she liked him, but after she lied to Mark, she scolded him. Poor Mark had no friends because he looked different.

April 24th was the day Mark went into 3rd grade. The day before he wished that he would have good new friends who would play with him even though he smelled like a french fry.

The next day, a classmate, Michael, saw him all poor and sad, and Michael went up to Mark and said, “Hi, what’s your name? I am Michael, the leader of the class. Can we be friends?” Mark said, “Please be my friend!”

The next day he met Gabriel, who went up to him and said, “Sorry I was sick yesterday, but I am the assistant of the leader, Michael. Michael told me that he made friends with you, that means that I also am going to be friends with you, too.” Mark shook hands with him and said, “It is my pleasure to be friends with you.”

The next day a new girl came in and she said, “Hi, I was sick the day before yesterday, and yesterday I was at a singing competition where I got the first prize. I am a friend of Gabriel’s, assistant of the leader Michael. I heard that they are your friends, so I have to be friends with you too.”Mark said, “Nice to meet you!” He bowed to her.

Mark started to wonder who could make such a thing happen? Mark thought and thought and thought ”I have to meet that person.” So he asked his parents who would be able to do that. His parents were curious why he asked because he never asked those questions.

They replied, “Fairy godmothers and the mighty Lord.” But Mark never heard about them before, so he didn’t know that Fairy godmothers do not exist. And he didn’t know that he couldn’t see the mighty Lord.  

He began searching for Fairy godmothers until one day he fell into a deep hole while he was on his search. He landed in the underworld where phantoms live. He also had never learned about phantoms.

He asked them, “Do you know Fairy godmothers?”

The phantom gasped and replied. “You don’t know that Fairy godmothers don’t exist? Only the Tooth Fairy does!”

Mark said ,“Okay, but can you help me get up?”

The phantom said, “Yes, there is a staircase straight ahead. Turn left, then turn right, and you will see it. Just walk up and turn right, then turn left, then walk straight ahead, then go up the other staircase, and you are there.”

Mark replied, “I can’t remember all that, I’m only a kid!”

The phantom said, “We don’t know about kids down here.”

“Do you have any paper so you can write the instructions down for me?” Mark asked.

Then the phantom said, “What is a paper?”

Mark said, “A paper is white and-”

The phantom interrupted him and said, “We only know the colors pink, brown, and black. We don’t know this white you speak of.”

“It is rude to interrupt people, especially kids.” Mark said.

“Just remember in your brain!” The phantom said “Go to the staircase. If you walk straight ahead, turn left and you will see it. Just walk up the stairs and turn right, then turn left, then walk straight ahead, then go up the other staircase, and you are there.”

Mark said, “Okay, I don’t have time, goodbye.”

Then he began walking straight ahead, just like the Phantom said. Then he said, “The Phantom said the staircase was just here, or did I forget to turn left or right? I forget! I don’t know the way back to the phantom, what should I do!”

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared and then an old man walked out with a white robe. There were lots of flying men and women with harps, some with long hair, some with short. Mark didn’t know who the old man was, but he knew that even though he didn’t know the old man, he could not be rude to him. After that, he asked “Who are you, did you give me all of my friends?”

The old man replied, “My name is God, and yes, I did.” Then Mark opened his mouth and kneeled down because he was shocked. God said, “Do not worry, Hakuna Matata.”

Then Mark asked, “What is Hakuna Matata?”

God began to sing a song, “Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase…”

Mark began to sing with God too. “Hakuna Matata…” Then a flash surrounded Mark and he heard voices shouting “Hallelujah!”

Suddenly he was back to his old house. He high-fived himself and then pinched himself because his lollipop-stick arm hurt. Then he closed his eyes for a second and……

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