I am traveling a far distance around the world running from a person who you probably won’t want to meet, or at least who I never want to see again. Her name is Regina. She shows hatred in her eyes and is one of the most unforgettable (in the bad way) people that I have ever come across of. We have a bad history and she will do whatever it takes to destroy my life.

Anyways, my name is London and I have no parents, no house, no family. My parents were killed by Regina and I was an only child. I am traveling with my only friend who is a boy. His name is Jax. He is the most important person in the entire world to me. I am also a witch (a good witch with good magic) and I can use my magic but I prefer not to.

Right now I am on my way to the north-eastern part of Europe. I shall be staying with a family that I have known for many years. They will keep us safe for as long as possible.

I am going on a long journey, a dangerous journey full of magic and mysteries.

November 30th

I drop my bag down on the train. I am sitting beside Jax, and leaning my head on his shoulder weeping and crying about my life. We are on the train about to get to the harbor where we will board a boat that will take us to north-eastern Europe. In my mind I am thinking about what It would be like to have a life and a living and a family. I fall asleep on Jax’s shoulder and sleep, just sleep.

When I get up from sleeping we are nearly at the harbor so I get up and walk to the exit and hang on the pole until we get to the station. With Jax standing beside me, I know that one way or another we will find peace, together.

We arrive at the harbor and we board the ship, eager to sit after all the standing and I am also eager to eat. We have not have food for two days straight and I am starving. Jax, on  the other hand, can probably go for three days without food and not be hungry. Anyways, the attendant shows us to our room and we drop our bags down, sit on the bed and eat the food that the attendant gives us.

December 3rd

  When we get to the harbor in Poland, we meet the family. They are kind people who have two kids and a lovely home. It is cold here in Poland. Anyways, they show us their house and give us a tour of the city. They show us to our room. The family that lives here are witches and wizards just like I am. They put a protection charm around their house to ward of dark magic, witches, and wizards. Regina is a dark witch who is trying to destroy all good magic. I am apparently told that I am the most powerful witch with good magic living, and I am the only one who can destroy her.             

December 11th

Today is my birthday, and unfortunately today we will be leaving Poland. We need to go because Regina has fond where we were staying and we need to get back to safety.The mother of the family who is actually named Margaret, baked me a cake and we celebrated in the morning before Jax and I had to go to the airport. It was really tough letting go to this family who cared and nurtured us for about a month.

On the flight back to America I knew that I must destroy Regina before she destroys anyone else or me. On the plane I take out my phone and headphones and listen to music, because I actually love music. I also love to sing. When I was younger I played guitar and I loved to sing.

My parents named me London because we lived in London when I was a little girl. I still have the accent.

December 20th

We are now back in the united states and in NYC, where Jax has an apartment. I am staying with him and eager to get out and kill Regina and her army. “I need to use the bathroom,” I tell Jax. “Two doors down to the right,” said Jax.

When I get into the bathroom I look in the mirror and Regina is there. In the mirror!! “Hello,” she says in an evil sort of way. She is going on and on about me meeting her behind the apartment building tomorrow at 7:00. “Will do,” I say. Then she goes away in the mirror and I think about destroying her.

December 20th

Tonight I will be fighting Regina. I hope to destroy her and stop all of the darkness that she brings to this land. I am ready. I was practicing all night and I am very nervous. Regina is very powerful and I can’t take the risk of more people losing their lives. I must defeat Regina if my life depended on it.

I read my clock, 6:55. I head downstairs and go outside behind the apartment building. Regina is there and she is waiting. Before she can even see me I shoot indestructible ice out of my hand that not even she can break. She is trapped. All I have to do is send a laser beam shooting through her heart. But something stops me, she does not deserve to be killed just banished. So I open a portal and send her to a whole nother soler system which she can never escape from.

When I walk back into the apartment I come rushing to Jax and just kiss him. I don’t care what he is feeling inside. All that I know is that I love him and I hope that he loves me too. We stop kissing and we both say that we love each other at the same time. “Did you defeat her?” asks Jax. I nod my head and he hugs me. But then I hear a loud bang. Regina. We weren’t done with her yet. We were forgetting that she still has an army of dark witches and wizards. What are we going to do?!

This is insane. I don’t understand why there is a war. I just want there to be peace and have everything be calm, except for enthusiastic persons. But I have to fight. The world is depending on me and I will not let them down because dark witches and wizards want to cause violence.  

So I step out of the room and go on and face those witches and wizards at my own gut.

The army is getting closer so I shoot fire and ice out of both of my hands so that half of them will get burned and half will be frozen forever. But it is not enough. I need to do something else that can defeat all of the army in one way. So I do something that I have never been able to master. Shooting light out of all parts of my body, that can disintegrate anything that comes your way, while shooting out ice and fire. And I actually did it. The army is shooting all sorts of things at me, but I just keep going. As I am firing, I see all of these people disintegrating and disappearing. Bang!!! I did it. I actually did it, the monsters are actually defeated!

15 years later

    Jax is now my boyfriend and he has been for the past ten years. Today he is taking me out to lunch. I am very excited. I am 25 and I am wondering when or if he is going to propose. On our walk there we take a walk by Central Park and we go under a little gazebo on the water. He gets down on one knee and asks me if I will marry him!

“Yes,” I say.

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