The Fairy Who Didn’t Have A Friend

Once upon a time there was a little fairy whose name was Randall. Randall didn’t have any friends. She travelled all over the world to find one. She looked high, and she looked low. There were lots of other fairies in the world. Some fairies were mean, but Randall knew there were lots more fairies in the world, so she kept saying in her head, “I’m going to keep looking until I find a friend.”

So, that’s what she did. She kept looking. She had a little rhyme: just keep looking, just keep looking. Every time she felt like giving up, she kept saying that rhyme, until one day Randall found some friends. There was a boy fairy named Jack, and there was a girl fairy named Galia. They loved living together. Until one day, they had to face a very big task.

They were told to go to a tiki’s cave to kill it because it wrecked their world. So, they packed their food, and then they set off for the tiki’s cave. The tiki was a lava tiki. It was as tall as an adult with big black eyes, and it was speaking a weird kind of language. They had to take a plane and a boat, because the tiki’s cave was on an island. Then, they were right in front of the tiki’s cave. Good thing they had a rope and a cage, and they had packed it with their food.

They wanted to tie the tiki up and put her in the cage. So, while Jack gave the tiki an apple and a bunch of bananas to distract her, Galia tied her up, and then Randall put her in the cage. Then, Jack gave her the food in her cage. They had packed an arrow to kill her. But the tiki had a whole family of tikis!

They only had one cage and one rope. So, they thought and thought, and then they found an idea. Their idea was that they were going to open the tiki’s cage, untie her, and then Jack was going to put so much food in the cage so that all the tikis would go in the cage and eat the food. While they ate the food, Galia would tie them up, and then Randall would close the cage and lock it.

Their idea worked! The tikis fell for the trick! But now they were stranded on the island. They didn’t know what to do. So, they thought, and they thought, and they found an idea. First, they put the tikis in the water, so they would die. They would die because water melts lava, and then the friends would use the cage as a boat. And good thing they packed swimsuits, because in case they were too heavy for the cage, the cage would sink down, and they would have to swim. And they brought their swimming caps. The cage did sink, so they swam and swam until they reached their world. But the tikis did not die.

The tikis were special tikis. They came back to Randall, Jack, and Galia’s world. The tikis were really, really mad that they fell for the trick. They were speaking their weird language, and it sounded really mad. They started throwing lava balls at Jack, Randall, and Galia. Jack, Randall, and Galia dodged out of the way. Then, Jack, Randall, and Galia got mad too. They threw rocks at the tikis. The tikis got even madder. But then, there was some lava from the tikis’ lava balls. And then, Jack, Randall, and Galia realized that the tikis would melt in the lava. But they knew that the tikis wouldn’t fall for the trick again. So, they shoved the tikis into the lava. Then, the tikis melted down. Jack, Randall, and Galia lived happily ever after.


The End


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