Mirror Life of the Sun Goddess

One day, there was a man called Spiky who had a horrible life. There was a girl called Lola who had a wonderful life. Lola and Spiky had a fight because Spiky slapped Lola for the fun of it. He was an incredibly mean person who wanted to make people part of his army. At the end, Spiky took Lola and trapped her in a mirror. But Lola died in the mirror. So they put candles to show that people loved her. And Spiky went to jail. Spiky got to be a witch. All the people were shocked. 

Then a goddess came. She was as beautiful as the sun. She had long, gold hair and kindness that shined out of her. There were shimmering gold hearts on her dress and red hearts on her gloves. Her long hair was held back by gold heart clips and she was barefoot. The goddess fought Spiky. At the end, the people found out that the goddess was Lola, who got powers from the mirror. Lola killed all the people to make them safe because Spiky had three lives and Lola wanted to save them from his army. One person yelled, then stopped because a knife was showing from his heart. People were yelling and stopped breathing. Lola used all her powers on Spiky. Lola lived happily ever after.

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