Mittens the Hero

One sunny day, a cat and her kits went out for a walk with their owners. The mom’s name was Clover, and her three kits were named Fuzzy, Mittens, and Tiger. But as they crossed the bridge over the river, Fuzzy fell into the water.

The kit wailed, “Help!”

“I’m coming!” Clover exclaimed.

Their mom leaped into the water and swam to the kit, but Fuzzy floated farther and farther away.

Tiger was the strongest kit in the family, so he raced to his littermate. “I’m coming to save you!”

Mittens thought that she should also try to save Fuzzy. She thought about this because she was the smart one in the family and always fixed problems. But she had to figure it out, and Tiger was trying his best. She wanted to help since Fuzzy was her best friend. She wanted to be the one to save him.

Tiger swam with his mother, and he was faster than his mother, but the waves still pushed the kit out into the river. The owners went to help, but they couldn’t reach Fuzzy. Mittens saw her mother and Tiger swimming near Fuzzy, so she thought she could use them as if they were rocks. She went running down the shore and was able to keep up with her mother. So then Mittens pounced from the ground onto her mother and then Tiger.

“Sorry! I’m trying to reach Fuzzy as fast as I can by leaping onto you guys!”  

“Okay!” said Tiger and her mom.

Tiger swam as fast as he could and reached Fuzzy’s fur, but he wasn’t able to catch him. Clover swam so fast that she couldn’t take it anymore, so she went back onto shore. Mittens pounced over Tiger and was able to reach Fuzzy. She grasped Fuzzy’s paw, and Tiger was able to catch up with her. So, Tiger swam with all of them holding onto his tail.

“Let’s go under the water and walk on the ground!” ordered Mittens.

They took a deep breath and went under the water. Every one minute they had to take another breath of air. Once they reached the shore, they scampered up to their mother. When their mother saw them, she noticed they were very soggy. Clover gasped with joy to see Fuzzy back! The owners jumped with joy!

Mittens was very happy.

“Thank you, Mittens, for saving me,” Fuzzy said.

“You’re welcome.” She learned that she could save members of the family.

So then they continued the walk with their owners and were much more careful. Right before noon, they went back to their home.


The End!


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