Monster Jake: Book 1

Reader, I will now tell you of a story of murder, humor, mystery and friends. It is about five brothers and sisters who have an adventure. Their names are Sarah, Jake, Bob, Joe, and JJ.




One day, Bob was in his backyard and he figured out that he was going to have a sister. He lived with his mom and dad who were candy makers. Bob was not an average 12-year-old, because he lived in a candy factory. His room was made of lollipops, ice cream, and brownies.
He never ate dinner, only dessert, and never got belly aches. A week later, his sister was born! HALLELUJAH!!! Her name was Sarah. He was happy to have a sibling, but after a couple of days he got a little bored because the baby kept throwing stuff. The first time the baby got a hold of candy, she ate a lollipop (it was a rainbow lollipop). She ate the whole thing, even the stick, and made the most annoying sound because she loved it so much. YAAA. Bob, after four days, was so tired because the sound took five days to stop echoing in the factory. He fell asleep for three years, but thought it was an hour. When he woke up, he was surrounded by people he didn’t even know. Turns out they were his brothers.
Their names were Joe, Jake, and JJ. They were triplets. They were super super smart. Bob realized he was in his room, but it not so much a room because the triplets had eaten it. It took those three years for them to eat it. They had eaten all but one crumb, but that was already gone because Joe ate it the second Bob woke up. The triplets did not know about Sarah, because she was in their parents room and they weren’t allowed in. They finally figured out that their parents were hiding a four-year-old girl. His parents were hiding Sarah because they didn’t want their triplets to think they had the biggest family in the world. But one day, they heard a baby crying in their parents room. The parents had kept her quiet before by not giving her any lollipops. The minute after they figured this out, they broke down their parents’ door and found the toddler asleep on the bed.




Sarah started to yell at the kids. Bob heard the commotion and came running in. He found out what happened and said, “Did you guys not know that Sarah was here?”

The triplets blinked twice and said, “Who is Sarah?”

Bob said, “How did you not know she was here?” Then Bob says to Sarah, “Why are you here, anyways?”

The triplets said, “It’s a she?!?”

Over the next day, Bob figured out what happened while he was out cold. The next day, at breakfast, he asked his parents why they never told him that they were going to have such an annoying sister. His mom said, “We didn’t know.”

The triplets were confused at what was going on. Bob had to clear everything out with everyone. He told them how he fell asleep and when he was asleep, he had a dream that he was under water and he could breathe. Then a fish came up to him and told him something that sounded like a prophecy. The fish said, “You will have a journey to a far place where no one has gone before. And at the end, one of the friends you make shall do something that you will not know.”

Bob thought it meant that he was going to go somewhere and find some friends and one of them was going to do something strange. Bob went downstairs and told his parents everything. Bob finished his story and then he said, “I have something in my room that sounds just like this.” So Bob went up to his room and pulled a ripped little piece of paper out from his desk and it said: ‘-rah will be by the…’

They all say “HUH?!?”

Bob says, “I know, right?? The paper is ripped, so I don’t understand what it says!”

His Dad said, “Well, you better figure it out in at least a week.”

Bob said, “Why in a week?”

On the back of the paper it said: “Figure out in at least a week.”




Bob went to his room and read the note over and over and over and over and over. Okay, I think you get the point. The next day…

Bob figured something out! Something was going to happen to Sarah! He rushed downstairs to tell his family. He said, “Something will happen to Sarah! It’s a good thing she’s asleep right now. Don’t tell her about this, or else she’ll get really mad.”

Joe said, “How do you know something is going to happen to Sarah?”

Bob explained, “Because, if you look on the piece of paper and read it carefully, you can figure out it’s the end of Sarah’s name.”




It was Saturday, and it was time for Bob’s journey to start. So he packed up the piece of paper and a sleeping bag. Then he told his parents, “You can’t come along!”

They both said, “Why?”

“Because I don’t want you to die.” Then he told his siblings, “Pack up, we’re going.” He read the piece of paper one more time and realized something. On the bottom corner of it, there was a map. On the map was the whole world and there were seven little pieces of paper on each continent. He asked, “What are these?” When Jake saw it, he fainted. There’s also something else weird, besides Jake fainting. There was an airplane growing inside the wall. It was bright green, but all of its jets were pink. It was 100 feet long. On the front, there was a robot holding a sign saying, “I’m your ride.” So they hopped in and took off!

First stop: Florida. It was only a five minute flight because this airplane had three hundred million horsepower. It should have take longer because they lived in California. While the flight was going, they took a bucket of water and dumped it on Jake. He woke up and Bob said, “Why did you faint?”

“I don’t know. But when I looked at that paper, my brain went fuzzy.”

Then Sarah said, “Why are you so stretchy?” She pulled his arm. It was 30 feet long.

“I don’t knnnow!!”

“Okay, jeez!”said Joe.

“Please stop asking me questions,” screamed Jake.

Out of nowhere, Sarah said, “Thought you might want to know, we’re there.”

They first tried to find the piece of paper in Legoland. Sarah and Joe got bored because they couldn’t find anything, so they went on the rides. At twelve o’clock at night, the rest of the kids found them in a giant hotel room. They woke up at about one o’clock, and they went as fast as they could to Disney World.

At five o’clock (they didn’t even know it was five o’clock because they were too tired to look at their watches) Sarah found something inside of the Star Wars simulator. When the rest came over, Sarah reached inside C3PO’s mouth and found a glowing piece of paper. She tried to fit it into the other one, and it fit!




They asked Bob, “Now where?”

He said, “Europe!”

Suddenly, something strange happened. Their airplanes split into five. All of them separated. Bob’s went to London, Sarah’s went to Wales, Joe’s went to France, JJ’s went to Switzerland, and Jake’s went to Spain. A couple hours later, they all met up in Switzerland because JJ had texted, “Come here quick! I found something!” So they all came. They saw what he was talking about and he said, “See? I found this awesome little teddy bear.” They all said, “Aw shoot, we all came for nothing!”

And then JJ said, “But look inside his mouth. There’s something in there!”

Bob pulled it out and it was the piece of paper! The paper was glowing and golden, just like the first two.

“Let’s go to South America,“ said Sarah.

Once again, the plane split up into five. Bob to Brazil, Sarah to Argentina, Jake to Venezuela, Joe to Chile, and JJ to Colombia. Joe was looking all around Chile. He got hungry so he tried to find some food. He found an avocado laying in a desert. He cut it open and took the pit out. He was going to bite it and he found the piece of paper! He took the piece of paper out, ate the avocado, and said, “The avocado wasn’t as good as I thought, but it was still worth it to find the paper!”




They all met up and they fit the piece of paper with all the rest.

Bob said,”To Africa!”

The plane split up into five once again. Bob to Egypt, Sarah to Chad, JJ to Kenya, Joe to Zambia,and Jake to Ghana.

Bob went to the sphinx. It was ten times the size of him and he went inside. He saw torches on the walls and no floor. It was dark and the air tasted bitter. He couldn’t see very well because of the dust. He was thinking, “Why did I choose to go to Egypt, why? WHY!?” He walked up to a statue of the Egyptian god, Ra. He thought he heard something. He was getting really scared. He turned around. He turned back around. He jumped up when something touched his back and he screamed for help!

“Help me!”

He saw the statue moving. It said to him, “Bob. I know your last name and you don’t. It is Candy.”

Bob said, “Huh! That explains a lot.”

The statue screamed, “Wait! I will give you the paper,” as Bob turned to leave.




All of the Candy children met up at the plane after each five planes morphed back together. Bob said, “I found the piece of paper but we can’t get it until we get back home.”

Then suddenly a voice they had never heard in the world before said, “What piece of paper?”

They all turned and screamed, “Ah!”

“Don’t scream! My name is David. I heard you talking about needing to find something very important. I have experience with finding things that are important, too.”

Sarah said, “Why don’t you join us?”

David looked happy and he was wearing a normal t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. So they hopped aboard the plane. Then the robot driving said, “You wanna go to Asia, sir?”

“That sounds good,” Bob said.

The five planes came again and Bob went to China, Sarah went Kazakhstan, Joe went to Japan, JJ went to India, and Jake went to Turkey.

David said, “Wait, what about me?”

Sarah said, “You can come with me every time.”

So they all went on the big paper hunt. In Japan, Joe was not having much luck. On the other hand, Sarah and David were finding some really useful stuff but not the piece of paper. They were finding treasure chests and a magic tool belt that had every tool you could find on a tool belt. Jake was eating Turkey in Turkey. All the way in China, Bob was digging through noodles and dumplings and little JJ was snake-charming, trying to see if the snake could see where the paper was. Joe got bored and he tried to ride the bullet train, and when he did, he saw something. The bullet train was see-through and had lots of reclining seats. He watched a movie and he saw people climbing up poles on trains. The movie was called “People Climbing up Poles on Trains.”

He looked through all the cars and finally he found a pole. He tried to climb it. He climbed all the way up, touched the top, and felt something like a piece of paper. He didn’t get to figure out what it was because he fell down. He opened one eye and he saw the glowing golden piece of paper, and he screamed, “I found it!” The Japanese cops started screaming Japanese curses at him. He started to run and he ran all the way back to the plane and he used the teleporter to teleport all of his friends back to the plane. Bob said, “Where are we? Wait, we’re back at the plane.” Joe had to explain everything. They fit the piece of paper, and it worked.

“Off to Australia!” David shouted.

Sarah said, “Me and David found some useful stuff! We put it in the storage part of the plane.”

“Why Australia?” said Bob.

“Because I live in Australia and I found a glowing piece of paper in the attic.”

Then Sarah said, “Why are you here?  Why aren’t you with your parents?”

“Because,” said David, “they kicked me out of the mansion.”

“WOW, YOU HAVE A MANSION!” they all screamed.

“Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but my dad is a millionaire!”

David explained everything and in no time they were off to Australia.




The five planes came again and Bob went to Sydney, Sarah and David to Tasmania, JJ to New Zealand, Joe to the Gold Coast, and Jake to the desert. In the desert, Jake was searching through dust and sand, and he looked up and he saw a giant mountain of papers glowing. They looked exactly like the ones he was supposed to find. Then he did something he didn’t know he could do. He turned into a giant lightning bolt. He struck the pile and he hit one that didn’t get electrocuted, and he knew that was the one. When he found it, they all teleported back to the ship.

They all got in the plane, and went to the last place they wanted to go: Antarctica. “In this one, we all stick together,” said Bob.

But then David said, “But I want to split up. It will be easier.”

Bob said, “Well, you are the new one. I guess we could do what you want.”

So they split up. Bob wasn’t having much luck. He flew into a blizzard and flew all the way into the water. So did JJ, Sarah, Jake, and Joe, but not David. But before Sarah got blown away, she saw David stick out his hand out at her. All of them except Sarah landed on the ground. Sarah landed in a glacier and then the yeti came out and ate her. They all teleported back to the plane, and they all said, “Where’s Sarah?”

David just said, “Oh she’s back there. She found the piece of paper. She can teleport back when we’re back at her house.” While they were flying back it turned midnight, so they all went to sleep except for Jake and David.

David asked Jake, “Do you want a piece of candy? I made one special for you.”

He said, “No thanks.”

David said, “It’s really really good!”

So Jake ate it, and he turned into a hellhound. Then everything flashed black, and for a second you could see David as the grim reaper.

Jake thought, “That can’t be the grim reaper. My mind’s messing with me.”

Then David said, “Kill them.” And Jake did it, but when he hit his hand on the ground his hand fell apart and reformed. Then the hellhound body melted off, and so did his skin, but he was still there. He was a robot! Then Jake, as a robot, took David’s body threw it in the air. Then his family came back to life. When they awoke, they saw him and freaked out and started shooting him with their lasers, but he blocked them with his force field. But they weren’t really force fields. His robot body melted off, and he turned into this glowing strong person. He was a god! His name was Flipper. “I am Flipper, the god of monsters and death!” he said. Then he killed David.

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