Venessa and The Unknown Island

There once was a Greek goddess named Venessa. Venessa was the goddess of wisdom and war, and she was the one of the most beautiful goddesses in all of Greece. She  had a pet owl named Athendite. Venessa had long wavy hair and brown eyes with bright pink lips (she didn’t use lipstick). Her job was to watch over the animals and the Greek demons.

She was on vacation on an unknown island with her owl. She didn’t want to keep doing her goddess jobs and chores; she was bored and needed a break. The island was tropical and had palm trees and a sandy beach. When she got there, she relaxed and went for a swim. The water was a clear, beautiful turquoise with tan sandbars emerging from the water. The water was lukewarm, just the right temperature. There weren’t any animals in the water at the time.

She didn’t know that back on Mount Olympus, her home, they had noticed she was gone, and their leader, Zeus, sent Apollo and Artemis to check all over Greece to find Venessa. Finally the twins, Artemis and Apollo, found the unknown island and were searching all over it, when at last they got a glance at Venessa.

Venessa realized that they were looking for her and she ran all around the island trying to escape, but so did Artemis and Apollo. Venessa came to a wall. When she listened carefully, she heard Artemis and Apollo on the other side talking about how to catch her. She heard they were going to catch her owl at midnight, and then when she went to retrieve her owl, they would set a trap for her.

That night, using her wisdom, Venessa made a fake owl out of the goddess paper she took with her. The owl would have a potion in it and that potion would make the whoever touched it forget everything that happened that day. They would fall asleep for eight hours, just enough time to ship them back to Mount Olympus. By the time Venessa finished making the fake owl, it was 11:00 p.m. Venessa would have to make the potion in one hour. The ingredients to make the potion were yellow tiger, pink and purple seagull, and the rarest peacock-patterned flowers.  She had learned to make the potion from a goddess book because she memorized every goddess book.

Venessa was dumbstruck on where to start, but still she set out in search of a yellow tiger. In the forest, there were narrow creeks that Venessa jumped over. She went deeper and deeper into the forest and finally found a yellow tiger sleeping under the shade of a palm tree. Venessa knew that she needed a bow and quiver to kill the yellow tiger. Using all her goddess will, Venessa made a bow and quiver appear in front of her. She shot it at the yellow tiger and it was hers. One down, two to go, she thought to herself.

Venessa knew that pink and purple seagulls only came out when the time was right for them. She sure hoped that the time was right and that they were out and vivacious. When Venessa arrived at the spot where the pink and purple seagulls lived, her heart sank: there were no seagulls out. When she looked closer, she saw that actually they were perched on a tree branch, asleep. Venessa shook with excitement, for she had found the pink and purple seagulls.

Then she remembered that her goddess powers wouldn’t work because she had used them up making the bow and quiver appear. Venessa could only use her goddess powers once a night. She thought about what to do, and then she had an idea! She could tie tree bark together with leaves, and then once the chain was long enough, she could asphyxiate one pink and purple seagull.

When she finished making the chain of bark, Venessa threw it and it went down the seagull’s throat. The seagull fell off the branch. She could add the pink and purple seagull to the potion! Two down, one to go, she thought.

Once again, just like with the pink and purple seagulls, it had to be the right time for the peacock-patterned flowers, otherwise there would be no blossom. When Venessa got to the flower part of the forest, her heart sank once more: there were no blossoms. She thought about what to do, but she couldn’t think of anything to do.

Venessa remembered that her owl ate peacock flowers when they hadn’t bloomed yet. She ran back to her real owl and asked if he could regurgitate some of the flowers he ate. He agreed. When some came out of his mouth, Venessa was excited as a dog getting a new chew toy. Her plan had worked! Out came a fully bloomed peacock patterned flower. The flower came out nice and clean because she had willed it to come out clean.

When she saw the time, Venessa realized that she only had five more minutes until midnight. She hurried to mix the potion and set out the fake owl. She hid her real owl in the basement of the hut she slept in and put the fake owl beside her. At exactly midnight, Venessa heard Artemis and Apollo’s footsteps. Quickly, Venessa closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. Artemis and Apollo knew Venessa slept with her owl beside her so when they saw the fake owl, they thought it was the real owl and picked it up. Instantly, they both fell into a deep sleep. Venessa stopped pretending to be asleep and put the sleeping Artemis and Apollo on a boat to go back to Olympus.

It was then that Venessa remembered this was an unknown island and no ship captain would be able to find them and steer the boat back to Olympus. So, Venessa got on the boat and drove them back. When they got to Olympus’ shore, Artemis and Apollo awoke and Venessa quickly undid the spell. Venessa stepped out of the boat and walked through the entrance. She sat at her throne, waiting for Zeus to talk to her. Venessa felt a little nervous.

Zeus called her and she went to go talk to him.  Zeus was wearing a blue cloak and he had a brown beard.

“If you had just asked me so I knew where you were going, I would’ve said yes,” Zeus said.

After that talk Venessa realized that she loved her home and everybody else that lived there and would never try to sneak out again. She sat on her velvet gold throne and smiled.

The End

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