Mr. MacaroonVoh

Once upon a time, there lived Mr. MacaroonVoh. Mr. MacaroonVoh kept walking through lots of snow. Mr. MacaroonVoh had never had a place to live before, so he always carried plates with him, just in case he found food somewhere.

He didn’t want someone to say, “Where are your plates? You need plates to eat.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh was walking with his plates through the snow and thought maybe he would land there. Mr. MacaroonVoh liked snow because it was cold. Mr. MacaroonVoh was pretty much like a snowman, but he never melted. His body was all white, so everybody always mixed him up with a snowman. His name used to be called Lila Moon, but people called him Mr. MacaroonVoh because he looked like a white macaroon.

When Mr. MacaroonVoh was a kid named Lila Moon, he never listened. When his parents would tell him to go to the grocery store, he would go to the candy store instead and buy ten thousand candies. When his parents would tell him to write a story all about himself, he would sneak out the door and go to his backyard. He would swim in the pool in the backyard for ten minutes. When his parents were cooking in the kitchen, they heard the pool noises. Lila Moon  would only swim when the wind was blowing, because his parents would think it was the wind and not him swimming. Lila Moon’s parents hit him for misbehaving. If he sang out, “Blah blah you can’t hit me!” his parents would lock him in his bedroom.

One day, Lila Moon’s parents said, “You know what, Mr. Lila Moon? You have been troubling us for too long. If you trouble us one more time, you will have to go away.”

Lila Moon knew he wasn’t supposed to use washable markers on the chalkboard, but he took it down anyway and got some Expo markers. He used green, red, black, and blue markers and scribble-scrabbled all over the board. He erased it so the color would get all blurry all over the chalkboard.

When his parents saw what he had done, they said, “Sorry, Mr. Lila Moon. You have made too many mistakes. You are ten years old and will have to find a new place to live.”

“You cannot make me leave!” said Lila Moon.

“Fine, then you can go play in the pool in the backyard,” said Lila Moon’s parents.

As soon as he went outside to play in the pool, Lila Moon’s parents locked the door and said, “Nah, nah, nah, you cannot get back inside! You have troubled us too much.”


Lila Moon walked and walked and walked. He walked through snow and coldness. He hated the snow and cold. But then, he saw a snowman. Lila Moon had never seen a snowman before. At first, he thought it was a blind girl, but then everybody said, “Hi, Mr. MacaroonVoh.”

He said, “That’s not my name! My name is Lila Moon.”

Everybody said, “Well, sorry, this is Neverending Snow Land. And you have to be named something white. Everybody has to like vanilla, so we named you Mr. MacaroonVoh.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “Okay. I would love to live here. Can I?”

Everybody said, “Yes!”

Mr. MacaroonVoh had already made a friend. Her name was Lighty Light. Lighty Light had asked Mr. MacaroonVoh where he came from. Mr. MacaroonVoh was not sure what to say because he wasn’t sure where he had come from; he had forgotten. He had already had so much fun in Neverending Snow Land that it was hard to remember what it was like to not have a home.

“I’ve never had a home, so I’ve just been walking. I thought it would maybe be fun to live here,” said Mr. MacaroonVoh.  

“That’s very sad! Are you very hungry? Because I could ask you what vanilla thing you’d like to eat,” said Lighty Light.

“I would like a chocolate cupcake!” said Mr. MacaroonVoh. “Where is my chocolate cupcake?!” he yelled. “I’ve been asking for it for hours!!”

“We are not going to give you a chocolate cupcake! Remember what we told you? You just got here! You must eat something vanilla! It is compulsory,” everyone yelled back.

Lighty Light looked at everyone from Neverending Snow Land. “Stop! If you don’t stop yelling at my friend, I will go to another home with him!”

“Okay, go to another home! We don’t care!”

Lighty Light was surprised that everyone was acting so mean.

“You haven’t been like this all year. You haven’t been like this since I arrived here. Why are you acting this way?” asked Lighty Light.

Someone pushed through the crowd.

She said, “I am Fantastic Paper. My old name used to be Virey Moon.”

“Virey Moon,” said Mr. MacaroonVoh. “I think I know you.”

“How can you know me? I don’t know anybody named Mr. MacaroonVoh,” said Fantastic Paper.

“Well, my name used to be Lila Moon.”

Fantastic Paper paused. “Wait a second,” she said. “Let me think.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh stared at her to try and figure out what she was thinking.

“We are cousins!” yelled Fantastic Paper.

“Oh yeah! Woohoo!” Mr. MacaroonVoh and Fantastic Paper danced.

“Now all we have to do is find a few more friends and we can go home.”

“Do I have a home?” asked Mr. MacaroonVoh. “Wait. I need time to think, like you needed time.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh sat down on some snow and crossed his legs.

“Wait!” he shouted. “I did have a home! I used to be a bad boy, and my parents said for me to leave. That’s all I know.”

“Okay now, Mr. MacaroonVoh. If you weren’t behaving back then, have you learned your lesson now?” asked Fantastic Paper.

“Yes,” said Mr. MacaroonVoh.

“Well, what did you learn?” asked Fantastic Paper.

“I learned that if I do not listen, I won’t have a home,” said Mr. MacaroonVoh.

Meanwhile, Lighty Light was listening to the conversation from behind. She wanted to know about this new person in Neverending Snow Land. Right after their conversation, Fantastic Paper and Mr. MacaroonVoh left.

“I’m coming with you!” shouted Lighty Light.

The three walked out of the snow garage of Neverending Snow Land. It had old snow cars and broken, old things inside. They walked and walked and walked until they were almost out of the land.

They found ten kids. Their names were Tulip, Romina, Charlit, Rarity, Lina, Charlie, Rosie, Rasly, Laurie, and Jordan.

Lighty Light asked everyone, “Do you think it would be good to make a clubhouse?”

“Yes indeed!”

Fantastic Paper, Mr. MacaroonVoh, and Lighty Light started asking the ten people questions about themselves so they could know more about them. They wanted to focus more on building later.

Lighty Light asked Rasly, “What is your favorite color?”

Rasly said, “Purple!”

Mr. MacaroonVoh asked Tulip, “What is your favorite place to go for vacation?”

Tulip said, “Poconos.”

Fantastic Paper asked Lina, “How many years have you been in Neverending Snow Land?”

“I have been there for at least ten years,” said Lina.

Fantastic Paper, Mr. MacaroonVoh, and Lighty Light said, “Wow! You guys have a lot of details about yourselves. Very good. That’s exactly what we wanted to know about you.”

They started looking for an empty block with no snow so they could build their clubhouse. Soon, they found the perfect block. It had a lot of grass, so everybody said, “Let’s cut this! Let’s cut this!”

“Yes!” said Lighty Light, Mr. MacaroonVoh, and Fantastic Paper.

Then, they started cutting the grass with scissors. It took them one day to cut the grass because of their teamwork. They put the grass in the garbage bag. Now, they were all done. All they had to do was get some wood and some tools. They started walking more. They asked a long-haired man for some tools.

He said, “I am a building guy, and I build a lot.”

“Do you have any wood?” they asked.

The man said, “No, I ran out of wood.”

They said, “No problem. We’re just going to have to go get it from a tree.”

Virey Moon said, “You know what? Oh my gosh! My old house is just two blocks away. We could go there and get some wood. I have a station of wood. I could just ask my parents if we could take some.”

Tulip said, “Do you live here?”

Virey Moon said, “Nope, not at all. One day, a long time ago, my parents said, ‘We found this cold place you would like living in.’ Then, they told me not to worry, and they would always live in this exact spot.”

Soon, they got some wood and started to go to the grassy place.

“Let’s start building,” everyone said.

They put some more wood up until they had made a big square. They made a triangle on top and a chimney too! Now, they started to paint pink, blue, and red. All they needed to do now is let the paint dry. And then they needed to make some windows, some doors, and start using the club house! They cut some squares from the clubhouse and used glass for windows.                

And then, they put a little rectangle over a little hole to make a door. Then, they put a doorknob, and they saw and made sure that the door could open. As soon as it was done, they said, “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Mr. MacaroonVoh.  Happy birthday to you.”

And Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “It’s my birthday today, it’s my birthday today,” dancing, shaking his waist, pushing down, and kicking out the ground.  

And everybody sang this song: “Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. Over the river and through the woods, oh, how the wind does blow. It stings the toes and bites the nose as over the ground we go. Over the river and through the woods, trust fast my dapple gray. Spring over the ground like a hunting hound for this Thanksgiving day. Over the river and through the woods, grandmother’s cap I spy. Hooray for the fun, it couldn’t be done, hooray for the pumpkin pie!”  

Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “It is finally a day to relax. It’s my birthday today. It’s my birthday today. It’s finally my birthday today, it’s finally my birthday today. Let’s start going in the clubhouse today!”  

They said, “Oh, my gosh, this clubhouse is the best house!”

“Wait a second,” Mr. MarcaroonVoh said, “Today is our day to go back home!  And we have our phones!  We can still give each other our phone numbers!  But wait a second, I need to go home now!  With Lighty Light and Fantastic Paper!  Let’s start going!  Bye, guys!  We’ll miss you!  It’s our time to go back home but soon we’ll meet up together in the clubhouse. It will be our secret clubhouse.”


When Mr. MacaroonVoh, Lighty Light, and Fantastic Paper reached home, Mr. MacaroonVoh’s family wasn’t there!  

So then, they said, “Let’s go look out.  Maybe they’re in the garden!”  

They went in the garden–they found Mr. MacaroonVoh’s family! Mr. MacaroonVoh started introducing his family to his cousin and his friend.  

First, he said, “Family, this is my friend Lighty Light!  She saved me!  And so did Fantastic Paper, my cousin!”

“Mr. MacaroonVoh, we’re sorry we told you to leave the house. We realized that it was the wrong thing to do. We would never want to leave you again.”

Mr. MacaroonVoh said, “I’m so sorry I didn’t listen. And I would never want to leave you either.”


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  1. What a wonderful story! I can hear Jeeya’s voice so clearly in her writing. Well done Jeeya!

  2. What a lovely & creative writing in this age. I totally love your idea , Jeeya. I believe that you will be an awesome writer in the future. Keep writing.
    Pen Name- La Woon Aein

  3. This child has such great imagination and a brilliant way of projecting it on a medium. And at such a young age too. Bravo, Jeera!

  4. This was so entertaining!! She imagined a whole different world with such vivid characters. It’s unbelievable that the song that all the children sing, is written by a 7 old year. Well done Jeeya, looking forward to more of such.

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