Mr. Maniac

Mr. Maniac has white hair. He is about five feet tall, he has glasses, he has a small army, he has enemies, and he has a power that can stop time with the small clock that he keeps inside his jacket.

Mr. Maniac likes to freeze time, steal money, and spill people’s coffee. His army has a watch too, so they don’t freeze when he clicks the watch.

Mr. Maniac wants to control the world.

He has no real reason, he just wants too. So he can have everything. He wants money and gold. He wants to be rich.

When he’s trying to control the world, he sends his army to defeat the people who are against him, but they steal the armies watches, and so when Mr. Maniac stops time, they don’t freeze.

In one of the big battles, Mr. Maniac is there, and only a few people in his army are left. People try to break his watch. Someone manages to find and break his watch.

Then, they take him to prison for life. His army also goes to prison, but not for life.

Mr. Maniac is lonely. He only sees the police.

In prison, he plays some games with his army friends. The police gives him food. The police don’t want him to die.


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