My Home

What does it mean when you move from one house to another?

For me, it means sadness and a feeling that I will miss my home.

It makes me upset because


My home is where I belong,

It is the place where I live,

And where I store everything.

I love my house.


My room is there to greet me every morning when I wake up,

The light shining through the windows,

Everything just so…

It makes me feel cozy.


My kitchen has my knives and dishes and pots for cooking and eating,

I can cook for hours,

I hear the wind and I bake.


My dining room is where I eat,

spend time with my family,

And talk all day with them.

I can play and have fun at the table too.


My living room is there to meet me when I want to relax,

The couch is cozy,

The chairs are soft.


When it comes time to leave the house to find a new one,

I always feel sad to leave.

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