My Pet’s Life: A Series


Once upon a time, there was a two-year-old Boxer named Moksh. He was the youngest dog in the house, right behind Cricket and Valentine. Zeus was the only hamster in the house. Zeus was half-a-year old. Zeus was in a cage because otherwise, Moksh, Cricket, and Valentine would eat him! Moksh was pretty much always hungry. Today, Moksh tried to eat his owner’s bacon before he went off to school! He only got one bite, so he was still hungry. The owner just gave Moksh the bacon, so he would leave him alone. Moksh ate two pieces of bacon in total.

When the owner came back from school, he was angry to see Zeus was on the loose, Moksh was chasing Zeus, and Cricket and Valentine were chewing on the walls and the couches and the beds too! Everything was ripped up! So he put all the pets in cages before he went to school, but not Zeus, because he was in Moksh’s belly! Moksh was too full, so he barfed up Zeus, who was still alive!

“Sorry for eating you, Zeus! Can you help us get out of these cages? We’ll never try to eat you again if you help us,” Moksh said.

“Fine, but you better keep your promise!”

Zeus crawled through the opening in Moksh’s cage and opened it from the outside. The pets never misbehaved towards Zeus. But they were still hungry! So, they had to misbehave one last time to get food.  Moksh got Zeus his food on the owner’s desk and Zeus got the dogs their food by crawling up the wall with his long hamster nails. Then, once Zeus got to the food, he ripped a hole in one side and all the food poured on top of the dogs. The dogs ate their way out of the pile of food.



“You want to eat Zeus? Because we never promised not to eat Zeus!” Valentine said to Cricket.

“Are you sure? He gave us a whole pile of food to eat!” Cricket said to Valentine.

“Well we saved him,’’ Valentine said to Cricket.

“No, Moksh did. Not us,’’ Cricket said to Valentine.

Later at the door, Zeus was panicking. His water bottle was empty! Zeus went to the store and paid for a water bottle and bit open the cap. But when he opened the water, he fell in! His hamster claws latched onto the top, and slowly yanked himself out. He dropped all the water onto the floor. Then, Valentine, Cricket, and Moksh ran to lick up all the water.

Valentine said, “Zeus, can you drop some more?”

Zeus ran to the sink then pointed the faucet at the dogs, then turned it on high.

‘’AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! TURN IT OFF!!” Valentine said.

“But I thought you wanted water Valentine,’’ Zeus said.

Valentine jumped onto the table and grabbed Zeus by his tail with her claws.

“You better go in your cage and never come back!” Valentine said.

Zeus took his claws and shoved them into Valentine’s nose. Valentine let Zeus go, and he fell into the drain pipe. Luckily, the drain pipe was clogged with food. Valentine switched on the garbage disposal, but before Zeus got killed, Moksh saved Zeus by knocking Valentine off and turning off the garbage disposal. To actually say sorry, Valentine filled up Zeus’s hamster bottle, and Zeus filled up their water bottles for fun.



“I want a new dog!” Moksh said.

“Me too!” Valentine and Cricket said.

“I want two more hamsters!” Zeus said.

Five Minutes Later…

“Let’s go to PetCo and and get more pets!” Moksh said.

All the pets went through the doggy door. Once they got to PetCo, which was right next to the house, they marched through the automatic doors. Then Moksh grabbed two Chinese hamsters, just like Zeus. Valentine and Cricket bit through a cage and recruited a Golden Retriever.

“Hey guys, my name is Milo!” the Golden Retriever said. “Why did you let me loose?”

Moksh said, “We need new family members, so we recruited you!”

Later, on the floor, Zeus said to the hamsters, ‘’Guys! What are your names?”

“I’m Hades! And I’m Poseidon!” they said together.

“You want to become part of our family?” Zeus said.

“Yes!” They said together.

They all went home and had a good night’s sleep.



“Ho ho,” Zeus said walking past Moksh.

“Oh Zeus, you need a bath. You smell as bad as a skunk.”

“Ya!” everybody agreed.

Moksh turned the water on. Well, he cracked the drain plug. Zeus went in the sink and the drain plug popped off. Zeus went down the drain pipe into the sewer! Moksh, the others dogs, and the hamsters ran outside and started to take off the manhole cover to the sewer. The hamsters used their little claws to hook onto it, and the dogs used their strength to pull the hamsters until they got it open. Moksh jumped down into the sewer with Poseidon and Hades on his back, and they saw Zeus floating along until he went through a grate that was too narrow for the dogs to get past. Zeus grabbed onto the grate and was hanging there, hoping to be rescued.  Milo and Valentine jumped down to help.

Hades and Poseidon jumped onto a little board and floated to Zeus and got him. But then, they forgot how to get onto land, because they were stuck at the grate. So Moksh jumped in and pushed a little board to the other dogs. When Valentine rescued the hamsters, she raced to the house with them to cook them for dinner!

Cricket and Milo raced behind Valentine, but Valentine had locked the doggy door. Milo busted through the window and Cricket followed him. When they came in, the poor little hamster’s claws were burning as they were trying to stand away from the bottom of the hot pan! Cricket tackled Valentine while Milo turned the stove off by breaking off the knob.

Then, they all heard a big crash sound, and they all turned to see Moksh break open the door. Moksh put Valentine in the cage and they lived happily ever after… until next time.



One day, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon were talking about bowling. They got their tickets online by using their owner’s accounts, but the dogs made them get tickets for them, too. When they went to the bowling alley, the guy said, “No pets allowed.” But the dogs showed the security guard the pets’ tickets, and the security guard let them pass.

The dogs helped the hamsters get to the bowling lanes by carrying them on their backs. The dogs helped the hamsters push the balls down the lane. But when it was Zeus’s turn, Valentine helped him by putting him into the bowling ball and pushing it down the lane. Zeus flew out and fell right onto Moksh.

Zeus told Moksh what happened, and he was angry, so he ran toward Valentine, and squeezed her nose into the bowling ball. Moksh and Milo did a double bowling ball, Moksh held Valentine’s tail and Milo held the bowling ball. They both hit the ball and Valentine down the lane, and there was a strike!  

Valentine rolled and popped out from the tube where the balls return. Her fur was shredded up.  When it was her turn she didn’t hit the pins; she hit all of the pets instead. Then, she grabbed all the hamsters in her paws and ran outside of the bowling alley to the docks by the water. She took a yacht and went far out to sea. Luckily, she found a waverider and left the hamsters on the yacht, and she jumped on the waverider and returned to land. She went to a gun store and bought a rocket launcher and some oil. She returned to the yacht and poured oil all over the boat, but by then the other dogs had stolen an empty Disney Cruise Ship and went to the yacht.

They honked at Valentine, which scared her, and she accidently shot the rocket launcher too soon. It hit the yacht and the boat caught on fire. She rode away on the waverider, while the other dogs started to save the hamsters. Then, they found the rocket launcher full of ammo, and they shot into the water slide on the Disney Cruise Ship. Once they got onto the water slide, a couple of feet away from the hole in the slide, they shot it again behind them. They went flying out of the hole onto Valentine’s wave rider. Moksh was left on the cruise ship to drive it. Everyone else was on the wave rider with Valentine. Milo tackled Valentine and Cricket drove it back to the cruise ship. Moksh threw a rope and they all climbed up to the cruise ship. They locked Valentine in a room with only cauliflower and water.

The hamsters thanked the dogs for saving them. They all stayed on the ship and returned to land, only to get more food. They watched TV, explored, and played around. They never forgave Valentine, and she stayed locked up. All the other dogs and hamsters lived happily ever after.


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