Nantucket Adventure

In June, I went to Nantucket with my grandma. In Nantucket, we have our own house and share one wall of the house with another family. It happened to be my birthday when we went to Nantucket, and I had a party where we ate cupcakes with jelly beans on top. I like having my birthday in Nantucket because there are lots of fun things to do there. I went to Children’s Beach, and I saw Moana. I liked that we watched Moana outside with all the nature. There was a playground on the beach and wet, nice grass. I put my chair on the grass and sat in it. My toes felt wet, and I felt peaceful. I saw boys on their bicycles doing crazy tricks and flipping upside down. One of the boy’s bike fell down, and he fell onto the grass. Thankfully, he was not hurt and got back up. After Moana, I took our Jeep home. The next morning, I went to a beach that we could drive on. Then, I went to watch the sunset, but my mom said we had to move because there was a sewage pipe, and there were too many clams. We went to a different beach where you can also drive your car. At the beach, we watched the sunset. The sunset was a pink and orange color, and it was really pretty. I was happy that we were there to watch the sunset.

After the sunset, we went home. I went outside our house, and I saw a bunny. The bunny was chubby and was eating clovers. I chased it, and it went all the way to my neighbor’s house across the street. I crossed the street to chase the bunny, but it ran away from me. Then, I found another bunny, and I chased that bunny too. It went across the street and ran away. Later that night, I had tofu and noodles for dinner. For dessert, I had chocolate chip ice cream. It was my favorite dinner. The next morning, my daddy went to buy Lucky Charms from Costco. Then, I asked my dad when we were leaving Nantucket. He said tomorrow.

I said, “I thought we were going to have more than a couple days in Nantucket.”

My dad said, “Well, we are leaving tomorrow, so we have to pack our things.”

The next day, we packed everything because we had to leave. We took our Jeep to the airport. The airplane got very frustrating because it was delayed. When it finally came, we took an airplane from there to New York City. We took a taxi from the airport to our house. When we got home, we unpacked everything. I was happy to be home because my friends were home. I was also sad because Nantucket had bike riding and beaches. I only have my balance bike at home, not a regular bike. At Nantucket, there were bikes that had training wheels and weren’t balance bikes, so I could ride them and go down a very big hill at the park. I like going down the big hills because I can go very fast without pedaling very hard. Nantucket was really fun, and I cannot wait to go back!

The End


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