Ninja Fight

Three hundred years ago, two ninjas got in a fight, one very dumb ninja and a smart and skilled ninja. The dumb ninja, who was named Mighty Sword, challenged the smart and skilled ninja, Legend Speed. The dumb ninja wanted to show Legend Speed that he was better. The dumb ninja thought that weapons were better than skill.

The skilled ninja was trained by the best ninja in the world, and the dumb ninja was trained by the richest and one of the worst ninjas in the world. Mighty Sword’s teacher was from an evil world. The evil teacher taught Mighty Sword an evil power. They were from the same village. The dumb ninja got his diamond sword and practiced his evil power, the power would turn the smart ninja into a frog. The smart ninja got his stone and iron sword. While the ninjas were walking to the arena, the villagers whispered to each other. Most of them thought the dumb ninja would win.

The two doors opened. Both ninjas entered the arena. They looked fiercely at each other. The referee blew the whistle, and the two ninjas charged at each other. Legend Speed obviously got there first and hit him on the arm. The dumb ninja twirled around.

After about three seconds, the dumb ninja stopped spinning and threw his sword at Legend Speed. Legend Speed did a backflip and dodged the sword. Legend Speed got the dumb ninja’s sword and threw it at the dumb ninja. Mighty Sword luckily caught the sword. Mighty Sword put the sword down and got ready to use his evil power.

After a few seconds, Mighty Sword shot a dark purple blast of evil electricity and turned the crowd into frogs so they couldn’t stop him. Then, he shot at Legend Speed, who walked away and then somehow teleported behind Mighty Sword and kicked him onto the arena wall. The reason Legend Speed has powers is because he has hidden powers.

Mighty Sword turned around and saw a fireball coming at his face. He saw the fireball and he jumped to the side. When he got up, he saw the edge of a sword right in front of him.

Mighty Sword slowly stood up and surrendered. Legend Speed told Mighty Sword to turn the crowd back to human. Mighty Sword turned the crowd back and turned himself into a mouse and ran away.


The End


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