Nothing To Do With Cats


Hello. My name is Katherine Mohrlang but some people call me Kathy or, better yet, Kathy Kat. Okay, only one person calls me that, my best friend Sammi. Although you can still call me Kathy if you want. Sammi aka Samantha (but everyone calls her Sammi, I’m still trying to find a nickname for her.) and I live in, you guessed it, the South. Sammi and I have so many things in common, we could be twins. I think that we were twins to begin with but my mom thought that it would be nice to give her best friend (Sammi’s mom) a baby.  Sammi and I are both 12 years old and we both have German labradoodles which are sooo cute and fluffy. Mine’s named Julia. When it’s summer, we bathe them in our 19-year-old kiddy pool that neither my brother nor I have used since we were little. My brother’s name is Peter. He is 16 and the absolute best brother ever.

“Want to play some Minecraft?” Sammi asked me when we got to my house after school.

“Sure. Did you finish all of your homework?”

“Yeserry. What about you?”


It seemed like we were playing for about 30 minutes, but when we finished playing and looked at the clock, it was 7:00 and we usually get home around 4:00.

“Wow, look what time it is,” I thought out loud. “Want to run up the hill and get your pjs?”

“Ok,” Sammi said, and went to get her stuff.

The good thing about our houses are that there is only a hill separating them. My mom and her mom act like we’re sisters and always allow us to have sleepovers with each other without asking. She also has a toothbrush and a rag at my house and I have the same at her house. The only thing we have at our own house that is not at the other’s house is clothing.

For most of the school year, it went on like that with different homework, new games, and other stuff. Until one day when school ended, I asked, “Do you want to come back to my place and play some games?”

“Uhhhh, I’m good,” Sammi’s depressed face said. I looked into her eyes. They were tired with a hint of sad.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she says with a bit of attitude.

“Come on, I can see it in your eyes. You’re sad.”

“I don’t want to talk about it, ok?”

I felt like my whole world just crashed and crumbled. We never kept anything to ourselves, and we always told each other everything. I was stunned, heartbroken. Am I dreaming? Something like this would not have happened in real life. Somebody please pinch me.

Just then it happens. A car turns the corner. It’s going too fast for a peaceful Friday. I’m laying on my back with car wheel marks on my arms and leg. I can’t feel my body. I’m in so much pain. Then I hear someone screaming. Oh wait, it’s me. “Kathy, Kathy,” I hear someone say. I hear crying. I soon realize that it’s Sammi. I hear a siren. An ambulance. I’m loaded on like a package. Ahhh…

Is this what Heaven feels like? Endless white halls. Weightlessness. Then I see some people lined up. I think it’s for and escalator. People were wrong. It’s not a staircase to Heaven, it’s an escalator.


My name is Sammi Garmalsdyte. I’m 12 years old and I go to South High Middle School but Kathy Kat probably told you about me and my backstory. The only thing she didn’t tell you is why that one day I didn’t want to come over and play.

See my other best friend Sara, she’s 14, her boyfriend dumped her, her guinea pig died, and now her dad developed cancer. She had the worst week in the history of weeks. She wanted me to come over and have a shoulder to cry on. Her mom doesn’t get her. Her mom never had a pet and she thinks that Sara is too young to date. It’s so frustrating for Sara that these things are happening and she has no one to talk to. She told me not to tell anyone and it’s not like it’s anything that I need to tell Kathy Kat…

There is another thing I didn’t tell her. Ok. This is really personal but my parents are getting a divorce. Ok please please pleeeease don’t make fun of me. I didn’t tell her because I thought that she would start crying and would ask a lot of questions and I don’t want to talk about it. Well, now you know my big secret.


After going up that escalator I discovered there is a whole nother world up there. I got a new dog because Julia couldn’t come. I named my new puppy Angelina. One day, when I was walking Angelina, she started barking. I looked to the direction that she was barking to and I saw a cat. I went over to the cat to see if it had a name tag. It said “If this cat is found, please return her to your true best friend Sammi Garmalsdyte.” Then I saw blackness. I opened my eyes and I was in a hospital room. I screamed and my mom came running into the room.

“Ohh honey, are you ok? Do you want me to call a doctor?”

“Just pinch me I want to wake up. I want to go back to the cat and Angelina. I need to find out my life.”

“Honey, this is real life.”

“You just don’t understand. I just know it wasn’t a dream. It’s like you don’t even know me. You are the worst mom ever.”

Later someone approaches my room and says, “Hello? Kathy Kat?”

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Kathy Kat.”

“Oh,” I say. “It’s you. People like you are not allowed to call me Kathy Kat any more.”

“But –”

“No buts. Only my bffs are allowed to call me that.”

“But we’re best friends for life.”

“No best friend for life would deny to go home with me. Best friends for life would stay by my side. Best friends for life wouldn’t make me get run over by a car. This is all your fault!” and with that Sammi ran out of my room crying. Serves her right.


I wonder why Kathy’s being so mean to me. I didn’t do anything bad.


Who said that.




Does anyone else hear this? Someone help me.


I’m here to help you solve your problems.


But she will be too sentimental about it.




Ok, I’ll tell her.



“Kathy,” I say as I come in.

“Mommy?” she asks.

“Nope, its Sammi.”

“Ohh. It’s you.”

“Kathy, just listen to me. I want to tell you why I ditched you that day.”

“Well, I would try to get you out but, you know, I can’t move my legs.”

So I ended up telling her everything that happened with my parents and Sara. She started to cry and I hugged her.

“I forgive you,” she said. “I didn’t know what you were going through.” It felt good to have a shoulder to cry on. I should have told her sooner.

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