The Dwarf Plan


The tiger went into a house that had a door that was too small for the tiger to fit through. It was a dwarf house so he ripped through the chimney, wanting to destroy the house. He destroyed the dwarves with explosives. But, one of the dwarves survived and, boy, was he angry. He ran from the burning remains, a plan of revenge coursing through his brains.

The tiger jumped off of the roof and scratched the dwarf hitting him down. But he missed and the boy kept on running and the tiger got really mad. So once he got up, the tiger chased him all the way up to the dwarf’s house since the door was too small the tiger went to locked the door then he went through the chimney. Then the tiger went to a tree and hid there so when the dwarf came he could attack. A wizard stopped it but the tiger dodged the attack. Then the wizard got really mad at the tiger because the tiger was destroying the world so the wizard went through a portal.

When he came out of the portal, he flew to the Potomac River and landed with a splash. It was a stormy night and the water was in big waves. The wizard couldn’t swim and he almost drowned. But, a ship came and picked him up and brought him to land. Then he got out but the tiger was running right towards him and pushed him down.

When he got up, he was back in the water so he swam to the shore and got up and ran to his house. The tiger snuck up into a tree before the wizard got in his house so he was already waiting for him. The tiger pushed him down and ate his wand. “Shoot!” The wizard knew he had to make the tiger spit it back out. How does one get a tiger to spit what it’s eaten? he asked himself. I could tickle him, he thought, or I could kick him in the throat he thought. I should probably tickle him, since I don’t want to make him any angrier than he already is.

So he tickled him and the tiger fell over because he was so ticklish and the wizard got his wand back and destroyed the tiger but he had a problem. The dwarf turned back on the wizard and the dwarf evolves but the wizard doesn’t know that and the dwarf knew were the wizard was so he ran into the woods and found him and ran out and tackle him and started fighting him.

First the dwarf began running circles around the wizard. He ran so fast, the wizard didn’t know that he was making a trap. Suddenly, the dwarf went underground and he cut a circle under the wizard’s feet. The wizard fell down and then dwarf covered up the hole with dirt. The wizard blasted open the top of the hole and yelled, “Diffindio!” which was a spell that spun the dwarf around until he fell unconscious. Then the wizard smashed him down into a huge hole and covered it up. But the dwarf was too strong and he broke out of the hole and punched the wizard in the face, then he saw the wizard’s wand on the ground. Then he picked it up and made the wizard vanish to another dimension.

At the other place, the wizard looked around confused. Where am I? he thought. Oh! I’m in another dimension. Trash was falling on him. Banana peels, old gallons of milk, and rotten cheese all fell on his head. Then he heard a shaking of an earthquake him. What on earth is going on? He looked around. There was metal dinging on the ceiling. With steel boxes as big as the Eiffel Tower! “Ah! I’m in a garbage truck! Where on earth is it taking me?! I’ve got to escape! Now!”Just then, he remembered that he had four seconds to get out or else he would be crushed. So he took a laser out of the trash and cut through the box. Then he used the laser and cut through the truck. He jumped down to the ground while the garbage truck sped away.

Then he went to a wand shop and bought a new wand. It was made of metal and titanium which was different than his other wand. When anyone tried to eat it, it would taser him or if they tried to take the wand it would taser them then too. “Expolamos,” he cried, making a circle with the wand above his head. He shot up into the sky into Earth.

Meanwhile, the dwarf had been looking for the wizard’s secrets. He was searching for the wizard’s actual name. Then the wizard came out of nowhere and shot his wand at the dwarf and the dwarf fell back onto the ground. An hour later the dwarf awoke but the wizard put on a spell that turned the dwarf into bell. It hurts because the kids were ringing the bell. So one day, when there was no moon, the dwarf broke out of the bell by using his super strength that came whenever the moon had disappeared. Then he started looking after the wizard’s secrets.

“I can see you’ve not learned your lesson,” said the wizard.

“You’ll learn yours!” said the dwarf. Then Evil Max came to save the dwarf. Evil Max looks like a huge monster. He has a good relationship with the dwarf because they’re both neighbors. His powers are invisibility, laser eyes, and jetpack feet.

“Oh, what do we have here? A wizard? Or a fish?” He laughed really hard.

The dwarf said, “A wizard!!!”

“Oh,” said Evil Max.

The whole time they were debating, the wizard was setting up a trap for both of them. Then when they both finished debating, the wizard was done with his trap. The trap was invisible so they couldn’t see it. So they walked right towards the trap and fell straight into the ground. They hit a spaceship that was flying underground and they flew into outer space and into another galaxy.

The wizard said, “Oh, he learned his lesson.”



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