Beanie Boo Bunch

There was once a dog named Sir Rufferton. He was an arctic dog who lived in Greenland. One day Sir Rufferton was standing as a sentry for his doggie village. A few hours into his shift, two dogs in the dog army came with a cat hostage who was caught snooping around the back side of the village. Sir Rufferton was then assigned to interrogate her. When they reached a private room, he took off her face mask and instantly fell in love with this cat beauty. Her name was Sheila and she fell in love with him back. Despite dog and cat code they got married and had a child who was a dog named Slush.  After he was born, the stern glances and rude gestures turned into riots and angry mobs. For the safety of themselves, and Slush, they decided to give him away to a  summer village, a strange place called California, so maybe he could have a happy life. The next morning, Sir Rufferton set out on his long, hard journey with his baby son Slush.

Once Sir Rufferton arrived he waited until nightfall, then put Slush next to the sweetest looking animal, gave him a kiss on the head, and left. Little did Sir Rufferton know that he had put Slush next to the leader of the summer animals, the meanest and toughest of them all, a colorful hedgehog named Holly. Sir Rufferton had no idea that he’d put his precious son in a long life of pranks, rude names, and so on.

Five years later, Slush was no longer a pup. He was an adult dog. One day he was woken up to a pink lamb named Babs baaing in his face. Slush was very annoyed, and Babs just explained that she was giving him the proper treatment for a dog.

“You don’t help an adult dog,” she explained.

As the day went on, all of the other summer animals finally woke up and gave him the same reply, except in their own little animal language. Slush finally screamed to the rest of them, for the first time in his life.

“I can’t take it anymore!” he screamed, “You call me rude names, you’re always mean to me, whether I was a pup or not. It’s just not fair, what did I ever do to you? I’m leaving this place, never to return. You all are just such meanies, and I can’t take it!”

And with that, Slush grabbed all his things and left his summer village.

Once Slush felt like he was a fair distance from California, he stopped for a moment. He pulled out the one hint he had as to who his parents were, and tried to figure it out so he’d know where to go. The hint was a letter telling him that they were from somewhere cold. It was also a map of a place. Not how to get there, just of the place. Slush thought he knew this place, but he had failed geography as a pup. He mistook Greenland for Antarctica, so that’s where he went.

It took many days and nights, and lots of cold weather, but he finally reached Antarctica. Slush roamed through Antarctica, feeling at home despite the cold weather, which he had never before experienced. All of a sudden he heard a sound screaming.

“Look out!”

Next thing he knew, a blue penguin was racing toward him on his belly. Before Slush could react, he was on the ground, and the penguin was on top of him.

The penguin said, “Sorry for bumping into you, mate! I’m Ice Cube. Oh, and I think you need to call upon the magical unicorn of the Antarctic, because I think you broke my beak!”

Slush wasn’t sure how to react, but before he could, Ice Cube started doing this weird dance, and making these weird sounds, and a flash of light appeared. Then a white unicorn with rainbow colored spots all over her came flying out of the flash of light.

Once she landed, she said, “Hello unknown arctic dog. Oh, and hello Ice Cube, it’s been a while! I see your beak is broken, would you like me to fix it? Oh where are my manners, my name is Wishful, unknown stranger.”

After they got the whole introduction thing finished, Wishful began using one of her magic spells on Ice Cube’s beak. The three of them decided to become best friends forever. Slush felt really happy that he finally had friends he could trust. But little did he know the Summer Gang was coming his way fast.

The Summer Gang had an unknown source and found out where Slush was. One strangely warm day in Antarctica began as peacefully as everyday had over the past few weeks. Then, all of a sudden, Ice Cube, Wishful, and Slush saw a big gust of ice flying up, as if something was propelling it into the air. A few minutes later, the Summer Gang, Opal, Holly, and Babs, were seen in the distance. As soon as they had arrived in front of the winter gang’s igloo, Holly explained why they had come.

“Hello Slushie-Bear!” she said. “Just before you left our summer village, California, you said that we were meanies. And we’ve come to say that hurt our feelings in our empty, stone cold hearts, you ugly gray mutt! I mean, whoever heard of a grey dog living in a sunny place? Anyway, I’m getting off track. I’ve come to begin a war with you and your putrid arctic friends.”

The Summer Gang immediately walked inside the igloo without being invited.

Before you could say bananananarama, the war began! Each team fought strongly, but their power was equal to the the other.

Wishful then said, “You think you’re beating us? Well I think I’m gonna call in a friend.”

She went outside for a few minutes, and when she came back she brought a white and brown owl named Swoops. Ice Cube knew Swoops, so he decided to tell the Summer Gang what they were up against.

“Swoops here is a wise owl, as all owls are. But he is a special wise owl. He is a trained tactician. He will give us the skills we need to defeat you, and add a fourth party to our war against you. You better give up now, or you will be defeated trying.”

Opal was very jealous of their new friend, so she said, “You think you can call in a friend and win? Well we can too. We’re gonna call in a friend from way up high, and I mean way.”

With that, Opal made a horrible screeching sound, and in flew an angel bear named Halo. Each team decided to take a fifteen minute break so they could go over new strategies.

Once they returned, each team fought hard. The arctic gang fought with as much precision and synchronization as possible, while the Summer Gang played dirty, and had their angel friend call upon some undead skeletons to fight. Swoops, seeing that the Summer Gang was gaining an advantage, decided to play a little trick on them. He stopped the war for a few moments, and said that the winter gang didn’t want their floors to be broken any longer. They wanted the Summer Gang to go outside, and call upon more skeletons if they felt they needed them. The Summer Gang, seeing their chance, went outside. They no longer had their heavy duty snow gear on, and they had lived in warm weather all their lives, so they were not prepared to endure this very cold weather. The second all four of them got outside, they froze! The winter gang, realizing they had won the war, were very happy.

Slush stuck a note onto the ice cubes they were trapped inside of which said, “Never come back. We have won the war fair and square.”

And with that, Slush and his friends mailed the Summer Gang back to their home in California. After that, Slush never felt alone again. He knew he had true friends he could depend on, who wouldn’t make fun of him. Slush and his friends lived happily ever after, as BFFS.

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