Sperm Whale 2: Sperm VS. Squid


Chapter One

Once upon a time, a sperm whale named Jake lived in an ocean village with his friend orca. The orca’s name was Jack. Jake and Jack’s enemy was King Giant Squid.

“How can we defeat King Giant Squid?” said Jack.

“I have a plan,” said Jake. “The plan is we will throw a potion of invisibility on ourselves. We will sneak into the palace and throw a potion of harming on King Giant Squid. We will free all the prisoners.”

King Giant Squid had visited their town and robbed and captured animals. They were Jake’s friends and his parents. It had been one month since he had captured a lot of animals. There were some of the animals left.

Jake wanted to save his parents, and Jack wanted to save his friends. They started their adventure. They were swimming by the ocean temple. The ceiling was made out of glass and bricks. The floor was made out of sand, and the color was bright blue. They went inside and saw a guard. The guard looked like a great white shark.

Jake used water bomb, and Jack used dark bite. Jake created a ball of water with his fin, and he threw it at the guard. The guard blocked it with his fin. Jack bit the guard, and the bite made a dark spot. The guard had a confusion. The guard wiggled and crashed into the wall.

They entered the temple. They found the treasure room, and they got diamonds, gold, and rubies. They needed this stuff to craft powerful weapons. When they were swimming out, they saw three giant squids. The purple one used ink ball. He created a ball of ink with his tentacle. He threw it at Jack. It missed Jack, but it hit Jake. Jack used a bite and tail whip. The purple giant squid was destroyed. Jake was still recovering. One giant squid ran away. A green giant squid used suction cups and stuck them on Jack!!! Another giant squid came. The blue giant squid used ink defense. Ink defense is like ink forming around the giant squid. Jake used water tornado. It washed away all of the giant squids. He opened his mouth and formed a tornado.

“Nice job!” said Jack.

“Thank you! That was cool!”

They got out of the temple and continued their trip. They had to go to the other ocean temple. They ran into five puffer fish. Two puffer fish used puffed up, and Jake used water bomb. He threw it with his fin and destroyed all five puffer fish. When they were swimming, they couldn’t believe who was standing there.


Chapter Two

It was King Giant Squid.

“Well, well, well, well, well, and well,” said King Giant Squid.

“Stop terrorizing our town,” said Jake.

“Never!” yelled King Giant Squid.

Jack used dark bomb, and it hit King Giant Squid. King Giant Squid used ink ball. Jack used fin block. King Giant Squid ran away.

“How are we ever going to catch him,” said Jake.

“Let’s do your plan,” said Jack.

They got to the ocean temple. They saw ten giant squids. Jake used water tornado. And it hit and destroyed six giant squids. They threw in a potion which was made out of liquid in a glass bottle. And when it landed on Jake and Jack, they became invisible.

“CHARGE!!!” yelled Jack.

“DOUBLE CHARGE!!!” yelled Jack again.

“TRIPLE CHARGE!!!” yelled Jack another time.

Jack was charging into the wall. The wall did break. Jake swam into the ocean temple. Jack followed him inside. Jake threw a potion of invisibility on Jack and himself again. Jake did that because he was planning a sneak attack.

He saw King Giant Squid. He threw a potion of harming on King Giant Squid.

“Who threw that?” asked King Giant Squid. He couldn’t see invisible people throwing potions at him.

King Giant Squid used ink ball, and it struck Jack. Jack was destroyed.

“Oh no,” said Jake.

Jack respawned in Jake’s house. Jake’s potion of invisibility wore off, and now King Giant Squid could see Jake.
“Army, capture Jake! Now!”

Jake was trapped in a bedrock room. Meanwhile, Jack was waking up from his bed.

“What happened?” asked Jack.

No one was there to answer him. Jack went to the ocean temple and saw Jake trapped in the bedrock room.

“Help!” yelled Jake.

“I will bust you out,” said Jack.

“Thanks,” said Jake.

Jack busted him out.

“I’m free!” said Jake.

“Thanks, bud,” said Jake.

“No problem,” said Jack.

“Why are the giant squids different colors?” asked Jake.
“I can tell you,” said Jack. “Pink and purple giant squids build, and green and orange giant squids fix things. Yellow and blue giant squids learn to fight. And red and indigo also fix things. And bronze, silver, and gold giant squids are really important to the giant squid army.”

Jack knew this because his great grandpa told him.

An army of giant squids advanced towards Jake and Jack. One of the giant squids used ink ball. It hit Jack. One gold, one silver, and one bronze giant squid used ink ball on both of them. Jake and Jack were destroyed.

“What happened?” asked Jack again.

Now someone was here to answer.

“We got destroyed by King Giant Squid’s army, duh,” said Jake.

“What can we do?” asked Jack.

“We could eat something because we got destroyed. We need to fill up,” Jake said.

King Giant Squid was at the door.


Chapter Three: Battle to the End

Jake and Jack went out the door. King Giant Squid was there, and so was his co-leader Fred. Fred used ink ball. It missed Jake and Jack, but it hit the library.
“Oh no! The librarian is destroyed!” yelled one of the townspeople.

King Giant Squid and Fred left for no reason.
“Why did they leave?” asked Jack.

“I don’t know!” said Jake.

Jake, Jack, and the townspeople battled the giant squids.

“Stop!” yelled Jack. “You think King Giant Squid is the most powerful king in the ocean? We have to live in a peaceful world, not where someone is terrorizing our town. Change your skins.”

The giant squids changed their skins to orcas, great white sharks, and whales. When everybody changed their skins, they lived peacefully for a short time.


The End


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