Outer Space


Hi, I am the universe. I am made up of many beautiful things. Stars are one of those things.

My stars glisten in the moonlight, giving my planets light at night. My biggest star is the Sun.

My Sun is made up of hot gas. It shines so brightly you would get blinded at your first sight of it.

Some of my stars make shapes and items, and others make shapes of gods. I have more than billions of stars in my universe. My stars are a very beautiful part of me.


Now I will tell you about my planets. Mercury is the closest to my famous star, the Sun.

Mercury is gray with white spots. Since Mercury is the closest to the Sun, it is in the warmest area of all of the planets that orbit the sun. Mercury is often hit by asteroids and is made up of hard solid rock.


Venus is made of gas and rock and is extremely hot. Venus is the second closest planet to the sun. Venus looks like an erupting volcano with lava all over it. Venus is very beautiful. On Venus you will see fire and gas, and it is hard to breathe there.


Earth is a very beautiful planet. Earth is, for all that humans know, the only life-giving planet in the world. Earth is the third closest planet to the sun. It is 75% water and 25% land. Earth has a lot of nature, such as trees flowers and grass. There are so many different species. There are mammals, humans and lots of different types of living creatures on earth. Earth is brown, green, and blue and has lots of little colors on the planet.


The next planet I will tell you about is Mars. So far, humans do not know if there is even life on Mars, but they persist to investigate. Mars is the fourth closest planet to sun. Mars is made of rock, dust, and carbon dioxide. There used to be water on Mars, but now it is just the color of rust.


The next planet I will tell you about is Jupiter. Jupiter is the fifth closest planet to the sun. Jupiter is the largest planet out of all the planets that orbit the sun. Jupiter is gray and brown with stripes.

Jupiter is a gas giant, and there is a storm that has been there nonstop for 350 years. Jupiter is made of all gas.


Here is another planet that I will tell you about. This planet is Saturn. Saturn is also a gas giant like Jupiter, so Saturn is made of gas too. Saturn is the sixth closest planet to the sun. Saturn has thousands of ringlets and seven rings that are made of rock and ice.


This is another planet I want to tell you about. It is the seventh closest planet to the sun, and it is an ice giant. Uranus looks like a normal bright clear sky on a sunny day. Uranus is made up of ice and also gas. It has helium, hydrogen, and methane.


This is last planet in the solar system. This planet is Neptune. Neptune is very, very beautiful.

Neptune looks like a clear dark and light sky combined. Neptune is an ice giant. Neptune also has the strongest winds in the solar system. Neptune is also so cold the gases on the planet freeze and turn into crystals.


Now I will tell you about Pluto. Pluto used to be a planet, and that is why I am telling you about it. Since Pluto is so small, it is considered a dwarf planet now, not a planet. Pluto is made of rock and ice.

Now since I have told you about my solar system, I will tell you about my galaxies. My galaxies explode with color, giving a beautiful flare of light, color, and life. In every single one of my galaxies, there are different planets with different colors and sizes. But this is me, and I am the universe.


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  1. This is so amazing . It is as interesting as it is informative. And for a 9yr old it is beyond belief. I can’t stop reading it.

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