Paperback Writer

“Where is my ring?” said Ringo.

“I don’t know,” said John, Paul, and George at the same time.

“Let’s check the basement. I’ll check the attic,” said George.

“I’ll check the dining room,” said Paul.

“And I’ll check the kitchen,” said John.

“We’ll meet back in three minutes,” said Ringo.

“It’s been three minutes already?!” said Paul.

“It’s not anywhere,” they all replied at the same time.

“Let’s keep looking! That ring cost me a lot of money and I just got it!” said Ringo.

“Maybe you dropped it on your way home,” said John.

“Yeah! That’s a great idea!” said Ringo.

“Let’s retrace our steps and look for it. Let’s all walk across Abbey Road.”

“Say, that would make a great album cover!” said Paul.

“Yeah! Let’s get our cameramen! Let’s get to it,” said everyone else.

“Okay. Let’s walk across the street now.”

“But wait! How are we going to make the music? We haven’t done an album in a while. Let’s make the album after.”

“Hopefully any of my songs are on it,” said George loudly.

“Uh oh,” said George. “It’s raining. Let’s play a game of chess until the rain stops.”

“Hey! Here comes the sun! Say, that would be a good name for one of my songs!”

“Yeah!” everyone agreed.

“Okay. Now let’s go get Ringo’s ring,” said John.

“Okay. Let’s make a plan on how to find Ringo’s ring. First, we’ll take the picture, then we’ll split up. I’ll take North Abbey Road,” said Paul.

“I’ll take South Abbey Road,” said John.

“And I’ll take East and West Side, so we can make sure the ring is not on Abbey Road. Say, what does the ring look like?”

“It’s a golden ring with a diamond in the middle.”

“Okay, let’s hop to it,” said John.

“No ring on North Street!” said Paul.

“Not on South, East or West street either!” said everyone else.

“Hey! Hold on a second! Oopsies! It’s on my finger, actually,” said Ringo.

“RINGO!!!” said everyone.

“What?” said Ringo.

They went back to the studio. As soon as they got home they remembered about the album. The Beatles got right to work on the album. It took days and nights. Finally, they thought they were done, but then something terrible happened! The recorder broke and the album was not saved.  

It took another whole day to re-record the album. And then the worst thing that could ever happen, happened. Can you guess what it was? The album was put out out of order. Instead of ‘The End’ being last, it was second to last and ‘Her Majesty’ was last.

Paul tried to calm everyone else down. “Calm down, everybody. It isn’t such a big deal,” he said.

“I can’t calm down! It’s just too upsetting and frustrating!” said John.

“I agree,” said Ringo and George at the same time. John was the most upset. Then Ringo, then George.

“Hey guys! This is one the of only albums with my songs on it!”

The final mistake was that the picture had a person’s finger in the picture. Everyone went ballistic. They didn’t discover this until they were at a ball held in the album’s honor.

After the ball was over they got together in the kitchen. They talked about how hard making the album was. ‘‘At least it can’t get any worse!’’ said Paul. Then it started to rain and there was a leak in the ceiling. Nevermind!      

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