Phoebe woke up with a yawn. She looked at the picture of her mom, Alicia, her dad, Eric, and her two-year-old self. She sighed in happiness. She got dressed, brushed her teeth, ate breakfast and put her backpack on. When her mom came down, she yawned. Her eyes suddenly brightened when she saw Phoebe. “Take your backpack off silly, it’s the first day of summer!”

“Oh yeah!” Phoebe exclaimed. She had forgot yesterday was the last day of school! Although Phoebe loved school and was very smart, she was tired of hard math equations (she was in honors math as well as every other subject), and never-ending homework. First she asked her mom to go to her best friend (or BFF, whichever you prefer) Lilica’s house. Her mom asked if Phoebe was 100% sure Lilica would be awake and Phoebe said yes.They had promised to wake up at 7:00 every summer day so they could see each other every day. They could alternate which house they played in. Phoebe hopped on her bike (with her helmet of course) and pedalled at full speed (although careful to not bump into anybody) to the white house (not in Washington D.C.) on Lake Street. When she knocked on the door, Lilica’s muffled voice said, “She’s here! She’s here!”

Mrs. Park answered the door. “Welcome to our home on this lovely day.” That was the thing about Mrs. Park. She was very formal and one of her unspoken rules was to never, ever, ever use contractions or slang words. Instead of “I’d,” it would be “I would” even if the contraction took away four whole letters!

“Hello Mrs. Park,” Phoebe said, trying to sound serious but inside howling with laughter. Mrs. Park slyly smiled (which was the happiest you could get her) and let her in. Phoebe saw the beautiful, blonde, elegant girl who was her best friend in the entire world. They were basically the same person. They hated marshmallows alone but loved s’mores, they loved their hair in braids but hated ponytails, and they were both afraid of alligators. I, the narrator, could go on and on about their inseparable friendship, but they didn’t know what was coming their way…


The girl’s were up in  Lilica’s room. They were looking at all of Lilica’s fancy stuff. Her dad owned a famous company which is why they were rich. Lilica was not a bratty kid like most rich kids are. She was very nice, thoughtful, and smart. As they were looking, they came upon a beautiful ruby necklace. Just then, Mrs. Park came into the room having a worried look on her face.

“Phoebe, you must go home,” she said.

“But why?” Phoebe asked.

“Your mother will tell you when you get home,” replied Mrs. Park. Phoebe raced home. She was bubbling with questions. What happened? Did the dog get out again? Why was Mrs. Park so worried?  When she got to the front door she dropped her bike. When she got in her mom was pacing. When she finally saw her she squeezed her. When she let go of her she said, “Your father has gone missing.”


The next week it didn’t get better at all. Her next door neighbor, Hannah, her dad had also disappeared and her school friend (not best friend) Ella’s grandfather disappeared as well. Phoebe thought that only boys disappeared, but the day after, Mrs. Park disappeared! Sadly, no one knew what had happened to them. On the first week, the town decided they just  wanted to run away, but the next week and the next, the town’s trusted guards noticed a pattern. Every week on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday a person would get stolen. They finally called the police and reported all the missing people and the pattern. 20 guards patrolled the area 24/7. Although the town felt safe, there was still that emptiness of the lost people. When Phoebe went to Lilica’s there wasn’t the same liveliness as before. “My mother…” she said. “My father…” Phoebe said. They attempted to sound cheerful countless numbers of times but failed. Then, they came upon the ruby necklace again and this time, it seemed to be saying, This is the necklace. Your father is in my world Phoebe, your mother is in my world Lilica, just touch me and I’ll send you. That world is perfect except for a mysterious evil villain. I’ve been countless places but never to this evil person. And, you Phoebe, can stop him.

“Huh? This is weird. Did you…” Phoebe asked.

“Yep.” Lilica replied. The girls knew what they had to do.


They held hands and Phoebe touched the necklace. Surprisingly, nothing happened. Then there was a sound like whomp and their world dissolved and a new, cheerful world appeared. Magic animals roamed through the forest (yes there was a beautiful forest here) and there were people speaking a different language. Phoebe and Lilica walked towards the forest because that’s where all bad guys live, right? They saw a sign that said:

στρίβετε δεξιά στο πλησιέστερο δέντρο αφρού , και διασχίζουν το λάκκο λάβα . Θα δείτε έναν ιππότη και τον καλούν στα αραβικά για να σας φέρει στο έρημο δάσος . Διασχίστε το αλιγάτορα μολυσμένο βάλτο και να πάει στο πιο σκοτεινές κάστρο . Εκεί θα συναντήσετε το κακό .

“Umm…” Lilica and Phoebe said. “How do we figure this out?” All of a sudden the words starting forming into English words. Now it said this:

Turn right at the nearest green tree, and cross the lava pit. You will see a knight and ask him in to put you in the darkest forest. Cross the alligator-infested swamp and find the darkest castle. There you will find him.

“Well, that solves the problem” Lilica said. Then the girls started on their adventure.


They came to their first obstacle: the Lava Pit. They turned right at the nearest green tree (which was all green since they were in a magical world) and there they were. Phoebe was very nervous and knew Lilica was too, but she decided to go first. There were rocks bobbing up and down that you had to jump on. Phoebe took her first step and wobbled. Then, her foot slipped off! She regained balance with a struggle and made it to the second.  Only 3 more to go, she told herself, already drenched in sweat. After she finished crossing, it was Lilica’s turn. She was very flexible and quick so she got through easily. They walked for hours and hours to an open field. Right in the middle, a knight stood, frozen it seemed. The girls walked up to him. “Hello,” Phoebe said. The knight didn’t budge.

“Excuse me!” Lilica tried. He still didn’t move.

“Maybe we just have to ask him.” Phoebe told Lilica.

“Okay, let’s try it,” Lilica replied.

“Could you bring us to something called the ‘Dark Forest’?” she asked. Suddenly, a horse appeared.

“Get on his back,” a low, gruff voice said.

“Ye-yes sir” The girls said, a bit afraid. They climbed onto the horse’s back. The knight got on behind them. The horse started flying, with the girls dumbstruck. Soon, the friends were at a very gloomy looking place. “Thank you for the ride,” Phoebe said.

“My pleasure,” the knight replied. The girls continued their journey.


They came upon the swamp. As you know, they were afraid of alligators. This is what had them worried the whole time. You had to step on the alligator’s mouth (to ensure it doesn’t bite) to get across.  This time Lilica decided to go first. She crossed the first 4 alligators with ease, but then, at the very last alligator, it bit her! She scrambled to the other side and sat there in pain. Without thinking about it, Phoebe crossed the swamp.

“Are you okay?” Phoebe asked Lilica.

“It bit really hard.” She replied. Phoebe got some leaves and patched her up. They decided to call it a day.


The next day, Lilica a bit sore but ready as well, they advanced to the castle. It had been 3 long weeks and they were at the final obstacle.

Before entering the pitch black castle, the girls sharpened limbs of trees with other sticks and made a torch. They were now as ready as could be. They climbed up the castle stairs and they met no-one until the 3rd floor. They met guards. When the guards finally spotted the two girls they shouted “Intruders intruders!!” All of the guards surrounded them. Phoebe wasn’t ready to give up. They heard swords clanking and screaming. Lilica thought she heard Phoebe cry out in pain, so Lilica turned around. Then, Lilica got stabbed in the back by a guard. Phoebe didn’t hear Lilica cry out.

Phoebe battled her heart out and defeated all of them!

“Come on Lilica,” Phoebe said. But Lilica didn’t come. When Phoebe turned around Lilica was lying on the floor with her eyes closed with the rest of the guards. Phoebe ran down the steps. “Lilica? Lilica?” Phoebe asked.

“Save everyone,” she said weakly. She closed her eyes for the last time.

“Please wake up!” She shook Lilica. It wasn’t any use. Phoebe ventured on, mad and sad.


She went into the room on the top floor. It had no walls so you could easily fall off it. She saw her dad, Mrs. Park, Emma’s grandfather, and Hannah’s father.

“Ha ha ha, I am Onyx,” an evil, devilish voice said with his back turned. “I see you have come to kill me.”

“Your guards killed my best friend!” Phoebe shouted.

“So I have.” He said “You will soon be in the same place as her.”

Phoebe was now the angriest she’d been in her life. With her only weapon (the tree limb) she jabbed at him, but Onyx quickly dodged it. Now he took a jab at her with his electric sword but Phoebe dodged it, but only by a millimeter. She could feel the wind from the sword. Then, all of a sudden he made a quick jab to Phoebe’s hip and it hit! Phoebe was thrown back. There she lay in pain. “So ends Phoebe,” he boomed, towering over Phoebe. She didn’t know how he knew her name, but she pushed that out of her mind.

“Not now,” she said and she jabbed Onyx right in the heart and he fell back. There were whoops and shouts from the prisoners, but they quickly fell silent when Onyx rose and pulled the branch out of his body. Phoebe stood there, weaponless, and scared. But then, Phoebe remembered: The castle had no walls! Phoebe started moving in a circle like a boxer at the beginning of a match. And Onyx, obviously wanting to stay parallel with her, moved around too.

“Any last words?” he asked. Phoebe didn’t answer. Then, as quick as a cheetah, she sprang and pushed Onyx off the castle. Finally, she freed all of the captives. When she returned home everyone was feeling happy for Phoebe and sad for Lilica and her parents. Although still heartbroken about Lilica’s death, Phoebe knew she would be proud of her and Mrs. Park knew too. The town and (the now famous) Phoebe were never bothered again.

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