The Prophecy


When two blades meet

When two arrows split

When all have met their final resting place

There will be peace

And life will start again


Chapter One

Long ago, in ancient northwestern Russia, a man came to exist. The man is only known as the father of civilization. He had nine children in his family. His children split into one group of five and one group of four. As time passed, they came across many disagreements, and they decided to settle them. The father had wisdom and asked them not to fight, but they went on. The group of five had crafted their own style of civilization, and the group of four did too. They decided that the feud would be settled in their father’s home.They split up. The group of five went to the Himalaya mountains, and the group of four went to the region of Arabia. The father was depressed that his children had left and they were fighting. So, he repeated the prophecy and hoped that the feud will be settled. Meanwhile, the siblings left their feud to turn to a battle and to a war as time passed. They trained each generation in their own type of civilization and trained them to fight for their civilization and to train the next generation.


Chapter Two

The civilization of four called themselves Aintisariuna, which meant victorious in their language. Their main activity was fighting because they trained so much. They were all training to solve the feud that the two civilizations had. There were levels based on skill and diversity of choice of weapons. The most advanced would train with the rayiys or the masters. All they did was train, eat, sleep, pray, and cook. The training academy was called Esubat Alqatala. The rayiys were of the highest level of the previous generation. More generations passed, and they considered the father of the four who created their civilization. He was considered god. They worshipped him as a god and prayed to him every day to get his grace so their civilization would defeat the other one.


Chapter Three

The group of five called themselves Huīhuáng, which meant glorious in their language. They didn’t train as much as the Aintisariuna, but they still trained. The Huīhuáng were better cooks. They couldn’t find much to eat in the Himalayas, but they still made it work and taste very good. They cooked with spices found in caves, which made the meat taste more salty but much more flavorful. They used the fat to cook the meat, and they also used the fat to give the people more energy. They did have to practice fighting at their home with their family. Their training academy was called Yǒngshì liánméng, and they had to work incredibly hard on their fighting. The students’ masters were called Zhus. They had belief in mythical creatures, such as the dragon. The dragon was supposed to mean luck, so they worshipped it. They also worshiped the father of the five who created the Huīhuáng. He was also considered sacred. They prayed to him to get luck for their training.


Chapter Four

“Wake up!” said Shajaea’s mom.

“Ughh, do I have to wake up now?” groaned Shajaea.

“Yes, today you learn to use your bow and arrow. Wake up.”

Grudgingly, Shajaea slowly rose from his bed and washed his mouth, got changed, and combed his hair. His mom gave him bread with butter and cheese for breakfast. Then, Shajaea made his way to Esubat Alqatala. When he showed up for class, everyone was there, and he was late. At first they made the students just slap water. Apparently it helped them draw a bow. Then, he had to dry fire a bow. That means to shoot the bow without the arrow. Then, they had to teach them how to load the arrow into the bow within half a second! They couldn’t eat until they finished their day at the academy. Then they fired at the targets.

“Bullseye!” exclaimed Shajaea.

They kept shooting until all of them got all of their five arrows in the bullseye. Shajaea was the first to do that! Then, he got to go home. He got home at mid evening, and his mom had his dinner ready.

Over dinner Shajaea said, “Mom, I was the first to finish shooting bullseyes!”

“That’s great! Do the same tomorrow,” his mom instructed.

Then, he said his prayers and went to bed.


Chapter Five

Yǒnggǎn woke up to the whistling sound of the wind. He got ready and had his breakfast, which was sweet rice noodles. Then, he took his sword and went. He was really early to practice, so he trained with the Zhǔs in the meantime. Then, his class arrived. They did one on one training with swords. Nobody was allowed to eat until the class had finished. There was a tournament on who was the best sword fighter in the class, and Yǒnggǎn won!

“Yes, I’m so pleased that I won! My mother will be fascinated and so will my father!”

The class was now dismissed. Yǒnggǎn went home. He arrived at late afternoon.

“Mother, Father, I won the sword fighting tournament today. Isn’t that great?” exclaimed Yǒnggǎn.

“That’s excellent!” said his mother.

“Great job, son!” his father remarked.

Yǒnggǎn had his noodles for dinner, and he said his prayers and went to sleep.


Chapter Six

Shajaea woke up bright and early because he didn’t want to be late again. He took his bread, butter, and cheese with him, and he made his way to Esubat Alqatala. He arrived as the earlybird of the class. Shajaea started training with the rayiys, and finally, his class arrived. They started teasing him because they thought he cheated yesterday in archery.

“I didn’t cheat!” said Shajaea.

“Yes you did. How did you get four bullseyes on your first round, then you got all five arrows in the bullseye? You cheated, that’s how,” said his classmate.

“Enough!” said the rayiy. “Let’s get on with training.” The rayiy handed everyone a sword. “Today we will do a round robin tournament with swords.”

You could hear the clanging of the swords and the thumps of when you punched or kicked someone. You could hear the clattering of swords dropping to the ground. Each person in the class had to fight everyone else, but not at the same time. There were twelve children, so everyone had to play eleven matches. It took up almost the entire day. The person who won the round robin would advance a group. Eventually, Shajaea won the round robin and joined the new group.


Chapter Seven

Yǒnggǎn woke up late. He quickly got dressed and rushed to the kitchen and grabbed his noodles. He slurped them down quickly and rushed to Yǒngshì liánméng.

“Finally, where have you been?” said the Zhǔ. “Whatever, we must start our lesson.”

The Zhǔ handed everyone a bow, arrows, and a small target. They all placed their targets on the wall and fired from across the room.

“The first one to get all bullseyes will advance to the next group,” said the Zhǔ.

Yǒnggǎn and the others shot for what seemed like forever. He could hear the sounds of arrows whizzing past and puncturing the target. He saw the string vibrate after he released the arrow. Yǒnggǎn could hear the low snap of the bow firing the arrow. Yǒnggǎn shot one bullseye, then the next, then two more. If Yǒnggǎn made this shot into the bullseye, he would advance to the next group. The arrow flew at great speed and went in the exact center of the bullseye.

“Yes, I made it up to the next group!”

That was the end of the day, and Yǒnggǎn started to make his way home.


Chapter Eight

Shajaea went home and told his mom the news.

“I moved up to the older group! Isn’t that great?”

“Yes, that is fantastic!” said his mom.

“Well done, I’m so proud of you! Always try your hardest,” exclaimed his dad.

“Thanks, dad,” Shajaea said.

Shajaea and his family had dinner and went to bed. The next morning, Shajaea woke up extra early to be able to bathe in the river. He dried himself after the bath, put on his clothes and went to Esubat Alqatala. Shajaea was still the first one there. He was especially excited for that day because he was meeting his new class! He shot some arrows for a while, and then his class came.

“Today we will be focused on fighting with your fists and your legs. You will normally use this strategy when and if your enemy knocks your weapon out of your hands.”

They all learned techniques and moves, and then they had a mini tournament. Throughout the day, Shajaea could hear the crack of a punch and the whip of a kick. Shajaea saw much more determination and energy in his opponent. The scores didn’t matter, but they needed to learn how to fight. They eventually finished the long day of training.


Chapter Nine

Yǒnggǎn reached home, and he was in perfect time for dinner. He shared how he aced archery and he moved up to the next group. And his mother and father seemed pleased. Then, he said his prayers and went to bed. The next morning, Yǒnggǎn woke up extra early to be able to take a bath. He got ready and had his breakfast and went to the river. He had his refreshing bath and went to Yǒngshì liánméng. He was perfectly on time. Yǒnggǎn arrived and met his new Zhǔ, and then his new class arrived.

“Today, we shall continue working on with our hands and feet.”

The fact that the Zhǔ said “continue working” intimidated Yǒnggǎn a little bit. He still participated in the training activity. In fact, Yǒnggǎn was doing better than half the other kids! Eventually, everyone had to practice with everyone. By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted.


Chapter Ten

Shajaea walked home and got there in great time for dinner. He ate and said his prayers and went to bed. The next morning, Shajaea woke and got ready on perfect time. He got to Esubat Alqatala right on time and so did the rest of class. The rayiy was standing in front of them all, and he had his hands behind his back and a stern face.

“What’s going on?” asked Shajaea.

“The time has come,” said the rayiy.

“What? What does that mean?”

“It means that you are in the right generation.”

“You’re making no sense, what are you talking about.”

“What I’m saying is that you guys are part of the generation that we want to fight the other civilization. I talked with all the other rayiys about your performance yesterday, and they said that their students also did extremely well. So we decided that we will have you as that generation to settle the feud.”

“Oh,” said the entire class at once.

Shajaea was confused as to if he should be happy to help his civilization or sad that he will actually be in a real battle and he might die.

“Today we will spend your training day on getting ready for battle. Each of you grab weapons. We will fight these exact weapons in the war. We will focus on how to use these weapons effectively together.”

Shajaea chose a bow and arrow, a sword, and a dagger. He hated axes. They are too large and big. Shajaea shot at moving targets while moving. He partnered up with someone else and practiced his sword and dagger. He learned to switch between bow and arrow, sword and dagger in a second. Soon the day was over, and the entire academy was prepared for battle. He was partially nervous, but he felt he was ready.


Chapter Eleven

Yǒnggǎn went home, and he was tired, so he quickly ate, prayed and went to sleep. The next morning, he woke, got ready, and ate his noodles. He headed to Yǒngshì liánméng. He got perfectly on time with the rest of his class, and his Zhǔ was pacing around the room with a grim expression.

“Ah, my class. I have news for you.”

“What is it.”

“Well, I’m not quite sure how to explain, but the Zhǔs think that, well, you’ve all been chosen.”

“Chosen for what?” questioned the class.

“Chosen to settle a feud.”

“You mean the feud between the ancient siblings that five of created our civilization?”

“Yes,” the Zhǔ blurted out.

“Oh my god.”

Yǒnggǎn was shocked. He was clueless about if he was nervous or proud to serve his civilization. He may die in the war. All Yǒnggǎn could say he was that he was shocked. Nonetheless, he trained for battle. He picked up his bow and arrow, his sword, and his dagger and learned to switch between them in a second, and he shot at moving targets while moving. And he fought with his sword with a partner, and he practiced his dagger. He practiced long and hard. Eventually, the day was over.


Chapter Twelve


Shajaea walked home slowly. He wanted time to think about his thoughts on the war. Eventually, he found that he wanted to serve his civilization. He got home and ate his dinner.

“Mom, Dad, I’m fighting to settle the feud.”

“I’m happy that you will serve our civilization, but please be safe,” said his parents.

“It’s war. It’s not safe.”

Then, he said his prayers. After his prayers, he sat a little longer and asked the god, “Why am I chosen to be one of the people in the generation to settle your children’s feud?”

Then, he went to bed hoping for an answer. During his dream, the father of civilization sent him a message.

“You have been chosen because you fight, but you also end.”

Shajaea woke in the morning and had his breakfast. He was still wondering about the message god sent him. Then, he got ready, he sheathed his sword, slung his quiver over his shoulder, and sheathed his dagger and left for Esubat Alqatala. When he got there, he left with his group for northwestern Russia. They went on for three weeks. And finally, they got there.


Chapter Thirteen

Yǒnggǎn walked home as slowly as possible. He couldn’t move on without an answer. So he thought and felt like he needed to ask god about this. So during dinner, he informed his parents that he was fighting in the war, and he said his prayers.

After, he asked, “Why am I in this generation? What would happen if i wasn’t in this generation?”

Then, he went to bed.

In his dreams, Yǒnggǎn received a message from god.

“You are in this generation to fight and resolve. If you weren’t in this generation, this feud would never be resolved.”

Soon, Yǒnggǎn woke up, and he had his breakfast. Then, he slung his quiver over his shoulder, sheathed his dagger and sword, and left for Yǒngshì liánméng. He arrived with his class, ready to leave for northwestern Russia. Then, they left.


Chapter Fourteen

The first thing Shajaea saw were little heads popping over the horizon. He pointed them out to everyone else, and suddenly someone yelled, “Charge!” and everyone was charging straight toward the little heads.

At first, Shajaea was confused, but within seconds he understood and drew his bow and charged ahead. He shot from about one hundred meters away just to clear the area he was in, and he went on. After his shot, many arrows were coming for him, so ran into the fighting space and rolled up to someone and stabbed them with his dagger. This battle was brutal. Once someone knocked his dagger from his hand. He’d lost his stealth, so he leapt up and flew down with his foot out and kicked an enemy straight in the stomach, and then he grabbed his dagger. He switched to his bow and arrow and shot three enemies approaching him. There were only around fifty people on each side.


Chapter Fifteen

Yǒnggǎn was luckily still alive. The sun was now directly above them. He fought three enemies at once with his sword and defeated all of them. He saw one other boy also taking on many attackers at once. He was doing the same thing that Yǒnggǎn did. Yǒnggǎn leapt up in the air and kicked someone in the head and stabbed the nearest enemy to him. There were only about ten people left on either side. They all spread out and fought their opponent. He’d helped the people in his civilization, but they all kept dying, and then Yǒnggǎn defeated them. He shot some of the enemies but so did that same boy, and like Yǒnggǎn, that boy seemed to excel in his training.

Eventually, one of his last enemies yelled, “Shajaea, help me!” and one of Yǒnggǎn’s friends yelled, “Yǒnggǎn, help me!” at the same time, and both fired at the enemy, and the arrow went straight into their enemies’ chests.


Chapter Sixteen

They both shot at each other, and the arrows split because they hit each other. They both had no more arrows, so both Shajaea and Yǒnggǎn drew their swords. Every place that one of them struck, the other one blocked. The crashing of swords was a constant sound. They kept fighting and fighting. They tried to stealthily stab the other, but they just blocked it. They fought day and night for eighteen days straight. They kept on fighting in the brutal cold of Russia. They each tried to win for their civilization which some of was still at home. They fought through the cold and through the night. On the nineteenth day, they were smashing their swords together, and they were blunt, and they both took out their daggers and stabbed each other at the exact same time. Then, both fell on the ground dead.


Chapter Seventeen

In the air was a large cracking sound, and it flowed through the entire universe. Then, a flash of light. Yǒnggǎn and Shajaea opened their eyes. They got up and so did everyone else. People vaguely remembered the war. They didn’t remember why they were fighting though. They all remembered being killed, and they were extremely confused as to why they were still alive. Every living being that had ever known about the feud had forgotten about it. There was now peace. Everyone went back to their home. The two civilizations were now at peace. They all branched out. Some people went to eastern Europe. Some went to Africa. Some went to southern Asia. Some went to western Asia near the Mediterranean Sea. But there was still peace. They all started their own life where they settled. Their families grew, and then they spread. Eventually, the entire continents of Africa, Europe, and most of Asia were inhabited. Then, there wasn’t any war there for a long time. The next war was still between two civilizations.


The End


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