Pete the Pirate Cat and Charlotte

Once upon a time, there was a pirate cat named Pete. Pete had always wanted to marry a cat that wore the most beautiful shoes ever. One day, he decided to go on his ship and search the mysterious islands of Hawaii. The first island he was going to search was Kauai. He held a ball to see who would wear the fanciest shoes. He met at least one thousand cats before a sleek black and white feline walked proudly to him.

“Hello, my name is Charlotte,” she purred.

“Hello,” he replied.

Charlotte was pretty, but Pete couldn’t help noticing her purple shoes decorated with sparkly diamonds. They were so magnificent that he knew that she was the one he should marry.

Pete asked Charlotte if she wanted to dance to the slow song and she said, “Okay.”

After the song Pete asked, “Will you marry me?”

When she first saw Pete, she immediately knew she wanted to marry him. She was very nervous because no one had ever seemed interested enough to ask for her hand, let alone even ask her out on a date. Charlotte was about to say yes, when suddenly a giant bear came out of nowhere.

The bear said to Pete, “I am going to get you, because you sprayed me with green spray paint, and I hate the color green.”

Pete knew exactly what he was talking about. Two years ago, he sprayed the giant bear with green spray paint because the giant bear was trying to steal Pete’s pirate ship.

Then Charlotte said, “Mom, I thought you said you were going to stop stealing boats!”    

“That’s your mom?!” exclaimed Pete.

By then, everybody at the party was staring at them. Shyly, Charlotte nodded. Charlotte’s mom was a bear, but her dad was a cat. They met when Charlotte’s mom was stealing a boat and the owner said, “Stop stealing my boat.” Charlotte’s mother liked that he stood up to her, so she married the cat who owned the boat.

Pete then said, “Why don’t you want your daughter to be happy?”

“I do,” said the giant bear.

“Well, if you want her to be happy, you will let me marry her,” said Pete.  

“I don’t think you deserve my daughter.”

“I do, and I’ll prove it to you by telling you why and spray-painting you blue,” said Pete. “I deserve your daughter because It was always my dream to marry some cat with the most beautiful shoes.”

“Oooh, I like blue, and that story makes sense so I guess you do deserve my daughter,” said the giant bear.

So he sprayed the giant bear with blue spray paint.

Then Charlotte and Pete got married. Their ceremony was amazing. Charlotte wore her shoes that she wore at the party. She also wore a sparkly purple dress with a real diamond on it. There were flowers, a huge cake with Pete and Charlotte on top, and there was also a turquoise arch with white flowers on it.

They lived happily ever after.


The End

3 thoughts on “Pete the Pirate Cat and Charlotte”

  1. Hey Nalani! I picked up your story outside of the writopia building and it was super funny and cool! I’m so excited to read more of your stories.

  2. Hi Nalani! I picked up your story outside of the Writopia building in NYC! I absolutely loved this story! One of my favorite colors is blue too!! Keep writing 🙂

  3. We found your story today outside of the Wriotpia building and it made us happy. Thank you for writing it. We would like to hear more stories about Pete’s adventures as a pirate.

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