Portal to Pluto

Adam woke to something new. Anthony had awoken him at 4 in the morning!

“Hurry up! We’re going to the portal!” he said.

Adam rolled over and moaned groggily, “We already had a big day yesterday. No need to go back now.”

Anthony seemed upset. “Really. You and Nick are always not in the mood for adventure. If you won’t go, then I’ll go alone.”

Adam sat straight up. “You can’t do that! Mom was worried sick about us! Now you’re leaving?! Insane.”

“You’re such a woosie.”

Anthony left the room. Adam thought he heard the door close. He took a gulp. Should he tell Mom? Or Nick. Adam went to Nick’s room/observatory. “Anthony’s going to the portal!” he said.

Nick was stunned. “Impossible! I told him to go back to bed!”

“Well, looks like he didn’t listen. Just get out of bed!”

Adam and Nick raced outside. Adam sprang into the hole, Nick followed.


Anthony was so cold. Even though he had the heaviest coat in the history of the world, he felt like an ice cube. Guess where he was.

“Adam and Nick are such woosies. I feel good over here,” he said that, but wasn’t so sure if he meant it. Gee, he wished he just went to Mars instead of trying out the new portal. “Man, I never knew that Jupiter was so cold, I would’ve brought a thicker jacket.”

Remember that Anthony is EXTREMELY terrible at astronomy. Know the title, know the title.


Back on Earth, Nick and Adam were confused over which portal Anthony took. They knew that the fiery-red portal was the one that took you to Mars, but where did the gray one take you? “You go see,” said Nick.

“You go see. You’re the oldest,” said Adam.

“But since I’m the oldest, I’m the most important brother. We can’t afford to lose me.”

“I really don’t care about you.”

“You need to care about me.”

“I’ll care about you only if you go see where the gray portal leads.”

“Ohhhhhhh… so that’s what we were arguing about…”


“Alright, alright…”

Nick jumped into the portal.


Anthony stood on the icy ground of Pluto. “I really wish that Nick or Adam would come and save my life,” he murmured.

Suddenly, there was a flash of green light coming from the west side. “Still, Jupiter is pretty cool. Wait, Nick or Adam could’ve just come! I’M SAVED!!!”

Somewhere in the distance, Anthony was sure that no polar bear went into the portal, it was Nick or Adam. Though Nick had absolutely no idea that Anthony was in this portal.

Ugh. I can’t believe that I actually went through the stinking portal! Anthony is probably not even out here anyway, he thought, unaware of Anthony’s calls in the distance.


Adam was getting terribly bored at home.

“I do want to see what’s in the gray portal for myself. I’m not listening to any of the untrue stories of what’s in the portal,” he said to himself. “I can name a billion reasons why I won’t listen to any stories.”

1: Anthony talks too fast.

2: Nick doesn’t tell stories. When he does, they don’t make sense.

3: I just don’t like stories.

4: I hate Anthony.

1,000,000,000: I hate Anthony’s stories.

Looks like I can’t name a billion reasons, but look at the number!

Anyway, Adam jumped into the portal.


Nick had come so far away from the portal that unlike last time, when he remembered the location of the portal, he forgot where he saw it. He never looked at the spot because he needed to find Anthony.

“Gosh, I really, need, to, find, Anthony!!!” he cried.

I bet that you would be glad and better off without a brother like Anthony, but Nick needed him for fishing reasons. If he didn’t find Anthony, that meant more chores to do.

“ANTHONY!!!” he shouted.

No use.

“I’m gonna freeze, starve, and walk to death,” Nick mumbled.

Suddenly, two faint calls came from the north and south.

“Anthony?! Adam?!” cried Nick.

It had been so long since he’d ever seen their faces. Then, the worst thing in the world happened (technically, in Pluto’s world): A shower of methane snow began to fall.

“Stay where you are!!! I’m coming!!!” yelled Nick.

He started sprinting south, that’s where Adam was. Anthony started sprinting south, where he heard Nick’s calls. Adam stayed where he was, like he was told to. Plus, he knew that they weren’t directly north of each other. Anthony was way too stupid to know that, so he kept on running.

“Adam!” shouted Nick.

“Nick!” answered Adam.

They met up and they both wondered aloud, “Where’s Anthony?”


Unfortunately, Anthony was something like 1,000 miles away. Maybe actually 12. Even I don’t know for sure.

“Alright, I know Nick and Adam are here somewhere,” Anthony said. “But I do have a feeling that I should’ve listened to Nick. Well, that’s just too bad because I’m technically the oldest. Wait, let me say that again. WELL, THAT’S JUST TOO BAD ‘CAUSE I’M TECHNICALLY THE OLDEST!!!”

“Actually, I am!!!” yelled Nick back.


Then Anthony realized what had just happened. He found Nick!

“I’m coming Nick!!!” he called. “Keep yelling!”

Nick yelled and yelled until he ran out of breath. Then he yelled some more. Adam started to join in with the yelling catastrophe. Anthony turned, looked but couldn’t find anything through the methane-snow blizzard.


Mom was so worried. It was 12 noon, and she hadn’t seen her kids in ages.

“Where did they go? Why? How? It’s been 2 days in a row now. I wonder what they’re doing right now. Are they okay? Do they need help? (They do.) When are they gonna be back? If so, then how long until then? Will they be back for supper?” she inquired to herself.

She really asked many more questions than this, I just wanted to stop writing all that.


Back on Pluto, Nick was still yelling. Adam was doing so too, and Anthony was still looking and turning. All until there was a flash of green light that alerted Adam, Anthony, and Nick.

“What, in the world, was that?” said Adam.

“No idea, so get your research book and start studying, you have a lot to learn, teacher’s pet,” said Nick.

“Hey, who said YOU’RE not a teacher’s pet, too! In fact, you’re more of a teacher’s pet than I am.”


“Yeah, who’s the math wiz of YOUR class, eh? BEAT THAT!!!”

“Oh yeah?! Well, who’s the math wiz in YOUR class?! HA!!!”


“So wait, you’re saying that you’re NOT the math wiz?”

“Yeah. I stink at math.”

“Fine. You win.”

That ended the argument.


Anthony was having some serious navigation problems. He was thirsty, too. At home, he would just lift his head and eat snow. Fortunately, he knew enough to NOT eat methane-snow, for that stuff would poison him.

“Gosh, this is almost impossible. I had enough,” he mumbled.

Then, like Pluto was listening to his complaints, Anthony stepped onto some methane snow, and fell into a hole where the portal gleamed its green glow.

“Well, I did say I had enough. Who cares about Nick and Adam anyway,” he said as he stepped into the portal.

Suddenly, a devil and an angel showed up on his shoulders.

“What are you thinking, Anthony. You can’t betray your brothers like that!!!” urged the angel in her squeaky voice.

“No! Don’t listen to that stupid angel. Betray your brothers! Keep going!” urged the devil evilly.

“What does betray even mean?! No wonder I don’t understand Star Wars movies,” said Anthony.

The devil and the angel shook their heads and disappeared.


“Okay, I’m totally DONE yelling and waiting for Anthony to get going. Let’s go home,” sighed Nick.

He started walking off until Adam said, “Wait, you know where the portal is?!”

That made Nick stop in his tracks.

“No, I don’t,” he said, ashamed.

Adam had no sympathy OR empathy on this.


Nick took a deep breath and readied to fight back.



It was a while until Nick and Adam met up again. They had no idea what was ahead of them…


Scurrying across Pluto, two little creatures named gerocals spotted the two boys arguing. Through their tiny eyes, they were able to track down Adam and Nick during the methane-snow blizzard easily. They’d never sunk their poisonous fangs into a meal in thousands of millions of years. They were the cause of extinction of most species of animals on Pluto. They needed food and now they got some. They crawled hundreds of miles to get a few yards away.

“IIIIIIIIIIIIIII willllllllllllll nnnneeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrr seeeeeeeeeeeeeee tttthhhheeeeee facccccceeeeee offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ttttttthhhhhheeeeeeeee Eaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrtttthhhhhh aaaaaaaaggggggaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn! IIIIIIIIIIIIII hhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaatttteeee youuuuuuuuuuu Niiiiiiccccckkkk!!!” was what they heard Adam saying.

“Hissssssssss…” they hissed.

That gave them away.

“What is that?!” cried Adam, catching sight of the animals.

Retreating into the frozen ground, the couple hissed again.

“What was that?” said Nick.

“I don’t know,” said Adam.

“Start studying,” said Nick.

“Why don’t you start studying,” said Adam.

“Ok, I’ll start studying as soon as you start studying.”

“Oh fine, but you have to study too.”

“I don’t want to study.”

“If you don’t study then I won’t study.”                                                                

That ended the argument. The two animals started to come up above ground again. They were as tiny as a pebble and as gray as a stone. They tried to sink their poisonous fangs into Adam’s leg, but Adam noticed too quickly.

“Get them off of me!” he yelled.

He slapped them off of his leg. The two hissed loudly. Screaming, the two boys ran off into the methane blizzard. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how fast the two animals were. They easily caught up to them. Nick bravely picked up one of them. The other tried to bite him.

Adam quickly picked up the other one and Nick ripped the other one’s head off. Adam was too much of a woosie to rip the other one’s head off.

“Just do it,” said Nick.

“But I don’t want to,” said Adam.

“Whatever, then I’ll do it myself!” yelled Nick.

He ripped the other one’s head off.


Anthony felt a little glum for leaving his brothers behind. As much as he wanted to go back to Pluto, or Jupiter, as he would call it, he would rather stay home and betray his brothers, whatever that meant. The choice of staying home was more appealing to him by 1,000,000,000,000 (a trillion, in case you were wondering), other than make his life more hard and heroic by going into the portal.

“Honey! Can you go get your brothers!? They’ve been gone for hours,” called Mom.

“Do you know who you’re talking to!? I’m Anthony, the one who doesn’t care about his brothers or you!” shouted Anthony.

“You’re grounded, Anthony. Get into the house!”

Anthony didn’t hesitate. He jumped into the portal to Mars.


Nick and Adam were traveling across Pluto for hours. Each one had been looking out for the strange creatures they came across earlier in the day.

“Are you really sure that you’re sure that you have know idea where the portal is?” Adam asked for the thousandth time.

“Yes,” Nick sighed.

Suddenly, Adam fell into the same hole that Anthony fell into, and it had the portal in it!!!

Adam didn’t tell Nick, but did jump right in.


“I think I want to go home now,” said Anthony.

He went in at the same time as Adam!


Adam was flying through space with a speed so fast when suddenly, SLAM!!!  Adam and Anthony bumped into each other and stopped.

“COSMIC JAM!!!” cried Adam.

“What’s a ‘cosmic jam?’” asked Anthony.

“I have no clue. I just invented it now because we ‘jammed’ in the ‘cosmos.’ Get it? Whatever.”

“No. What are the cosmos, anyway?”

“Never mind.”  

Looking around, Anthony said, “Why are we here?”

No one knew. Suddenly, there was a zooming faraway noise that alerted them both. It was Nick. “Hi Nick!!!” yelled Anthony.

“He can’t hear you. He’s going, like 8 miles- per- second!” exclaimed Adam.

“Okay. Let’s not get too specific here. I have no idea what you’re talking about now. Slow it down.”

SLAM!!! Nick smashed into the two with tremendous speed and impact. Adam and Anthony were shot back so powerfully that Anthony felt like his face would rip off. Nick saw a flash of green light billions of miles away.

“Oh shoot. Was that Adam and Anthony that just got shot back to Earth?” he whined.

He took a look around. Around him was nothingness.

“Let me get this straight. I am stuck in this magical tube that glows a very dim white light and have no way of getting home. I just shot Adam and Anthony back to Earth, but I didn’t go anywhere. I’m supposed to be flying as fast as light! I hate my life.”

Then, there was a tremendous roar behind him. Nick turned to reveal a fuzzy, white…


“Oh shoot. I’m home. Someone took a bite out of the portals (Get it? The polar bear?). Can’t go anywhere but where I’m supposed to be when you’re grounded. Home,” moaned Anthony.

“I don’t know what insane thought you have in your mind, Anthony. I’m delighted to be home,” sighed Adam.

“Don’t you go all fancy words on me,” growled Anthony, holding up his fist.

“You mean vocabulary?” asked Adam.


“Just saying.”  

“Anthony, get up here!” called Mom.

Anthony lazily climbed up the hole and went to bed. Adam stayed and watched as the portals recovered. He heard calls and roars coming from the gray portal. It sounded like Nick.

“Nick! I’m coming!” called Adam.

He shoved a stick (which was very long) into the portal, but held on to the other end urgently. Nick saw it while fighting and grabbed it, then pulled himself out of the cosmic jam without getting killed by the polar bear. There was a blinding flash of green light and Nick appeared in front of Adam.

“Shall we?” asked Adam.

“We shall,” answered Nick.

They got up and out of the hole. They fished, then ate, then drank, then slept. “Tomorrow, there should be another portal,” whispered Adam as they drifted off to sleep.


The PORTAL series isn’t over! There are STILL MORE BOOKS!!! 🙂 Don’t miss PORTAL to the ASTEROIDS. The book is great!  Here, this is illegal to my code, but I’m doing it anyway. Here’s a preview of the next book, PORTAL to the ASTEROIDS:

Adam was gracefully moving across the rocky landscape.

“Man, where am I?” questioned Adam.

He was climbing around ever since he suddenly saw a brown light flash in front of him.  Something told him this wasn’t right. It wasn’t a planet for sure, it wasn’t a moon, so what was it? Adam was confused as he observed the ground once again. It was a grayish-brownish color and was very cold.

“I wonder if I’ll ever see home again,” he gulped.


Special thanks to my wonderful teachers who got me thinking and got my creative juices flowing, Emily and Kira. Also, to my mom and dad, who got me interested in writing.


Prised story to me

Little bit of time to make

Utterly funny

Time wasting awesomeness

Ought to be written by ME



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